21" Lawn Mower, Self Propel, Blade Stop System

  • Roto-Stop® blade stop system
  • Variable speed Select Drive®
  • Easy starting Honda GCV200 engine
  • 4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director® - mulch, bag, discharge, and leaf shred
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Powerful, reliable Honda GCV200 Engine
Powerful, reliable Honda GCV200 Engine

Easy-starting, fuel efficient, and powerful, Honda's premium residential GCV200 engine delivers even more power and torque than its predecssor. The result? Superior mowing performance, and easier and faster cutting, even in heavy, thick grass. Increased power also means increased durability, providing years of reliable service.

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Choose your speed: Select Drive<sup>&reg;</sup>
Choose your speed: Select Drive®

Easily adjust the mower's speed to your stride by rotating the speed adjust dial. Then engage the Select Drive® control for intuitive, comfortable speed control. Variable speed from 0 to 4 mph.

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Roto-Stop<sup>&reg;</sup>: Stop the blades without stopping the engine
Roto-Stop®: Stop the blades without stopping the engine

Honda's Roto-Stop® blade stop system allows you to step away from the mower, without having to stop and restart the engine. Move items out of the way, empty the bag, or take a break, without having to restart your mower.

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4-in-1 Versamow System<sup>&trade;</sup> with Clip Director<sup>&reg;</sup> - Mulch, bag, discharge and leaf shred with no tools or attachments required
4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director® - Mulch, bag, discharge and leaf shred with no tools or attachments required

Honda's revolutionary Versamow System allows you to mulch, bag, discharge, and shred leaves - or even a combination of mulching and bagging! Just slide the convenient Clip Director® knob to choose how much grass is bagged or mulched. No tools or costly attachments are needed. It's the ultimate in convenience and versatility.

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Honda MicroCut<sup>&reg;</sup> Twin Blades: superior mulching and bagging
Honda MicroCut® Twin Blades: superior mulching and bagging

Honda's exclusive twin blade MicroCut System® uses four cutting surfaces that result in ultra fine clippings for superior mulching and more clippings per bag. The end result? A perfect cut, less time emptying the bag, and less work for you.

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Rust-free, no-dent NeXite<sup>&reg;</sup> mowing deck with lifetime warranty
Rust-free, no-dent NeXite® mowing deck with lifetime warranty

The HRX's 21" deck is made of NeXite®. This high impact resistant material does not dent, rust, or corrode over time. So durable it comes with a lifetime warranty!

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5 year residential warranty
5 year residential warranty

You can rest easy, knowing your lawn mower is covered from top to bottom for 5 full years.

Honda Auto Choke System - easy starting

No engine choke required! Just start the mower and go!

Want to mulch, but worried about leaving clumps? No problem.

The Versamow System helps you to mulch or partially mulch even in severe conditions. Just adjust the 10 position Clip Director to the right setting for your lawn.

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Go further before emptying the bag.

Smaller grass clippings mean more grass fits in the bag. So you can mow 30% farther before you have to empty the bag.

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Easy, convenient rear discharge
Easy, convenient rear discharge

The HRX has a convenient rear discharge door that improves maneuverability, eliminating the need for a separate discharge chute attachment. Clippings are directed out the bottom at the rear of the mower.

Make quick work of leaves, with no attachments necessary.

The HRX design makes leaf shredding easy. Tiny pieces minimize the use of leaf bags for collecting debris. No attachments or tools are necessary.

3-position Quick Release adjustable handle
3-position Quick Release adjustable handle

The quick release handle is easy to adjust to one of 3 positions for comfortable mowing. Or fold it over for more compact storage.

Large 9" ball bearing wheels
Large 9" ball bearing wheels

Ball bearings in all four wheels offer better maneuverability, smoother drive, and increased durability.

7 position cutting height adjustment (.75" to 4")
7 position cutting height adjustment (.75" to 4")

Convenient height adjustment levers to set mowing height for lawn conditions.

Large 2.5 bushel capacity grass bag
Large 2.5 bushel capacity grass bag

Our large capacity grass bags are balanced so they are easy to empty, saving you time and effort.

Manual fuel shut-off valve
Manual fuel shut-off valve

The fuel valve can be shut off for transport, storage, or to perform maintenance.


Full model name HRX217K6VYA
Carton label HRX2176VYA
Engine Honda GCV200
Deck Material NeXite®
Cutting Width 21"
Mowing height range 3/4" - 4"
Mowing height adjustments 7
Drive Control Infinitely Variable Select Drive®
Transmission Variable Speed Fixed Gear Belt Clutch
Ground speed 0 to 4 mph
Starter Recoil
Choke System Automatic
Throttle Control Manual
Drive Slipping Belt
Handle 1" Steel Tube
Handle Height Positions 3
Wheels 9" Plastic
Ball Bearing Wheels All
Standard Functions 4 in 1 Mulch/Bag/Leaf shred/Discharge
Bag Standard
Bag capacity (bushels) 2.5
Blade(s) Twin blades (MicroCut System®)
Blade Control Blade stop system (Roto-Stop®)
Side/Rear Discharge Rear standard
Dry weight 95 lb
Operating Weight 97 lb
Residential warranty 5 years
Deck warranty (non-commercial) Lifetime
Commercial warranty 90 days


Lawn mower cover
Stainless Steel Guard Decks

How to Videos

HRX217VYA Operation
HRX Mower Initial Set Up
HRX Mower Maintenance
HRX Mower Storage Tips
HRX Mowers Blade Replacement


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Get ready to push this mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, July 2, 2020
Middleburg hts , OH
Type of use:  Residential
After having my honda mower for 20 yrs I decided to upgrade to this mower,what a waste of money. I always buy honda products but that ends with mower! With a total of 10mins of use its in to the dealer for the second time. The self propel system does what it wants to or not work at all. Some time goes at a running pace even on the slowest setting or it will slip or not work at ALL. I'm told that is how this 800.00 mower works. And they don't make them like they used to. So now have a 800.00 mower that I can't use, good thing I still have my old mower. DON'T BUY THIS MOWER UNLESS YOU CAN PUSH IT!!!

Almost Perfect

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, June 15, 2020
Darrington , WA
Type of use:  Residential
The mower works great.  Two things were unexpected:  1). It doesn’t start on the first pull like my older Honda mower and 2) the rear wheel height adjustments are hard to read without getting on my knees.  I especially like the engine power and variable speed.  In addition, the mower deck is easy to keep clean.  Two small things:  1) The instructions for assembling the grass-catcher could be clearer and 2) I wish that I could more easily tell when the grass-catcher is nearly full without kicking it.  

Replaced my previous Honda HRX & love this baby!

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, June 11, 2020
Baton Rouge, LA
Type of use:  Residential
I am middle aged, female and a professional - but I'm excited about this mower. It cranks on the first pull. It is lighter than its predecessor Honda so easier to pull when walking backwards. I even like the the inside of the gas tank is a light color so it is easier to see how much is in there! I had recently purchased ear plugs, but they are not necessary as this baby purrs. Typical Honda - cranks on first pull! Cons: Can't they make changing the oil any easier? I had to learn how during this Covid19 shutdown and it just shouldn't be that hard. I hope it last longer than the 9 years I got out of my previous one, and I hope I don't have to buy dozens of new rear tires because the rubber would come off my old one when I mowed around the driveway and sidewalks.


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, June 11, 2020
Tom R
Union, KY
Type of use:  Residential
Easy to set up.  Easy Start.  Mulching is great.  Easy to store with collapsable  handle.  

Best Ever

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Chary, NC
Type of use:  Residential
What can I say! This mower is awesome. Does all I ask and more.

Armand N.

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Colchester, VT
Type of use:  Residential
By far, this is the best lawnmower I have ever owned! Regrettably, I sold my last Honda mower due to a steep slope I had to mow at an old property. I bought an all-wheel drive that still had a Honda engine. Turns out, only the engine was reliable. The power, ease of operation, and quality of this mower is second to none. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Honda Lawnmower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Warren, OH
Type of use:  Residential
This mower is easy to start and use. It leaves a very good pattern and the self propelled works well. Being able to stop the blades rotating but leave the engine running sure beats having to restart every time you need to stop briefly.

Honda Lawnmower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Warren, OH
Type of use:  Residential
This mower is easy to start and use. It leaves a very good pattern and the self propelled works well. Being able to stop the blades rotating but leave the engine running sure beats having to restart every time you need to stop briefly.

Best investment in lawn mower, yet.

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 10, 2020
North Ridgeville, OH
Type of use:  Residential
I have bought many brands of lawn mowers over the past several decades. None of them come close to the ease of use,  the features and reliability of this Honda. I have put this mower through the wringer. I highly recommend Honda quality. The money spent was more than the others were worth for their costs.


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Monument, CO
Type of use:  Residential
Mower works fine but had to change the carburetor jet for high altitude. It would be better to let the consumer know there. might be a change of parts for various altitudes. I had to put an extra 100.00 to order the part and have a local mechanic install it. Shipping needs improvement. Although the carton was not dented, the cutting height adjustment lever on one wheel was jammed past the last notch, I had to remove the wheel to force the control lever back into position. Additionally, one of the handlebar adjustment knobs was damaged and it now has to be pulled manually to allow the handlebar to move from notch to notch. Although I reported this I received no reply from Honda.

Honda HRX Push Lawn Mower Review

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Beaverville, IL
Type of use:  Residential
This mower is top of the line. My wife uses it and loves it. Its extremely quiet, fuel efficient, and easy to operate. I feel it is the best push mower of any brand on the market. Plus it has a five year engine warranty and lifetime deck warranty.

