Honda commercial-grade GSV160 OHV/OHC 4-stroke engine
Honda commercial-grade GSV160 OHV/OHC 4-stroke engine

The easy-starting, powerful, and quiet GSV160 commercial engine is designed for superior reliability. Features include a cast iron cylinder sleeve, two-stage air filter, ball bearing supported crankshaft, electronic ignition and mechanical governor. The GSV160 is 50-state certified to meet EPA and CARB emission levels.

Honda MicroCut<sup>&reg;</sup> Twin Blades: superior mulching and bagging
Honda MicroCut® Twin Blades: superior mulching and bagging

Honda's exclusive MicroCut® twin blade system uses four cutting surfaces that result in ultra fine clippings for superior mulching and bagging. Tiny pieces mean up to 30% more clippings in a bag, plus better mulching – saving you time and money.

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Rugged, durable steel deck
Rugged, durable steel deck

The 21" heavy duty steel deck is rugged and built to last. Deck guards extend along the sides to increase durability.

Front bumper
Front bumper

Provides protection to the deck, as well as a convenient tie-down location. The front axles & the bumper together give added structural stability and durability.

Heavy-duty reinforced handles

Larger diameter 1" tubing, better supports and stays, and more durable cables. Handlebar height can also be adjusted for user comfort and convenience.

Push type

8 mowing heights (3/4 - 4")

Suitable for all grass types.

Large 9" Nexite® wheels

Strong, lightweight, and easy to replace when necessary.

Precision sealed ball bearings in all four wheels

Increases durability and performance. Plus better maneuverability and a smoother ride.

Large, 2.5 bushel easy-empty grass bag

Holds more grass, so you can empty it less often.

Mulching plug included

Full throttle control

Flywheel brake safety system

Manual fuel shut-off valve

The fuel valve can be shut off for transport, storage, or to performance maintenance.

Quality cables

Cables are heavy duty, sealed, and adjustable for maximum performance and durability.

Dual Element Air Cleaner

Provides maximum protection, even in the dustiest conditions. The outer foam can be repeatedly cleaned, which extends the life of the air filter.

1 year commercial warranty (2 years engine)


Engine GSV160
Deck Material Heavy Duty 16 ga Steel
Cutting Width 21"
Mowing height range 3/4"-4"
Mowing height adjustments 8
Transmission None
Ground speed N/A
Starter Recoil
Choke System Manual
Throttle Control Manual
Drive None
Handle 1" Steel Tube
Steel deck guards Standard
Wheels 9" Nexite
Ball Bearing Wheels All
Standard Functions 3 in 1 Capable: Standard Mulch/Bag, Optional Side Discharge
Bag Standard
Bag capacity (bushels) 2.5
Blade(s) Twin blades (MicroCut System®)
Blade Control Flywheel brake
Side/Rear Discharge Rear Mount Optional
Fuel tank capacity 0.25 gal.
Dry weight 99 lbs.
Operating Weight 102 lbs.
Residential warranty 2 years
Commercial warranty 2 years engine, 1 year all other components


Lawn mower cover
Rear Mount, Side Discharge Chute
Spark Arrestor


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Terrible Quality For Honda Commercial Mower

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Lash Man
West Liberty, OH
Type of use:  Residential
I bought this mower thinking it would be my last mower I have to buy ever as an older owner with an average sized  yard . The mower never started on the first pull like most Hondas and after the second season of residential only mowing the choke controller stopped working and made the mower very difficult to start . I bought the parts that I thought would solve the issue and after installing. new springs and all new gaskets from the part numbers I researched online the mower still is difficult to start and the parts are very difficult to reference to get new ones . I am very disappointed in this mower and the cut is not all that good either . A 700 dollar +  mower should be better .

Hard working mower, easy to use!

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Sunday, September 16, 2018
Brookings, OR
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical
Having had many Honda products, and always appreciated the easy-starting, it was only natural to replace my Mower with a Honda HRC-216-PDA push mower. I never need a self-propelled model or electric starter. What I like most about this model is that mowing a lawn wet or dry, the twin blades make the lawn look professionally done. I bought an extra Bag for clippings, as I knew I would have this Mower forever! I change oil regularly and since it works all year long, I never winterize/store it. This is the best Mower I have ever used and owned in 47 years! Well worth the price, as this can not be compared to any economy models available to residential users. My unit mows eight yards per week, and is up to the task!

