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Generator Accessories

Honda offers a wide variety of accessories to complement your generator.
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Honda EU Series Generator Accessories (parallel kit)

EU Series Accessories

This wireless remote start kit allows you to use a smartphone with Bluetooth® technology or the key fob transmitter to start and stop the generator from up to 75 feet away .

Learn more about parallel capability

EU Series Accessories

EU7000iS Wireless Remote Start

Make your EU series generator even more versatile with parallel kits, DC charging cables, and more.

This EU7000iS Wireless Remote Start accessory is designed for previous generation EU7000iS (models not equipped with Bluetooth and CO-MINDER). It works with all EU7000iS EEJD-1000001 through EEJD-1299999.

Please note: Current model EU7000iS with Bluetooth and CO-MINDER do not require this accessory for remote start capability and are not compatible with the app or fob.

Learn more about how to install this accessory here.

Or, to learn how to unpair the remote start kit from your generator.

Honda Generators Parallel Kits and Cables

Parallel Kits and Cables

Using a special cable or kit, you can link two EU1000i, two EU2200i, two EU3000i Handi™, or two EU3000is generators together to get as much as double the output. (Please note: you can only parallel two identical units together.)

Learn more about parallel capability.

Honda offers several kits and cables as optional accessories.

Model Options
2 EU1000i Parallel cables
2 EU2000i Parallel cables
1 EU2200i and 1 EU2200i Companion Parallel cables (incl. 30A RV adaptor plug)
2 EU3000i Handi Parallel cables
2 EU3000is Parallel cables

Honda EU2200i Generator charging a battery with a DC charging cord

DC Charging Cord

Charge any 12V automotive type battery with this convenient accessory.

Honda EU3000is with a Wheel Kit

Wheel Kit

Make transporting your EU3000is more convenient with this 4 wheel kit. Features locking front swivel casters and 6” rear wheels.

RV Adapter Plug

RV Adapter Plug

Converts any L5-30 locking receptacle to RV ready.

Reliance Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches

Honda offers a wide variety of transfer switches in different styles and sizes.

Transfer switches are essential to safely connect a generator to your home. Learn more about transfer switches here.

Honda offers a wide variety of transfer switches in different styles and sizes. Your local dealer can assist you in choosing the right one for your home.

APC Universal Transfer Switches (UTS)

APC Universal Transfer Switches (UTS)

The UTS is an advanced automatic transfer switch. It offers adaptive load management (automatic load shedding) and a UPS battery back up connection.

GenTran Transfer Switches

GenTran Transfer Switches

GenTran's transfer switches can be expanded up to 16 circuits during installation. Designed for generators ranging from 3800 watts to 12,500 watts, these models are available in 6, 10, and 12 circuit expandable configurations.

Reliance Transfer Switches

Reliance Transfer Switches

Reliance offers 8 and 10 circuit turn-key transfer switches. These models are totally pre-wired and do not require additional feeder breakers.

3 Honda Covers: 2 Metallic grey and 1 Camo


Protect your investment with one of our custom fitted water resistant generator covers, available in several colors and styles.

Honda Generator with Lighting Kits

Lighting Kits

Light up the night with your Honda generator.

Airstar Lighting Kits

Airstar Lighting Kits

When paired with a Honda generator, Airstar America’s lighting kits offer ideal lighting solutions for construction, emergency & rescue, recreational, rental and event applications.

4 lighting kits ranging from 4000w to 750w are available.

Honda Generator with white Tele-Lite Kit

Tele-Lite Kit

This lightweight folding halogen light is designed specifically for the EU1000i, EU2000i, and EU2200i models.

Honda Generator Remote Start Kit

Remote Start Kits

Honda offers both wired and wireless remote start/stop kits for most models with electric start and automatic choke.

Deltran Battery Tenders Plus for Honda Generators

Battery Tenders

Use these fully automatic battery tenders to keep your generator's battery in top condition.

Large, Medium, and Small Red No-Spill Fuel Cans

No-Spill Fuel Cans

No-Spill fuel cans feature a unique thumb button control for more precise fueling. All cans feature a high flow rate, are CARB compliant, and have child resistant features.

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