Only two nitpicks

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Holland , MI
Type of use:  Residential
I find that the Honda takes more than 1 pull to get the motor started unlike my old mower. I find that the speed control knob doesn't stay at the preselected position often returning to the slowest setting. Other than those two nitpicks I am quite satisfied and the grass looks great.

New Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, February 17, 2020
Spicewood, TX
Type of use:  Residential
The mower starts very easy and does a very good job of mowing. I'm a little disappointed in the fit of the grass bag which allowed dust to escape. It did not fit as well as my old John Deere push mower which finally wore out after 20 years. The poor fit made for a very dusty hour of mowing. Overall I'm very happy with mower just wished the grass bag fit better.

Best Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Rockwood, MI
Type of use:  Residential
Best mower I've ever used or owned!

Cranked at Dealer, then never again

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, September 16, 2019
Chappell Hill, TX
Type of use:  Residential
Cranked at the dealer, then brought home put in barn for a few weeks and now, no matter what I try, it won't crank again. Long time Honda mower user. Gas is fresh.   


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, August 30, 2019
Covington, KY
Type of use:  Residential
The speed control did not work on this model.  It had only one speed - fast. I called Honda and they were useless. I explained the problem & even talked to a supervisor. Their answer was to take it to an authorized dealer but I would have to pay the cost for dealer to look at it.   Their new Honda mower does not work but I have to pay to get it look at.  What kind of company is this that does not back their product?  Luckily I bought it at Home Depot and I took it back there. However, I did not want to buy a mower with the dial controller for the speed controller.  I believe that it is a bad design.  I had to pay $129.00 more to get a model with a lever speed control.

Honda Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, August 7, 2019
Harrisburg, PA
Type of use:  Residential
I love this mower.  The only thing I don't like is the center speed control which moves during use.

mama 1128501

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, July 27, 2019
baton rouge, LA
Type of use:  Residential
Outstanding machinery


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Type of use:  Residential


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Blue Springs, MO
Type of use:  Residential
Best purchase.  Absolutely love this machine.

Mower test

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Type of use:  Residential
This is my second Honda mower the first is similar; not sure what exact model it was.  Dealer didn't have the exact model I wanted so I accepted this one instead.  It has a blade starting and stopping feature that allows the mower to continue to run while you dump the clippings.  The older one would stop and have to be restarted each time you wanted to dump the bag.  To operate this feature is a two step process that I find a little annoying for being redundant.  The other feature I don't like is the Select Drive.  Again Think the older mower was easier to operate.  On the new mower, if you squeeze the hand grips hard and compress them fully the mower takes off so fast it will literally do a wheelie and it is hard to maintain a steady speed.  This is just with the control set at allow speed setting.  I doubt I could walk fast enough to keep up with the mower on the highest settings.  Other than these two gripes I am satisfied with my purchase.

Handle Adjustment

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, May 16, 2019
Maryland Heights, MO
Type of use:  Residential
The Handle Adjustment does not go high enough for comfort, needs more height adjusting holes

New Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, May 5, 2019
Proud Grandpa
Puyallup, WA
Type of use:  Residential
Haven't had a new mower in 36 years.  Last mower was a John Deere, it's still going strong, but had to up grade so the grandson could help mow!  Grandson is 10 and loves it perfect height, ease of operation is great.  The mulching feature is awesome.  Let's work on another 36 plus years. 

honda lawnmower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, April 29, 2019
Clallam Bay, WA
Type of use:  Residential
great mower!


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, April 28, 2019
Type of use:  Residential

Ordered on line from Home Depot.  Came quickly, undamaged.  Out of the box set-up was fast, easy, and good instructions provided by Honda.  No assembly needed.  Amazingly, one pull and it started.  Cuts cleanly, bags grass completely...nothing left behind mower.  Bag removal/emptying is the easiest I've ever engineering.  Haven't tried mulching feature yet.  The blade stop feature while mower still runs is well worth the extra cost, avoiding the otherwise need for constant restarting every time the bag is being emptied or I stop to pick up sticks or toys in the yard.  All controls are simple to operate and again well engineered for fingertip ease.  I couldn't be happier EXCEPT that the self-propelling feature barely works on my sloped lot.  When on concrete, the mower takes off like a rabbit.  On the grass, less so.  On the slope, not at all.  The rear drive wheels do not spin; they just don't "go".

After a second mowing of my lawn, I re-read the maintenance section of the manual, and decided to try adjusting the drive cable....recommended to be checked after the first five hours.  It was easy to adjust.  It has been raining 24/7 since I've done the adjustment, so I haven't been able to test drive the unit.  I will update this post if I can after I try out the adjustment.  One would think it shouldn't need adjusting out of the box though, so I've rated the unit a 4-star.  This is my sole complaint with the mower.  It is otherwise the best mower I've owned. 

Super lawnmower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, April 26, 2019
thumbs up
Turner, OR
Type of use:  Residential

So far only mowed 2 times.  I have 2 fairly large lots to mow (front and back).  Very impressed with the power and the features (bag/mulch, select drive and throttle control).  However, it leaked gas on my 2nd mowing adventure.  I am lucky to have a mechanic in the house and apparently something in the carburetor was sticking and allowing fuel to leak.  Will need to watch this and hopefully will not happen again.  The only disadvantage is the weight and backing up.  This model is much heavier than my previous model and does not back up well which will require a different mowing strategy.   I am not discouraged and will adjust.  


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, April 4, 2019
Pktn., OH
Type of use:  Residential
This year I desided to mow our grass . We went to a few home centres well what we took into consideration was our friends next door has had a HONDA mower (the same one for thirty YEARS)Im getting up in my years so I just might put it my will. 

My 2nd Honda in 30 years

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, March 24, 2019
Lawn finatic
Harrison Twp., MI
Type of use:  Residential

I unboxed it put gas and oil in it and one pull started right up. My first honda

is still running after 30 years so it was a no brainer what my next lawnmower

would be. 

Great product

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, October 21, 2018
conneaut lake, PA
Type of use:  Residential
what a great mower with great features. Love the roto stop feature! Only have to unload the grass bag half as much as with my old mower. Great mulching! Do not like the white bag! Should be black. I wish they made a black bag replacemet. Makes the mower look old! Other than that I love it!

Uneven and clumping cutting

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, August 11, 2018
chesterfield , MI
Type of use:  Residential

Cuts uneven, clumps and leaves strips of mulch.  More noticable in summer months.  Google search reveals many consumer with similiar issues and complaints.  I thought the higher investment would have better results.

Great Mower - Smoot Operation

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, July 28, 2018
Nashville, TN
Type of use:  Residential

This mower replaced a Toro recycler. This mower is simply in a different class. The mulching feature cuts the grass so finely, that it is hard to notice it has been mulched. I usually cut to 3 in. Even at this height, the Toro would often clump and leave large deposits. The double blades on this mower do nothing of the sort.  I'm highly impressed. 

The blade stop feature is awesome. With a smooth assist and easy start, this mower was easy to like. I have a .5 acre yard with some hills. While the Rear Wheel Drive is awesome for the most part, it can create problems on hill because the mower is so light.  You must remain cautious and alert so that you not only cut all the grass, but don't hurt yourself in the process.  Even with this tiny problem, I was quick to forget about the Toro I left behind.

I do wish this mower had the ability to stow standing, but it's not a deal breaker for me. 

First Impressions

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, July 26, 2018
Grand Haven, MI
Type of use:  Residential
just used the mower for the first time. It is very quick and easy to get out of the box and set up... My first impressions are favorable. it appears the the quality and craftsmanship are good and what one should expect from Honda... as the rest of the season and fall clean up goes in Western Michigan i will keep you all posted. We put in a lot of research and felt this unit would be perfect for us

somewhat disappointed

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, July 22, 2018
wilmington, MA
Type of use:  Residential

 Machine is not good for hilly terrains although advertised as being appropriate  for slopes and obstacles. Mower slips and slides  on any slope. Light deck made of Nexite instead of metal seems to make this problem worse - not much of a problem with my old machine with heavy  metal deck and which also had only rear wheel drive .   There is no comfortable hand position with the select drive control and roto stop bar . Thumbs hurt after each use . A control bar instead of the "select drive control" would be a big improvement.   My prior mower had a BBC mechanism also , but only one control bar( controlled both blade and drive) on the bottom of the frame rather than on top- a much more comfortable hand position.

I have used it mostly in the mulching mode and it does an excellent job with no grass residue. The deck is so light however I had  a problem bagging as the weight of the grass tends to  lift up the front of the mower . It seems lawn mower engineering has gone backwards i.e. simple time honored designs and metal  have been replaced with weird mechanisms and unproven composites . Kind of a disappointment since I had heard so many good things about Honda mowers.

I don't think I am that fussy, I had my previous lawn mower for 23 years.

easy to use. not as heavy as i thoght

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, July 13, 2018
yulee, FL
Type of use:  Residential
The plastic deck take some getting use to but i understand the charm. and that engine WOW! this baby turns over on the first light pull. the electric really there is no need with the blade stop. I love it 

Taming the jungle

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, June 28, 2018
Deep Jigger
Winter Park, FL
Type of use:  Residential
Just purchased this mower from Boynton in Longwood, FL.  Love the features.  The folding handle is easy and allows for easier storage.  Speed control is good.  Like the throttle control.  Easy to install and remove the bag.  Only had to empty bag twice on my yard.  Took 4 plus empties on previous mower.  Must be the smaller clippings.  Starts easy and cuts well.  Very pleased.  Hope it lasts for at least 5 years.  Can't go wrong with this.  

