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Honda Advantage: Lower Operation Costs

Fuel and Oil Operating Cost Comparison

Honda trimmers cost significantly less to operate because of our fuel efficient 4-stroke engines.  

The numbers speak for themselves.  Honda trimmers cost 50% to operate compared to a typical two-stroke model.* 

For a commercial landscaper, a Honda trimmer is a no-brainer.  Your trimmer can pay for itself in less than a year based on fuel and oil savings alone.

Running Time Honda HHT25 2-Stroke Competitor Average Honda Savings
100 hrs $45.40 $92.40 $47.00
200 hrs $90.80 $184.80 $94.00
300 hrs $136.20 $277.20 $141.00

*Based on $3.00/gallon for gasoline, $0.27/oz for oil, and a 50:1 mix for 2 stroke trimmers.  Consumption rate based on Honda field tests.

Man trimming the grass with a Honda Trimmer
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