Miimo Care Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan

Miimo Care is the final piece that makes owning the Miimo robotic mower a hassle-free pleasure. Miimo Care is a service offered independently by individual Honda Miimo dealers. Your Honda Miimo dealer will apply their expertise to make the Miimo experience easy, enjoyable, and trouble free, allowing you to focus on figuring out how to spend your newfound free time. Talk with your Miimo dealer to learn more about Miimo Care options and which plan is right for you.

Miimo Owner’s Manual

Download your Miimo’s Owner’s Manual here.

Honda Robotic Lawn Mower HRM310/520 Owner's Manual
The Owner’s Manual includes:
  • Operation
  • Step by step programming instructions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Storage
Download Manual


See your owner’s manual for more maintenance guides and a full maintenance schedule.

Cleaning Miimo


Checking the Blades


Changing the Blades


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean Miimo?

Miimo should be cleaned with a dry brush to clean any excess dirt or grass build up under the unit. A cloth can be used to wipe down the exterior. Miimo cannot be cleaned with water, nor can a water hose be used to clean Miimo. Find detailed instructions on how to clean Miimo here.

How do I maintain Miimo?

Miimo’s drive wheels and caster wheels should be cleaned weekly. Depending on the grass and soil type of the customer’s lawn, blades should be replaced every one to three months. Your owner’s manual has detailed information about Miimo’s maintenance schedule.

Your local Honda Miimo dealer may offer Miimo Care, a prepaid maintenance plan. Miimo Care makes maintenance easy. Talk with your Miimo dealer to learn more about Miimo Care options and which plan is right for you.

How often do I need to service / change blades?

Blades should be replaced every one to three months. However, blade replacement timing will vary depending on the grass type and mowing frequency. Your owner’s manual shows how to check the blades safely.

Do I have to winterize Miimo?

Yes, Miimo should not stay outside over the winter. Miimo and its docking station should be cleaned and stored in a dry, frost-free area with temperatures between 41 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Please refer to your Owner's Manual for complete instructions on winter storage.

Some Honda Miimo dealers offer winterizing and storage for Miimo. Talk to your dealer to learn more about availability in your area.

What happens if a wire breaks?

The boundary wire is a necessary component in Miimo's overall operation. The boundary wire defines the cutting area. If the boundary wire is broken, Miimo will not work, as there will be no signal to the mower. Therefore, if the wire is broken, it must be connected with wire splicers or replaced. We recommend contacting your local Miimo dealer for assistance.

What happens when Miimo gets wet, and would it be covered under warranty?

Miimo is designed to be water resistant. Normal rainstorms should not impact Miimo. However, Miimo should not run through puddles or be washed. Miimo’s warranty covers defects in workmanship. Water intrusion, due to pressure washing or washing with a hose, or water flow are not covered under warranty. Environmental exposures that result in damage typically also would not be covered under warranty.

How do I reset my Miimo pin code? Why do you need a pin code to operate the Miimo?

You can reset your password using the easy-to-use control panel. The anti-theft PIN code protection will sound an alarm if Miimo is lifted, and Miimo only starts once the PIN code is has been accepted.

If your pin code is lost or forgotten, only an authorized Honda Miimo Dealer can recover or reset it.

What is the warranty on Miimo?

Both Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower models are sold with a standard two-year commercial and residential warranty.

Click here for warranty details

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