Best Self-propelled on the market

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, June 24, 2018
Southfield , MI
Type of use:  Residential

The HONDA HRX is like WWII Tiger tank.  Good for open country and long passes when cutting.  IT Always starts on first or 2nd pull.  I’ve had mine little over 3 years.  NO ISSUES!  The blade shutoff and self-propel were new features for me on a mower.  Happy I went for the upgrades.  I appreciate the ‘stout’ low tech design.  Easy maintenance.  The dual blade is great.  It goes as fast if you want it to. I’ve learned to use at it low speeds it tight areas. My house is on a cul-de-sac, I can cut and bag all the lawn in about an hour.  

Great Product- solid; robust, engineering and reliable design.  Thank you.  The purchase date I reference, is a guess.  Pretty sure I bought in April or May 2015 from the Home Depot near me.  

 It was the best reviewed mower for the features and options I wanted.

Great mower.

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, June 22, 2018
HRX King
Mundelein, IL
Type of use:  Residential
I did a lot of research before buying a mower, and even do I thought buying this mower was a lot of money, I took a shot and purchased it. I have a yard were its big enough that I need a powerful push mower, but small enough were I don't really justify buying a riding tractor. This Honda mower is strong, starts on the first pull, and even when grass might be a little wet, it mows grass with no problem. I deft. saved alot of time owning this mower, it doesn't get clogged as easily, i have to empty bag less often, and even does a great job if i want to mulch. I only own this mower for a month now, and my only issue is, its a little bit heavy, and it becomes a problem, when mowing around trees or small areas were you might need to go slow. Otherwise, i hope this mower last me a long long time, like i read in other reviews. 

Great Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, June 16, 2018
Spring Branch, TX
Type of use:  Residential
Easy to start. Mows great in any mode. Bit heavy to push & pull around trees and edges,  but generally speaking, it's a great machine.

Love it!

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, June 7, 2018
Type of use:  Residential
This is my first brand new lawnmower. It was easy to get out of the box and prepare for use. I like the way the handle can be put down without pinching any cables, which I have had trouble with before. My last lawnmower was a Honda HR217 that was my moms. I am not sure how long she had it, but I have had it for 24 years with little maintenance. That's why I wanted another Honda. Just like my old Honda, the new one started with first pull. The cut was beautiful and even. The only problem I had was adjusting the speed low enough to keep up with it. 

Failed in Less Than One Mowing Season

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Marion, IL
Type of use:  Residential
We bought this mower in June of 2017. Mowed our small yard with it for the remainder of the season (October). Went to start it up this season and it's dumping gas out of the carburetor (I'm assuming it's a failed bowl gasket). I expect MUCH, MUCH more from an $800 push mower. I'll never buy another Honda product again. I'd be better off buying  $200 mower and replacing it every time it breaks.


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Rockford, IL
Type of use:  Residential

Researched a variety of lawn mowers and found the Honda HRX217VYA the best choice for me. Received by FedEx at garage door. Easy assembly and started on first pull. Controls are user friendly. Mowed lawn without difficulty and at speed I desired. Would recommend for ease of use and assembly. Handle folds down in one step for easy storage.

You won't regret it

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, May 19, 2018
Lake Stevens , WA
Type of use:  Residential
This review isn't for this (HRX217VYA) but on my 24 year old Harmony 215. I'm looking at "maybe" replacing my Harmony with this model due to the Harmony needing some replacement parts, but nothing motor related all normal wear and tear, I'm just debating whether to spend the cash to replace the bag, drive tires and pull start rope or buy a new one ? But what I can say in 24 yrs all I have ever done is replaced the oil, air filter and drained the fuel during the winters with all but one issue which was a $20 spring replacement to engage the blade. Without having to say a word to my neighbors three of them have purchased a Honda push mower, I feel because they've seen the years I've gotten out of mine. 

Love this mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, May 14, 2018
Type of use:  Residential
I mow sometimes when it does not even need it because I really enjoy it right now.  The yard has never looked better either.  I just mulch and do not think I will use the back until fall to pick up leaves.

best lawn mower ever

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, May 6, 2018
boonton, NJ
Type of use:  Residential
After reviewing several different brands of lawn mowers, I opted to buy the Honda. It was at the top of my budget but based on previous reviews the choice was clear. All I can say is..I'm super happy with it. It's the best mower I've ever had. It cuts thru my 6000 SF lawn effortlessly, quietly and quickly. It's a lawn eating machine. What else would you expect...It's a Honda

Works as advertized!

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Buford, GA
Type of use:  Residential
Hard to believe but it did start on the very first pull!!  Scalped my dormant bermuda grass at 3/4" setting to start the Spring. It sucked up all last year's dead grass like a vacuum cleaner.  Filled 16 grass bags full of shredded dry clippings. Couldn't get that low or clean with my old Toro.

Honda HRX217VYA

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, November 24, 2017
Shawn, OK
Type of use:  Residential

I bought this mower to replace my old HRX217TDA which had 12 years of service.  This new mower looked like it would be a good replacement.   The dealer delivered it, all set up and ready to go.  It took 8 pulls on the starter to get it going.  With a new engine, I expected to have some difficulty.  Then I was ready to mow.  I pushed down on the yellow blade clutch button, pulled the blade clutch lever, and nothing - no blade rotation at all.  In looking at the design of the clutch engagement, the button is supposed to catch the blade clutch lever and pull the cable.  This was not happening.  The engagement mechanism was not catching the lever.  The clutch lever was too far to the left.  I took it loose, bent it slightly and put it back together.  This sort of works.  If I keep the clutch lever to the right everything is ok.  If it happens to work itself to the left the blade stops. 

This is a poor quality control.  I don't see why the dealer didn't check this.  It isn't hard to tell if the clutch is engaging without running the engine.  I could have taken it back and I guess they would bend the lever like I did.  My old Honda never had any problems.  I hope this isn't a preview of other problems.



Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, November 5, 2017
Les Gilbert
Blaine, WA
Type of use:  Residential

First time I tried this mower I was very impressed with it's operations

 and features. It had no problem picking up soaking wet leaves that were surrounded by snow and ice crystals. I was very happy to not have to shut machine off to emty the bag that completely filled up with no clogging. 

The Good, Bad, Ugly and Stupid

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Babylon, NY
Type of use:  Residential

The Good

4" max cutting height

Walking speed adjusts from real slow to real fast

The bag holds a lot and packs grass & leaves real tight

Engine stays running while you remove the bag to empty clippings


The Bad

It is heavy.  You notice when you make a turn or drag it back.

If you choose not to have it in drive and just want to push it, it's hard to find a comfortable spot on the handle…there's enough room as the drive lever is in the way.

The handle is not high enough for tall guys…even at the highest setting.

The pull cord seems very thin…looks like it might wear fast…but, you don't have to pull the cord much as the engine keeps running while you dump the clippings.


The Ugly

Blade Control Lever pinches your hand while holding it as you mow and turn.

Drive Lever pinches as well.

There's not much grip area to hold on to when drive lever is engaged, and it's not that comfortable to hold after a while.  If you keep the drive lever depressed with your thumbs, then your thumbs tire and ache.  You won't know this until you start cutting at home.


The Stupid

There are eight levels of mulching in between full mulch and full bag…that's 10 levels.  In my book, you are either mulching or bagging…there is no in between.

Home Depot puts all the lawn mowers on a shelf 5 feet high, so you can check them out properly.  They won't let you "feel & touch" or move around on the ground.  You have to ask them to take them down…it will take two workers to do that…Good luck!


Bottom Line

Either get a real cheap mower or the Honda model above this one.

This is my second HRX-217 Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, October 21, 2017
Gaffney, SC
Type of use:  Residential

I have had a HRX 217 for nine years.  The only problem with the okder HRX-217 is that the transmission only lasts about four or five years.  Probably not too bad considering the yard is one acre and on a slope.  For a replacement, I wanted to buy a commercial Honda, or an Exmark-21, or an Exmark-30, or a Cub Cadet-800.  However, all mowers (even commercial ones) have some sort of Achilles heel.

The commercial Honda has a 21-inch cut, a 160 cc engine, weighs 128 pounds, is a bit under powered and costs $1,200.

The Exmark 21 is a 21-inch machine via a single, has a 180 cc engine, good power and not prone to plugging; it is as heavy as the commercial Honda at 115 pounds and costs $1,300.

The Exmark 30 is a 30-inch machine via two blades but has the same engine as the Exmark 21 and weighs 170 pounds.  The Exmark 30 blades run close to the frame and plug easily. The same power applied to the Exmark 30 as to the Exmark 21 left me with doubts.  The $2,100 price is a bit steep considering that some of the time gained by the wider cut will be lost unplugging the blades.

The CC-800 is a 33-inch machine via two blades, has a 382 cc engine but weighs 300 pounds.  While the base mower is $1,300, by the time you add mulching and bagging equipment (standard on Honda and Exmark machines), the OTD price is much higher.

So, after all that looking I settled on a HRX-217-VYA at $700.  It has good power via 190 cc engine, a 21-inch cut, mulches great, bags OK and only weighs 94 pounds.  Good combination of all factors considered.                 