Very pleased

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Jeff C.
Type of use:  Residential
 I owned this mower for 12 years recently needed a new one and of course purchased a new Honda. I would recommend this line to anyone I'm very pleased. It always started on the first pull of the recoil.

Sturdy, but, disappointing

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Missouri Jon
Ozark, MO
Type of use:  Residential
I purchased this mower to have a high-quality non-self propelled mower.  I have many trees and lawn features to mow around, while most of my main mowing is done using a riding mower.  I wanted a Honda with a high capacity bag.  This was a special order and arrived about a week after ordering it at my Honda dealer.  To good side:  very sturdy, it is heavy and you can tell the handles are made to last.  The bagging and cutting are fantastic, very large capacity and it fills to the top without getting clogged.  The negative side:  when you first try to start it it takes 6 to 10 pulls before it will engage.  Even at the dealership, they had to pull several times to get it started (they promised this would get better---we'll see).  The resistance on the pull requires a very strong pull, much more than any other mower that I've ever had.  After you first get it started, it does usually start on the first or second pull.  Another issue, it is VERY heavy--this is both good and bad.  Because of the large capacity of the bag, due to the weight of the mower you do not have to worry about it "popping a wheely" as you're mowing prior to emptying.  With that said, it is a chore to push.  I've settled on the routine of using the Honda when I want to have clippings for mulching around plants, but, I use a lighter push lawn mower that starts easier when I'm just mowing around trees and around obstacles.  One last thing, the wheel height adjustment is difficult---I eventually discovered that the wheels were adjusted wrong when I received it from the dealer.  There are no numbers on the pegs on the wheels and you have to count the notches on each wheel to make sure they are even.  The front wheels and the back wheels also go in different directions (so, if you want to be on notch 4 height, you will count 4 from the front and on the back you'll need to count 4 in the opposite direction).  On my mower, which is a week old, one of the wheels also is VERY difficult to adjust and requires two hands of strong force.  Summary: overall, the biggest disappointment is the difficulty in getting the thing started when you first roll it out to mow---also be prepared to push a VERY heavy mower around.  Between starting and pushing, it's quite a workout! I'm sure it is high quality, just know what you're getting into. 

Did the person that designed this machine ever mow a yard?

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Friday, August 11, 2017
Evansville, IN
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical

1. The brackets on the engine shut off bale hit your leg when turning.

2. The fuel tank is too little capacity for commercial use.

3.The handles are very uncomfortable.

4. The height adjustment system is not operator friendly. There are no cut height indicators and there should be and single handle adjustment. 

5. A commercial mower should have a guard for the valve cover.

6. When mowing under bushes, the throttle/choke lever is not in a good location and gets pushed back to low rpm.

I kick myself every time I use this machine for not buying a HRX series. I have always been a huge fan of Honda and have owned many different products. I feel like many different design features on this mower need to be updated and have been overlooked. The cut quality is inferior to my 10 year Honda mower. In conclusion, there is nothing I like about this mower and would not recommend it to anyone.

Last mower you'll ever buy. Great for landscaper or homeowner

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Sunday, August 6, 2017
Brick, NJ
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical

This is a bare-bones no-frills good old-fashioned rotary engine mower.  Construction is very robust and is definitely built for the professional user in mind.  Despite its weight (100 lbs) the HRC216 pushes very easily; even on hills and slopes.  The blades give a high-quality cut on all types of grass. This is the best-cutting mower I have ever used and I am a 3rd generation landscaper with 30 years experience.  Definitely the last push mower I will ever buy from now on. 

My only gripe is that the engine is not a true commercail-grade engine.  Honda gave me the GSV160 (GS series) which is a step above their consumer-grade GC series engines, but inferior to their GX series.  The GSV engines are listed for "light commercial" use which I suppose is OK, but would still prefer the GX motor. 

