Lawn Care Tips

Provided by Dr. Keith J. Karnok, Professor of Agronomy at the University of Georgia


1. Is there a right and wrong time to mow the lawn?
2. What is the rule of thumb for the grass height before it should be mowed?
3. Is there a right or wrong way to mow the lawn? What are the tips?
4. What is the recommended mower cutting height setting?
5. Should I use this mower setting throughout the season?
6. Aside from the aesthetic issues, can I wait longer between mowings, cutting the lawn when the grass is higher and reducing the overall number of cuttings?
7. Maintaining my lawn mower is important to keep the equipment in excellent running order, but does it also affect lawn health in any way?
8. Should I bag the grass clippings, mulch them, or allow them to remain on the lawn?
9. How can I control weeds with mowing?
10. How dry must the grass be when I mow it?
11. What should I do differently if I must mow wet grass?


2. How does lawn fertilizer affect clipping production?
3. I love my dogs, but would like to minimize their tracks and spotting on the lawn.
4. How can mowing patterns enhance the look of my lawn?
5. How do I handle shaded areas in my lawn?
6. How do I diagnose a problem with disease or pests in my lawn?
7. How should I water my lawn?
8. In winter, how much do I cut back on the frequency of watering?
9. Do sunny areas need more water than shaded areas?
10. How fast does grass grow?
11. What does "going to seed" mean? Is this a good practice?


1. How will I know what type of fertilizers to use and when to use them?
2. Should I get my soil tested?
3. How do I know if my soil needs to be amended with organic material?
4. What are the pros and cons of laying sod versus sowing grass seed?
6. Can I mix grass types if growing conditions vary in different parts of the lawn?
7. How long should the grass be when I do the first mowing?
8. How do I start over with new grass if my lawn is a mess? What is the best way to accomplish this?


1. What routine maintenance should I do weekly, before and after mowing?
2. What is proper mower maintenance?
3. What are the signs of a worn mower blade?
4. Why is it important to sharpen the blade?
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