1ST Honda Lawn Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA
Type of use:  Residential

Just got it today after ordering it online. Had it up and running in 20 minutes. It started on the first pull!!! Had grass and leaves to mow today and it worked so much better than my old Toro Personal Pace. The Clip director shredded the grass and leaves and filled the bag completely allowing for less time emptying the bag. No grass or leaves stuck in the chute to clean out with the bag 1/2 full on my old Toro. The Select Rear Wheel Drive control works great and Roto-Stop Blade button is a great feature allowing you to stop and empty bag without having to restart the engine. The quality appears to be much better than my last mower. My only complaint is not getting it 1-2 yrs ago!!

first honda

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, September 18, 2017
toledo, OH
Type of use:  

we always had toros

this is our first honda

so happy with the quality and ease of use

Another Honda Mower That Would Not Start/Stay Running

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, September 9, 2017
Show Me
Bolivar, MO
Type of use:  Residential

My second Honda Mower in about six years. The first one ran great for about a year, then refused to start. I bought a Toro Recycler Mower that I replaced it with and it has been a good mower for five years starting every time on the first pull but it is losing steam. 

I went to Consumer Reports and found the top rated self propelled mower, Honda HRX217VYA. It arrived on 9/8/17. I assembled it on the morning of 9/9/17, added the enclosed oil, added gas and it started on the first pull. Impressive! I used it for about 20 minutes and it stopped running. After several pulls, it started and stopped. Next pull, nothing. More pulls and it started and stopped. I let it sit for about six hours and tried to start it again. It will not start. Very disappointed. Warranty says I have to transport it, at my cost, to a Honda dealer to have it looked at. I am inconvenienced having to haul it to the dealer and out of use of the mower until I go and pick it up. Very expensive mistake on my part, even though it is under warranty. 

Good Honda product

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, September 4, 2017
Shorewood, IL
Type of use:  Residential

My last Honda lawnmower died after 15 years of service. New one has Honda Select Drive speed control and its only one item I may complain about. Changing speed by it self and needs constant monitoring and adjustments. Missing old speed lever a lot. Beside this everything works just fine. One pull start, good strong and quiet engine, nice even cut. I like roto-stop option a lot. Hopefully it will works like old one for next 15 years.



Not Like My Old Honda Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, September 2, 2017
Orlando, FL
Type of use:  Residential
Replaced a HR215SXA purchased in 1991 for $600. One of the best power tools ever. Comparable replacement with the same controls now $800 & a 6 speed transmission, 10 position much / bag control, & dual blades - none of which matters to me. Went with the HRX217VYA for $600 & after first use regretting saving $200. Clutch drive quirky. At same speed setting sometimes had to push the mower. Then the clutch would engage & I sprinted to stay with the mower. Blade stop touchy. Release the handle slightly & blade stops. Must gingerly push the engage button and move bar to get engagement.  Hard to do corners and areas that are not a straight cut. I hate mowing. Old HR215 was expensive but great to use. I'm sure Honda quality & reliability will be there - disappointed in the controls design. My not keep this mower 26 years like the old one. Maybe the first time any type of repair needed I'll buy a different mower. Hope my opinion changes with time. 

Mulching Machine

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Type of use:  Residential
This is the second lawn mower I have purchased as I let my son use the first one I bought in 2015.  It is by far the best mulching lawn mower that I have owned.  I didn't bother getting the electric start as the pull is so easy and starts right away.  The self propel feature makes doing the lawn....along with the ditches easy.  It does not matter how long the grass is it mulches so good that it leaves no grass clippings anywhere!  I have 4 large maple trees that during the fall just covers my yard and although I may have to mow 2 to 3 times a week it mulches all the leaves I have!  The final mow I may have to go over it a couple of times in spots but it sure beats picking the leaves up and transporting them somewhere or burning them.  It leaves my yard looking fantastic and the nutrients are put back into the lawn.


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Albuquerque, NM
Type of use:  Residential
I have only used it twice, only after reading the owners manual and everyone should. I love it I'm 70 and recently retired, Its easy to mow my lawn. After adjusting it to my personal settings, I cant wait to use it again. It did start on the first pull

So far so good...

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, August 21, 2017
Bel Air, MD
Type of use:  Residential
Okay, so I purchased the HRZ217K5VYAA after I thought my John Deer JX75 push mower was no more after 15 years of great cutting...(I fixed the JD after cleaning out the carb and its back to running perfectly). Only time will tell if the Honda can last this long. I take really good care of my lawn products so I'm anxious to see how this Honda does. The engine on the Honda is powerful, sounds good and is easy to start. The mulching on this lawn mower does a better job than the JD. Get really no clumps of grass if cutting when the grass is higher. After using mower about 4 times, I figured I clean the underside. I was impressed, very little grass was on the underside deck. That was nice. You will get some grass when you mulch if you lift the door to attach the bag. I never bag, only mulch....So using the gas blower easily cleans out that section. I do like the speed control position-however, my BIGGEST and only complaint with this Honda mower is how the self propel speed is inconsistent. It does a terrible job staying at the same speed depending on the slope of the lawn. My front yard, has the slightest slope (talking like maybe 20 inches from one side to the other)..So when going down the slope, however it is speedy...Turn around and go up the slope, it barely can push its way up the slope. So you constantly must be changing the speed...The JD, never had this problem. I could only imagine how this Honda would perform if using it on a hill..Again, my front yard has very little slope..I would recommend, trying this mower out at a dealership to see what you think about this machine..I'm getting used to the inconsistent speed, but for the money spent on this I would have expected a little bit better operation. One small complaint, keeping me from rating this product 5 stars...


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, August 19, 2017
Type of use:  Residential
The retail sale needs help at sears to service the consumer.

best mower money can buy

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Anderson, SC
Type of use:  Residential
After over 25 years with my first generation polymer deck Honda I passed it along to my daughter who is still using it. The HRX217VYA started on the first pull out of the box.  Do not be fooled by other brands that have Honda engines, the Honda engineering on their own line of mowers goes way beyond just the engine. Pay a little more now and you will have a mower for the next 25 years!


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, August 5, 2017
D.H., MD
Type of use:  Residential
last week I was disappointed. First time using the mower and had a problem with the blade stop disengaging while trying to mow the lawn, (bummer for a new mower). Just want to Thank Honda Power Equipment for making me a satisfied costumer :) . They took the mower in and made an adjustment the same day. Came back to the house and was a Happy Camper.


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Harrison, AR
Type of use:  Residential
Great mower. Expensive but well worth the money. I am quite happy with it. 


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, July 15, 2017
Simpsonville, SC
Type of use:  Residential

Lawn mower HRX2175VYA

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, July 10, 2017
Groves, TX
Type of use:  Residential
Recommended by my brother-in-law. Unable to use yet due to weather,but anxious to give it a try. My brother-in-law loves his mower. Impressed with the even cut and ease of handling.

The only mower I considered

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, June 11, 2017
Owensboro, KY
Type of use:  Residential

My son has autism but wanted to assist with the lawn maintenance so I searched the safety features and the operational features of several mowers and found this Honda to be the obvious choice.  The Roto Stop is the #1 feature of this mower, as he can release the handle and stop the blade immediately, what a fantastic safety item.  The quality of mower appears to be the tops and the ease of use if a big plus.  Our dealer took the time to explain the features of the mower and it was ready to use when we picked it up. I will say that the purchase price seems a bit high, but I can not place a price on my son's safety.

Thank you Honda

Fuel cunsumption can't get an even speed

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, May 29, 2017
Bettendorf, IA
Type of use:  

Had a Deere JX75 for years.  Finally needed some repairs, and couldn't justify $500+ for a 7 year old mower, used twice a week.

My dealer, is a John Deere Dealer, that sells Honda's, , and he recommended one for me.

Fuel consumption is a joke.  I could mow my whole yard with my JX75 on a tank of gas.  It takes two tanks with the Honda. No one can say why, but it is a pain to stop half way thru the job, and fill the mower.  Also, it seems to fill in an hurry, so you really have to watch fuel level in the tank close, or it makes a mess.  That little red gizmo in the filler neck, is a joke..what is its purpose any how?

Also, setting a speed on the select drive control is a joke also.  I can set it where it is comfortable, and after 5-6 cycles, you have to set it again, because the knob has slipped to the place, it will hardly move.  Also, we have a yard that gently slopes in the back.  Say thing applies, you have to set the control to mid range or better, then it seems to struggle to climb the hill.  I would guess that the yard is 100 feet up the grade, which I doubt is more that a 3/12 pitch or grade.  I mow (a different direction each time) twice a week, and it is a longer process now than with the Deere.

There is also a recess or half circle on the back of the mower, where the bag attaches.  This fills with grass clippings, and makes a mess when you change bags.

The "twin blade system" does a nice job of cutting.  I compost my yard, and in the Spring, when the grass is green and Juicy...You might want to look at cleaning the underside out after every use.

Love It

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, May 25, 2017
Colton, OR
Type of use:  Residential
This is an excellent lawn mower!  I am extremely happy with it.

Awesom Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, May 19, 2017
Shalimar, FL
Type of use:  Residential
I'm a true believer in Honda products which is why I spent the extra money to buy the best.  The one thing on the mower that I would change is I would have a separate blade control lever that I could engage and not have to hold onto.  It would just be a separate lever that I could engage and disengage as needed.  Besides that, it's pretty awesome.