Honda HRC216PDA Mower

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Saturday, May 27, 2017
Redmond, OR
Type of use:  Residential

I have about a quarter of an acre to cut and wanted a rugged, reliable, and easy to maintain lawn mower.  I did some on-line research of different makes, models and features. My lawn is flat, but does have some landscaping to mow around.  I realized that a standard push model would be best, instead of a self propelled model.  Extra features like a self propel drive, and electric start can potentially need attention down the line.  A simple, heavy duty reliable mower is what I needed.

This narrowed my search down to about 3 mowers.  What swayed me to decide on the Honda HRC216PDA was the fact that many professional lawn care companies use Honda commercial mowers.  It's of course a bit heavier than comparable, lesser grade mowers, but it rolls surprisingly easy and smooth with it's 9" ball bearing wheels.  It's easy to start, has plenty of power, and does an excellent job of putting the grass clippings in the catch bag.  I've cut my lawn 5 or six times this season, and this Honda mower cuts great.   



Starts on First Pull

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Saturday, October 8, 2016
North Falmouth, MA
Type of use:  Residential
This is my second Honda Mower that I have purchased new in the last 16 years.  The first one still runs perfectly and starts on the first pull if I have the cable in the choke position.  I bought this because I have the first mower at a rental property that I have to mow and was tired of transporting between the properties.  This mower was extremely easy to unpack and there was very little assembly in fact I would say that other than setting the handle bar to the height that I wanted and adjusting the wheels to the height that I wanted to mow there was no assembly.  You do have to assemble the grass catcher but that is pretty easy and can be done without looking at the directions.  Mower comes with 12 oz bottle of oil, pour it in add gas and pull the cord and the mower starts.  I bought the push type mower because I like to get as much exercise as I can when mowing and I figured by not having the auto drive there is one less thing that can go wrong.  I was surprised to see that there is no longer a cable to control the choke and engine speed it is all now automatic.  I had no problem mowing my lawn with this mower and the new sharp twin blade system did a perfect job.  Buy a Honda you will not regret it.

Best mower ever!

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Monday, September 5, 2016
Rogers, AR
Type of use:  Residential
This is the best small mower I have ever purchased [my fourth], nothing else comes close.

Best mower ever!

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Monday, September 5, 2016
Rogers, AR
Type of use:  Residential
This is the best small mower I have ever purchased [my fourth], nothing else comes close.

Lawn Mower Review

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Saturday, May 21, 2016
John D.
Atlanta, GA
Type of use:  Residential
I recently bought this mower and love to use it. Me and my wife decided to buy it after reading a review at thise website http://lawn-mower-reviews.com/ and all I can say is we are glad we did buy it and hope we enjoy it for many years. We love Honda products and are loyal customers. Thanks again guys

Best mower there is

Model Reviewed: HRC216PDA Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Carlsbad, NM
Type of use:  Residential

I searched for a long time (and read countless reviews) before finally coming to the conclusion that this was the mower for me.  No, this mower doesn't have all the bells and whistles that others do, but that's exactly what makes it perfect.  This thing is built like a tank, but still weighs about as much as any generic, self-propelled mower you could get at any of the big-box stores... only it's nothing like any of those mowers.  You really have to see one to appreciate it.  I drove 300 miles round trip just to check this mower out, (and, obviously, snatched it up). 

That it is not self-propelled, and has a manual choke and throttle control, are bonuses to me.  The wide, 9"-tall, sealed ball-bearing wheels (all the way around) make it really easy to push, and to pull.  The quality of this machine is simply outstanding, and I completely expect this to be the last mower I ever purchase... and that's really why I purchased it.  From the GSV160, to the design of the deck and bag, this thing effing rocks.  A mediocre, generic mower might have cost half as much, but if one just looks at the vast differences in quality, they'll realize this mower will easily outlast any other mower, by a LONG shot. 

So, option 1:  buy a blah mower, get pissed off that it is such crappy quality, use it for several seasons until you can't tolerate it anymore, and then, buy another blah mower, and another... Or, option 2:  buy a Honda, and have a blast every single time you use it.  Seriously.  It's made mowing fun for me again.  I'm glad Honda is still making this model... and if they ever decide to discontinue it, well, I already have mine!

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