Not for Steep Hills

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, May 18, 2017
Little Lady
Antigo, WI
Type of use:  Residential

We have a hilly lawn with many trees, gardens, and buildings.  Purchased Honda to replace a 20 year old front wheel drive mower with the same cutting width. 


starts easily, reasonably quiet, provides a clean cut, plenty of power to cut and go up steep hills, blade brake works great for stopping to move debris or go across gravel driveway from one section of lawn to another, easy to adjust height of blades, easy to attach/detach bag and switch from mulch to bag

I have not tried bagging, so I don't know how easy it is to empty a bag or mow with the bag attached, thus adding extra weight to the unit--afraid to try that on our hills, see below.


mulching still leaves visible clippings on lawn even when trimming off less than an inch of grass

can maneuver around objects, but more difficult than our old mower, probably because of the larger size of the mower (about 12" longer), greater weight, and rear wheel vs front wheel drive

grass does build up on deck, but not excessively (although it's only been used on short, dry grass so far)

cleaning does require scraping as the grass that does build up is "cemented" to the deck

Takes about 3 hours to mow lawn with new mower and about the same with old one, but new mower causes more fatigue because it's harder to maneuver.


After only an hour of use, the self-propelling feature no longer worked and required an adjustment to tighten the belt--hoping that is a one time fix because it is a new mower.

Uses 2 1/2 tanks of gas to mow the lawn compared to just over one with the old mower (not sure what capacity of tanks are, but prefer not having to stop so often to refill)

Easy to pinch hands with levers when operating the variable speed transmission.  Am learning to hold the blade lever tight with one hand and operate the paddles with the other to avoid the problem.

Appears to be a learning curve for being able to operate the paddles to provide smooth acceleration (at least hoping it's a technique that can be learned)

Difficult to keep comfortable speeds on rolling lawns using paddles; either tends to jerk forward with too much power/speed on level areas if dial set for max power range or lacks enough power to go up a hill if dial set for slower speed range.  Frequently having to adjust the dial rather than just using the paddles, which is inconvenient.

No resistance going down steep hills and operator has to pull back on unit to keep it from going too fast, which would be a challenge/danger for a small person, or if the slope were at all slippery. The old mower had a single speed.  It was slower going up the hill, but did not accelerate going down the slope.  (Mowing across the slope isn't an easy option as the hill is only about 15 feet across and 120 feet down.)  Only solution found so far is to pull the mower backwards down the hill allowing the self-propelling function to pull the mower up the hill for resistance, but this is not convenient.


I would return the mower if I could.  It is not suitable for a rolling lawn with many trees and gardens and a steep, narrow hill.

HRX Lawn mowers

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, May 15, 2017
Overland Park, KS
Type of use:  Residential
Best lawn mower I have ever owned.  I mow twice a week, it starts on the first pull and its easy to use.  I should have bought this years ago.  Great price and warranty.

Yorkville Review 4-20-17

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Mike Pfeiffer
Yorkville, IL
Type of use:  Residential

After research, this model had all the features I wanted.  The leaf shredding will come in handy in the fall as I live on a wooded lot.  The blade stop feature enables me to empty the bag without having to restart the mower every time.  The rear wheel drive takes the slopes on my lot with ease without tearing up the lawn.

First Place Rental made the purchase SO easy!  They delivered the mower assembled, all gassed up and ready to go.  The man even did a brief demo for me, which was very helpful to me.  Best of all, free of charge!

Best Mower Ever

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, May 5, 2017
Marlton, NJ
Type of use:  Residential
I went through two mowers while my dads Harmony was still going strong. This time I decided to spend a few extra dollars and get  a Honda. The roto stop system is great I didn't realize how many times you stop to pick up something and have to restart a mower plus not having the blade spinning makes starting in grass much easier. The select drive propels the mower as fast as you want to walk with just a push of your thumb, and the rear wheel drive is great. Starts with one pull. The handle is comfortable to grip. If I had to find something to complain about it might be the unit is a little heavy when pulling it backwards but its a quality NexTite deck and loaded with features so its not  a flimsy metal deck with no extras.You have to expect a little weight but its not noticeable when mowing. The twin blade system cuts beautiful. I am very happy with this purchase.

Second mower in 32 years

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, May 5, 2017
Big Kahuna
Greene, NY
Type of use:  Residential

Bought this new one after 32 years of service by my 214GM. I still have the old one and its operational.

New features are great and transmission is nice compared to old two speed. Bigger bag and easy start are great too. Neighbors are all jealous.

Easy to put together and understand functions. I was mowing in 20 minutes.

i would highly recommend this mower.

Some Overdue Praise

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, May 4, 2017
Monroe Township, NJ
Type of use:  Residential

Dear Honda,

The review below is not about the HRX217VYA. Since I just received it yesterday, its review will have to wait for another day.

It is though about an old friend, my HRA214JJ (6044965) which I purchased about 30 years ago and finally had to replace due to a severe oil leak. That lawn mower never failed to start, usually on the first pull, even the very last time I used it. Other than a rusted deck and a few minor repairs, it always cut well, never stalled and ran great. And get this, I never had it professionally serviced. I did religiously follow the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual every year, performing all service myself. I only changed the spark plug twice. I did every season remove the plug, clean it and gap it. The paper element filter was never changed, only the foam element filter.

What a great product.

I hope the HRX217VYA performs just as well. If it does, it will probably out live me.


Rich Marciani

Monroe Township, NJ

Long Overdue

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, April 30, 2017
Salem, OH
Type of use:  Residential

When I saw the price drop, plus the extra 1 year warranty, and it was a done deal!  After more years than  I care to admit of putting up used equipment that on it's best day did a marginal job it's so good to have a premium product that so many folks have been pleased with over their ownership.

Got this one off the showroom floor (it was the last one left) having NEVER had gas in its tank.  Took it home, checked the oil and filled it up with Rec90 ethanol-free gas and it started up on the first pull!!!!  Very happy!  Mulched slightly over grown, slightly damp grass with out stressing the mower at all.

I hope with synthetic oil, proper maint  and rec90 gas, will have many years of trouble free mowing.

Thank you Honda!!! 

no uphill power

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, April 22, 2017
Lebanon, OH
Type of use:  Residential
had a Honda self propelled for 15 years, engine failed so I bought another. this mower has many features I like will not go up even the slightest hill without me pushing it. if you start up a gradual incline the mower will just sit there. you can lift the rear wheels up and they will be spinning, put it down and it won't move. I adjusted the speed control way up and it still does the same thing, quite disappointed at his point.

solid mower for half the price

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, March 27, 2017
Imperial, CA
Type of use:  Residential
Have used 2 Honda Commerical mowers in the last 20 years. Looking to replace my oldest one i could not justify over $1300 for a new commercial mower.  I chose to try the HRX217VYA at just over half the price of a commercial one and am very happy so far.  i use it for roughly 3 hours a week and will be cautiously watching to see how the Xenon deck holds up over the years.  

Some pluses some minus

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, March 22, 2017
La vergne, TN
Type of use:  Residential

replaced my old Honda harmony after more than 20 years of very good service. Only a few cuttings, but my observations, comparison is to it


Starts easier

Doesn't require as much warm-up time to engage the blades to not kill the motor

Engine is more powerful and will dig through thick tall grass better

More control (somewhat) of mowing speed

Deck appears to adjust higher


BIggest issue - drive system requires push even on flat, cosistant push required even more on low grade incline, then run required on same down grade, hard to keep consistent speed and what is slipping and will wear out sooner? Old Honda Harmony would maintain speed much better, more like a direct drive.

Heigth adjusters feel flimsy and are hard to adjust, feeling like something is going to break.

Uses more gas or has smaller tank.

Doesn't mulch leaves as well (could be due to higher deck setting I was using)

Both have no fuel filter or oil drain plug and the newer one feels even heavier

Bells and whistles

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Racine, WI
Type of use:  Residential

Haven't used yet as the snow is just melting, but all the features on this mower is going to make my whole mowing and leave raking seasons a breeze.  My wife likes the fallen leaves mulched and returned to her flower beds, and the 4 in 1 features will make this feat a breeze.

Poor warranty fulfillment

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Allentown, PA
Type of use:  Residential

I am now 76 years old. I have owned two previous lawn mowers, one snowblower, a trimmer and other Honda products with a high degree of satisfaction. After giving my son my previous lawnmower which I happily owned for over ten years I treated myself to a new HRX2175VYA. AFTER LESS THAN TWO MONTHS OF USE IT IMPLODED! As I said, I'm 76 and have average mobility for my age, my lawn is approximately 80'x30' with a slight grade. It is enough to require a relatively moderate pace of mowing. while mowing my lawn, the mower suddenly raced and I shut it down to inspect the cable etc. finding nothing obvious I restarted the mower and it immediately raced again. After sending the mower to Home Depot repair out of state UNBELIEVEABLE I was told the mower had a bent crankshaft due to governor stuck open, blade hit immovable object. WARRANTY NOT COVERED DUE TO MISUSE. REALLY?? Reviewed by Atlanta. Same result.  Fortunately HOME DEPOT replaced the unit. DISAPPOINTED BY HONDA WARRANTY SERVICE!!!!!!!!

Nice mower, but how durable???

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, November 11, 2016
Loveland, OH
Type of use:  Residential

I purchased the mower based on many favorable reviews on the Internet. The 5-year warranty was a prime factor in my choice. We bought the mower from Home Depot. We have an area of about 1/2 acre to mow.

The features of the mower are excellent: the mulching and height adjustments are easy to use, the mower gives a clean and even cut, the "select drive control" self-propelled feature works well, and the blade control enabling me to stop the blades without having to stop the mower is convenient. The mower starts easily, usually on the first or second pull.

However, about half-way through the second mowing season, the recoil starter broke - two small plastic pieces that grip the starter rope broke - not what I would expect from an $800 mower and not a very good reflection on Honda quality. Worse, the $10 part has been on backorder for a month. It's hard to understand how there would be a shortage of parts for the current model of lawn mower in the middle of lawn mowing season. I will certainly keep this in mind when purchasing other similar products.

I miss my old Honda lawnmower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, November 7, 2016
North Huntingdon, PA
Type of use:  Residential

Old mower was still running well after nearly 30 years, but rusted through and had other mechanical problems, so I replaced it with this one.

Engine is running badly. I'll call about warranty service tomorrow. Maybe it's the automatic choke, the way the engine revs up and down. I miss my previous simple mechanical choke.

Fancy Select Drive self-propel transmission can't hold a steady speed in my hilly yard. I'm always tweaking the speed control, and either trying to push it up a hill or running after it down a  hill. It just won't climb my one embankment. I miss my previous simple mechanical 2-speed transmission.

I like to just push the mower in the flat or downhill portions of the yard. The transmission disengages pretty well, though not as completely as the old simple one did. The handle is not designed to push; there's no comfortable place to put my hands without pressing on the Select Drive control.

It doesn't seem to cut as well as my old mower did; the grass is a little uneven like it wasn't quite snipped off right. Maybe the blade is turning slower than it should because the engine is running poorly.

I can't judge the quality yet, since the mower is new. I imagine it's up to Honda's usual high standards, if the engine starts to run better. So I guess I'll just put up with the mower for another 30 years.

Started OK but

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, November 3, 2016
Naperville, IL
Type of use:  Residential
Front wheel fell off on first use. Luckily I found the bolt in the grass and reattached.

Great Mower But...

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, September 9, 2016
St. Petersburg, FL
Type of use:  Residential
This is my Third Nexite Self propelled Honda. The first lasted 12 years until I finally jarred loose a front wheel on my fence. Engine was running strong. The second is 8-10 years old and my son on law is using it and its going strong. This one starts on the first pull and works well. I just do not like the redesign of the self propelled adjustment. it keeps going back to minimum as I go along and while it engages slowly you end up running after it as it becomes fully engaged. Its just not user friendly and I wish I had the lever on the side for setting as I had on both my previous Hondas. Its too bad they decided to make this change.


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, September 3, 2016
Type of use:  Residential
     We had to replace our Toro which has been a very good mower for four years.  Evidently, I rolled over some exposed roots and broke the drive shaft.  Got a very good deal from Home Depot, was sitting on the floor so all we had to do was load it in to the car.  Got it home, added the oil, added gas and off we went.  Started without a hitch and very quiet, so quiet you could possibly think it an electric mower.  Love the twin blades for the mulch as doesn't leave much residue clippings at all.  Next time I will use the bag just to see how many clippings we do have.  We had thought about spending the extra money for an electric start, but this started very easily as did our Toro.  We went for the Honda because of the Consumer Reports ratings which gave that brand the "top marks" and this model and Consumer Reports good bargain.  I do miss the attachment where you put on the hose, start the mower and it gets "auto cleaned" by the motor running and the running hose.  However, was not difficult to just "hose it off" after it cooled down.  The handle is much more comfortable than the old Tora which actually made the palms of your hands sore, this is fine.  If you want to spend "bucho" bucks, you can get the blade turn off feature so you can keep the motor running and turn off the blade to pick up things in your path.  I don't think that much extra money for the feature is necessary , turn it off and one pull off you go again.

Very pleased

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, September 2, 2016
Enterprise, AL
Type of use:  Residential
This is an awesome mower. I try very hard to maintain my lawn in an immaculate condition. This mower does it. Best mower I have owned. I hope it will perform well in years to come.

Roto-stop seems to disengage too easily

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, August 29, 2016
Carmon Paris
Joliet, IL
Type of use:  Residential
   I have used the mower twice, once mulching, once bagging. It mows well either way, but the blade disengages while mowing.

Amazing Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, August 28, 2016
Middletown, OH
Type of use:  Residential
My wife and I had always purchased inexpensive mowers because we were just using them for our home use. Well we bought our first Honda mower and fell in love with it. We got it for a great deal and finally decided we wanted to upgrade. We bought this mower because we wanted the Honda motor and the self propelled feature. This mower is so easy to use and it does an amazing job!! We definitely recommend this mower. It was hard because the price point but it was worth every penny!!

self propelled lawn mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, August 18, 2016
st charles, IL
Type of use:  Residential

so far so good, easy to tart and runs quiet, little difficulty adjusting the rear wheels.  would be nice if the scale was in a contrasting color.  love the bag ease of operation.  find the transmission control easy to operate and as widely adjustable as claimed.  so far the product works as claimed.

Expensive but well worth the money!

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Evans , GA
Type of use:  Residential
I previously owned a John Deere self-propelled lawn mower with bagger. My new Honda outperforms the JD hands down! The bagging system works extremely well and is much easier to empty (really like the extra handle on bag) not to mention this model allows the lawn mower to continue to run when blades are stopped (option you should get). I also have the Nexite deck which is pretty cool. I must admit I was not wanting to spend that much for a lawn mower, but it is well worth the money so far!

pull start

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, August 11, 2016
Winston-Salem, NC
Type of use:  Residential
overall this mower is great, However i purchased this item on 03/12/16. But the pull start will not go back into full position.

thought issue was fixed

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, August 9, 2016
sykesville, MD
Type of use:  Residential
No issues with product completeness.  Engine ran fine. Issue with blade clutch.  Blade will not stay engaged.  poor design with clutch engagement handle.  Blade disengaged repeatedly during use.  Should return the unit.  I hope there is a repair kit available.

Great Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, August 1, 2016
Loganville, GA
Type of use:  Residential
Started on first pull right out of the box. Very torquey engine, mulches smooth and without any grass clumps coming from under the deck (unlike the mower it is replacing).  The self propel works great, simple to operate.  I rank it as the best mower I've owned when considering its all around performance and features.

Dennis Gandy

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, July 14, 2016
Moss Point, MS
Type of use:  Residential
I am glad to see that an attempt has been made to improve the mower handle durability.  My previous HRX mower engine and composite deck were still in excellent operational condition, when after several years, the mower handle decomposed to the point of rendering the controls totally inoperable.  I hope the redesign will resolve this problem as these are otherwise very reliable units.  They never fail to start easily.  As an aside, I also had a Honda tiller that was lost due to hurricane Katrina flooding and it also was a sure start at every use.

Awesome Mower, but...

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, July 7, 2016
Concord, NC
Type of use:  Residential

My yard is relatively small at approximately 1/4 of an acre, with some minor slopes and hills.  Additionally, I have 2 types of turf - tall fescue in the front and Palisades zoysia in the back.  I purchased this mower to replace a Toro Model 20332.

All that being said, this is a feature packed mower that was thoughtfully designed.  The pull start is quite possibly the easiest I have ever encountered and all I did was add gas, oil, and pull, and the mower started up on the 1st pull.

I love the Nexite deck and the twin blade cutting system impressively cut my yard and did a much better job than my previous mower.

That being said, I have 2 negatives to point out.

The first is the design of the rear discharge.  The way the bag sits on the mower that allows a gap to be filled with clippings.  This does not impact functionality, but when I remove the bag, clippings fall out all over my freshly cut yard and this just seems like an oversight.  Hopefully, Honda will address moving forward.  

The 2nd issue involves the Roto Stop blade break system.  I actually returned the first mower I purchased because the Roto Stop system kept disengaging for what seemed like no reason.  I cleared the discharge area, emptied the bag, checked for other impediments that may cause a disengagement, and yet the system continued to disengage.  I returned the mower and was promptly given a replacement.  Hopefully, the problem will not continue and was limited to this particular mower and is not reflective of all Honda mowers with the Roto Stop system.

Roto Stop Button

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, July 2, 2016
El Jefe
Sugar Grove, IL
Type of use:  Residential
Hello and here is the reason why I am rating this machine at basically 1 star.  I previously owned a different HONDA and I was very happy with it, I decided to pass on mine and I purchase a brand new HRX217VYA.  Beautiful machine BUT there is one thing that drives me crazy.  I have owned this for about a month I have used it about 4 times or so.  THE ROTO-STOP BUTTON every 5-10 steps will unlatch/come off? not sure why?  has anybody experience this with this specific machine?  The last time I used it it happened at least 5 times on my on a normal size home back yard nothing too big, flat lands.....this is something that bugs me so bad that the last time I used it I had to walk away from the machine at one point I felt like the "green hulk" this just drives me crazy not sure why it's happening it's not like I am letting go off the blade control lever or anything like that, my previous machine had the same kind of ROTO STOP but never had this issue, please HELP ME!!! It's this a factory problem? Has this been recalled? To me this is a known issue because I purchased one exact machine came home I tried it and it happened a few times so I thought it was a defective machine so I returned and I got a new one I made sure the box was completely sealed and now here we go.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Another Solid Productes

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Palatine, IL
Type of use:  Residential

I had a Honda Commercial Model for over 30 years, and it performed flawlessly.  I plan on this unit outlasting me.  My only criticism is that at even its slowest speed it goes too fast for a 75 year old.

Excellent machine

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, May 28, 2016
Stoneham, MA
Type of use:  Residential
The Honda HRX217VYA, Is the easiest and best Lawn mower I purchased to date, and in my 57 years I went through a lot of machines. I would highly recommend this machine for anyone whom is in the market for a new one.

Honda hrx217vya

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, April 18, 2016
Gary Endres
Rensselaer, NY
Type of use:  Residential
Used this mower for 10 mins.heard a loud bang mower blades would not turn Had to bring back to honda dealer Where it had be repaired honda dealer 45 mins. from my house Honda dealer was very understanding Just a huge inconvinence for money you spend not happy

Great Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, April 5, 2016
st.charles, MO
Type of use:  Residential
Just bought this mower and used it for the first time. The Select drive worked great and very ergonomically correct. It seems easier to use than the hydrostatic transmission. To increase speed you just turn dial right where your hands are on the hand grips. Everything about this mower is well thought out and easy to use. The mulch or bag lever works great and of course the blades do a great job of finely cutting the grass. The blade brake clutch is worth the extra money as you can leave the mower running while you empty the bag! The old saying is true "you get what you pay for". This mower is worth the extra money!

Clutch for blade/ handle

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, March 27, 2016
Alexandria, VA
Type of use:  Residential
The worst I've ever scene.  Used it once and didn't finish a yard before problems keeping the blade spinning. All other aspects were great.  I don't recommend this mower unless the clutch on the blade brake is resolved.  Also, redesign the handle bar.  If you have severe slopes to mow then this won't be the mower for you. 


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, December 30, 2015
Type of use:  Residential

I purchased this on sale from Home Depot. I struggled for months on a variety of mowers from several vendors, then finally decided on Honda. Question was the $$. I Didnt want to spend over $400 but lucked out on this mower on a deal I could not refuse. I got home and couldnt wait, but before I fired it up I wanted to check some reviews to be sure.

I became nervous after what I read, but I do take reviews at face value and look past the complainers but there were too many complaining about the roto blade. I think half these reviews are people not knowing or are not used to the controls nor probably read the manual. I had no problems whatsoever. I oiled it, fueled it and started it first time. Followed instructions to the "T".

The only one thing was that if the mower does stop from say cutting too much grass at one time and it stalls from that which all mowers would do, and if you have the speed dial up midway or further, and try to restart, engage blade it conks out. Speed dial must be turned down low then engage blade. This solved the trick. A little learning of the controls.

Mulching was awesome, was like I had used a bag "no clippings" left behind. Powerful, quiet. Step up from my lawn boy which lasted 15 years. There are extra controls on this item and a little coordination curve but great. This was a floor model and I was afraid of maybe cylinder rust because i doubt HD placed oil to prevent this and it was displayed outside. Was an awesome day, no stress. I had no problem with the blade operation whatsoever, I am either good at what I do or just plain lucky, I think I am just plain good....

Extremely happy.

The Roto stop is junk DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, October 31, 2015
Snellville, GA
Type of use:  Residential
I bought a Honda lawn mower back on 7/11/15. I had trouble from the start with the blade cutting off. I wrote Honda a email and they said (yours is one if the effected models) and ask me to take the blade handle off and bend it out wider. This did not fix the problem. About a month ago my wife was using it and the blade stopped and wont reengage. Now Home Depot wants me to pay a (check out fee) to look at it come on Honda is this really the bast you can do?  

Variable speed

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, October 9, 2015
Florence, KY
Type of use:  Residential

I have owned Honda self-propelled mower for many years. My old one had 3 speeds and now that I am older I just used the slowest speed. When I bought my new mower I thought this new variable speed control would be great. NO! It only works on level ground at slow speeds. I have a hilly yard and the mower won't pull itself unless you crank up the speed control quite a bit. I hate this system. I wish I had the option of a set speed.

The mower is great but I hate the speed control.


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, August 12, 2015
West Valley , UT
Type of use:  Residential
I love everything about this mower except when I squeeze the bar that engages the blade it often pinches my hand. 

Best lawn mower ever

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Winfield, IL
Type of use:  Residential
I purchased a HR217VYA Honda Lawn Mower. It is the best lawn mower that I have ever used. My lawn has never looked better

First use

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Tinley Park, IL
Type of use:  Residential

Just tried out the mower and am very disappointed:

The versa drive is very erratic hard to control, also the blade control system is cheap plastic and will not stay engaged.  During first use it snapped out of the engaged position at least 20 times.   Not at all impressed so far as I have had an older HONDA mower for ten years with no problems, this one appears to be is cheaply constructed.  Should return it and  purchase another model or Mfg.

Great mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, June 28, 2015
Garland, TX
Type of use:  Residential
I had my previous Honda lawn mower for over 14 years.  It never had any problems, just routine maintenance.  When it finally broke, I immediately went to the store and bought another.  I chose the model because it has the roto stop system just like my old version which is very convenient. You don't have to restart the engine when you release the blade control lever.  It does a fine job of mowing and just keeps going. It is extremely easy to put together right out of the box.  I was mowing in 30 minutes.

My new Honda HRX2175VYA

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, June 28, 2015
Joe P
Forest Hill, MD
Type of use:  Residential
I replaced my Honda mover which I used for twenty (20) years.  It was time to purchase a new mower and obviously I purchased another Honda.   It is a great and reliable mower.  It started on the first pull.  I look forward to many years of continued service with Honda. 

Great Mechanics with a Stupid Flaw

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, June 18, 2015
Woodstock, GA
Type of use:  Residential

Used it just 5 times.

The Versamow/Clip Director got stuck every time. Grass was accumulating behind the rear sliding door.

I cleaned it and unblocked it each time, but eventually had to return it to the store as on the last occasion I couldn't move the setting at all, so now I am without a mower for probably 6-8 weeks.

$750 for a mower. You'd expect kinks like this to be ironed out, no? Perhaps a piece of vinyl would prevent such clogging. Researching it, it seems that there are many others who have had the very same problem for years, so well done in addressing that problem, Honda.

Shame, because it has the potential to be a fabulous mower. It starts first time, cuts well and is easy to control. The bag is easy to deal with, I don't need to switch off the mower to empty the bag and the Versamow was great when it worked.

But the sliding door problem makes it a big pain in the bottom, and as a result, my grass is growing and I will need to borrow my neighbour's Toro.

I cannot recommend this mower with this problem. Sorry.


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Type of use:  Residential

Best mower I've ever owned!

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Bad Grandpa
Oswego, IL
Type of use:  Residential

I've owned a Craftsman, a Toro and a John Deere over the years, and my new Honda puts them all to shame. The quality, craftsmanship and features are far superior, not to mention easier to maintain and use.

$$$ well spent!

Mr. Floyd Lacy

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Muscatine , IA
Type of use:  Residential

Mower handles very well on thick turf, cuts the grass evenly over the yard. No ridges are visible from one pass to Am very impressed with the clip director design, no need for attachments

Lawn Mower;HRX217VYA

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Humboldt, TN
Type of use:  Residential
Very Good;Handles easily;Controls are easy to use

Honda HRX217VYA

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, June 6, 2015
Huntsville, AL
Type of use:  Residential

The mower started with a single pull out of the box. The roto blade engagement  feature kicked out as several other people have written. I sent an email to Honda customer relations and they responded promptly  with a copy of the simple adjustment that was to simply pull the blade engagement bar out of the left hole, bend it a fraction of an inch to put more tension on it and put it back. Takes 30 seconds and no tools. Mower ran without failure for the next 45 minutes. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars for ease of use is that it is heaver, longer, faster, and stiffer than the 30 year old mower that I have been using.


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, May 31, 2015
Bear, DE
Type of use:  Residential
Does the job of a 3/4 acre yard. Purchased this instead of a treadmill. :) The control  of speed seems to be a little off. It starts slow all the way at lowest speed but picks up speed where I have to hold on. Guess Ill need to call place of purchase, However this thing is a beast!

My First Honda Lawn Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, May 29, 2015
Dunlap, IL
Type of use:  Residential

I have had my Honda HRX217VYA lawn mower for three weeks.  The Honda seems to have the power to mower 4-5 inch grass to a 3" height.  I only mulch and like the twin blade design and even cutting.  My 4 year old Toro self propelled left and annoying windrow of mulched grass behind the right rear wheel whenever I would mulch the grass.  I tried to get a solution to this problem from Toro but they had none - I solved the problem by buying a Honda!  I like the dual cutting blades and the blade brake that stops the blade but lets the engine run (same as my Toro).  The Honda seems to mulch grass much better than my Toro and doesn't leave the unsightly windrow of mulched grass behind the rear wheel.  The only concern is that the rear discharge chute (even when fully closed for mulching) fills with mulched grass.  I expect good reliability and service from the Honda Mower - for $750 it should last at least 10 years.

I have a Honda single stage snow blower that I have used for 12 years and it starts on the first pull every time even after summer storage.  I maintain my Honda equipment and expect long life and good performance.  I hope to receive the same service from my Honda lawn mower.


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Rapid City, SD
Type of use:  Residential
Used 1 time on heavy grass...plenty of power and very smooth cut.  Like the blade brake feature so can dump the lawn clippings and not have to shut off motor.  Very well built...should last long time.  I owned 4 previous Snappers with a B&S motor that fell apart after 5 years so finally broke down and got a better built machine.   My neighbor has the HRR class and noticed my new mower and I suspect was a little envious of the new Honda...made my day.  Don't hesitate to go with the HRX...little more money but a pleasure to use.

honda mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, May 24, 2015
denver, CO
Type of use:  Residential
I love my new Honda lawnmower. I was cutting the tall grass it did not slow the engine down. I am very happy with my new mower.

jRoto-Stop Did Not Work

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, May 22, 2015
Julie L
Des Moines, IA
Type of use:  Residential
After researching a bit and consulting my landscape professional, I chose this mower. I was told by the Home Depot salesperson this was the top of the line. Got it home, followed the manual directions, and got the thing fired up. Was very disappointed with the Roto-Stop. Would not stay engaged. Took it back to HD, exchanged for same model but without the Roto-Stop. The personnel at Home Depot were absolutely great! The new mower is an absolute dream and mows way better than the old Craftsman that died after eight years. Looking forward to using the Honda for many years to come!!

new mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, May 21, 2015
akron, NY
Type of use:  Residential
went to drake lawn & garden, 14032 - talk to salesmen - pick out my mower - brought it home, started right up - work perfectly - it was and easy day

2nd time around

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Cumming, GA
Type of use:  Residential
I purchased this mower April 2015 and mowed my lawn 3 times. I mulched all clippings each cut. It leaves a few lumps behind but overall does the job. During my 3rd cut the self propelled feature stopped working. Luckily i was within my 30 days of purchase and returned it. I really liked the way the mower cuts so i purchased the same mower. Hopefully I want have any more problems.

Honda Lawn mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, May 17, 2015
dave g
lakewood, CO
Type of use:  Residential
This Mower is amazing ,  my lawn was at least 10 inches long the first time I used the mower.  The grass was also wet and this mower just went through it and gave a good cut without ever having any problems.  I have owned several other name brand mowers , but nothing has ever preformed as good as this Honda mower.

worst product

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, May 16, 2015
angry women
Colonia, NJ
Type of use:  Residential
I will never buy honda lawn mower again in my life. I brought one last year, it broke after using couple times. The repair would cost more then machine itself, so stupid me I went to Home Depot and purchased the same piece of crap again. I use it twice and now it's shutting down by itself for no reason and I have a hard time to start it again. All new products on market are full of crap, have no quality like they use to have, honda name doesn't stand for nothing anymore. 

3rd mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, May 10, 2015
Stillwater, MN
Type of use:  Residential
I purchased a Honda mower on 27 Apr 2015 and used it for the first time yesterday.  When I was almost finished mowing my lawn, the blade control lever suddenly would no longer engage the mower blades.  I heard a sharp click when pulling the lever against the handle bar.  I returned the mower to Home Depot and was given a new replacement mower.  I returned home, unpackaged this mower, and discovered this mower also would not engage the blade when the blade control lever was moved against the mower handle.  I returned the second mower to Home Depot and was given a third mower which we took out of the box in the store and checked before I brought it home.  Hopefully, this third mower will operate properly when I next mow my lawn.  (There appears to be a problem with the spring which wraps around the blade control lever on the right side of the lever)

My first Honda Lawn Mower the HRX217VYA

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, May 9, 2015
Bolingbrook, IL
Type of use:  Residential
I purchased this Honda Mower and used it on the same day.  Despite negative reviews I had read about this model I found it to be a dream to work with.  I suspect that many users are perhaps failing to read the instruction manual before using their new machine.  Such behaviour will of course cause them to experience problems.  One read through the instruction manual and I was ready to go.  I added the supplied engine oil, mixed the stab-il with fresh fuel and filled the mowers fuel tank. It started easily on the first pull.  setting the required speed for walking and engaging the blades was a simple process, and then it was time to cut.  The power from this mower is excellent and it really was just a case of strolling along and guiding it where required.  Turning was easy simply by releasing the drive paddles and blade lock and then re-engaging both when the turn has been made, not a difficult procedure.  The cut given by the twin blades was perfect. I also had it on full mulch which was so fine that there was no trace of grass droppings lying on the lawn.  To sum up I would say that this mower is easy to operate, ample power, excellent cut and mulching and quiet while in operation.  The build of the mower is of good quality and was simple to prepare for use from the box and it looks and sounds good. I would highly recommend this mower!  Read the instructions before first use and you cannot go wrong with this mower.          

Fast Pace

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Huntington, NY
Type of use:  Residential
Easy to setup.  After one use an popping a wheelie on graded lawn I am getting the hang of drive control.  Stopping blade while keeping engine running is great feature ... will be most useful in fall leave cleanup.

One detail missed

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Sunday, May 3, 2015
country girl
Oakdale, MN
Type of use:  Residential
Mower is a rocket.  Light weight, brake stop, easy starting.  The only thing I see missing is a larger dumping access for the bag.  They make you dump it through the throat of the bag- no zipper or flap.  Otherwise, I'm looking forward to an awesome season.

Simply amazing

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Saturday, May 2, 2015
Clinton, MO
Type of use:  Residential
Picked up my new Honda lawn mower today and after getting it out of the box, adding oil & gas, it started the very first pull!  It is much quieter and easier to use than my old self-propelled walk-behind.  I am looking forward to many years of simpler mowing experiences in the future.

Great Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, April 27, 2015
Type of use:  Residential
It takes awhile to get familiar with the speed control. But overall this is one great mower.

Less than 2 months old

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, April 27, 2015
Herriman, UT
Type of use:  Residential
Bought the HRX217VYA mower at Home Depot on March 6, 2015. On April 27, after using it 4 times on my small lawn, the RotoStop blade control quit engaging and I had to take it in for a warranty repair. This is the new blade stop that is on the side bar, not in the blade stop handle. In 25 years with my previous Honda mower (had blade stop but no drive) I never had a problem, with anything! Hopefully this is a one-time thing and not a design problem.

Purchase of my new Honda Mower

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Friday, April 24, 2015
Port Jefferson Station, NY
Type of use:  Residential
Had my prior Honda Lawn mower for over 20 years with great service  the housing rotted away forcing me to purchase a new mower.  Have used the new mower for 2 lawn cuts. It is just as  good as my old mower was. The new feature I like is the roto stop for the blade with out having to stop the mower to empty the bag. I hope that it will give me the same service my old one did.

Not worth the money

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, April 16, 2015
Weed Warrior
York, PA
Type of use:  Residential

This is my second review since my first review was not posted.  When this mower arrived at my home, I took it out of the box, added the oil and gas and proceeded to try and start it.  It took me 6 pulls before the engine finally started.  I let it run for about 3 to 4 minutes before trying to engage the blades.  What a joke.

I pressed the Roto-Stop Button and then pulled the Blade Control Lever (all this as instructed by the user manual).  The blades would start to engage and then after about 3 seconds, a loud "pop" would come from the Roto-Stop Button housing.  It did this each time I tried to engage the blades.  After about 10 attempts, I gave up and called the place I bought it from.  They told me to contact Honda and so I did.  Honda told me to bring it to my nearest authorized Honda Service Center for warranty service.  Great product!  Haven't even cut a blade of grass and it's in for warranty work. 

What they found was that the Blade Control Lever did not go far enough into the Roto-Stop housing to stay under the hook that engages the blade.  Once the blade would begin to rotate, the vibration would move the Blade Control Lever enough so that it would rattle out from under the hook that holds the blades engaged.  Design flaw perhaps?  The authorized dealer took the control lever off, stretched it by hand and reinserted it into the housing, while scratching the mower pretty badly I might add.  Not impressed with this mower at all.  My old steel deck Honda was a work horse.  This model is a pretty pony.         


Nice Mower !

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, April 13, 2015
Lincoln, NE
Type of use:  Residential
I just purchased mower this from a authorized Honda dealer. Upon starting mower at home I noticed the full throttle speed was not much higher than the Idle speed, So I hooked up my electronic tachometer & restarted mower and it was running 2200 rpm at full throttle.The governed speed in the manual states it at 3100 rpm.I figured out the throttle cable was set too far forward in the cable clamp on motor. I fixed it by pulling the cable back at least 1/4" in the cable clamp. Same problem on the selectdrive cable. I went to mow ....mower didnt move, I had to adjust the selectdrive cable according to manual before I could mow. These are two minor issues but having worked on a factory assembly line for 35 yrs. myself I know there are refernce points on everything being assembeled on a factory line. I feel the selling dealer should have also caught these issues when they did their once over on the mower before I took it home, especially for the price I paid. Once these 2 things were addressed by me, It mows like a dream WOW ! very impressed. The Selectdrive, Mulching , Power , Quality of cut, everything was as I expected. I would buy again.

Best mowever I've ever owned

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Monday, April 13, 2015
Wetumpka, AL
Type of use:  Residential
It took me one mowing session to get the hang of the speed adjust and blade stop but once I did, it was effortless. I have a very hilly yard. This mower "shaves" the grass and bags like a hoover vacuum.  It is worth the price.  The blade stop is awesome and now I can leave the engine running while I dump the bag or go inside for a drink or pick up pine cones, etc.  Also the adjustable throttle is great and I set it at its lowest when dumping the bag.  I'm running full synthetic oil in this machine to give it an even longer life.  Booo Yahhh!


Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Green Bay, WI
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical
I've owned every mowing device in existence.  This is the finest precision instrument available.  I've seen low ratings from Bozos who have no idea what they are doing and would have problems with a scissors.  This is the best mower made to date.  Costs a bit more but it is well worth it.  Buy with confidence!

The best Mowers I have ever owned

Model Reviewed: HRX217VYA Thursday, April 2, 2015
Wylie, TX
Type of use:  Residential
I just retired my Harmony 2 to a lawn service after fourteen years of great service. I sold it for $200 because the mower was in like new condition after all these years. My Honda Goldwing and my Honda mower are built to last indeed. Thanks for the great work.
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