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Why choose a Honda snow blower?

Better Performance

When it comes to snow, well, Honda blows away the competition. Literally. The combination of the Honda GX Series commercial grade engine, optimized impeller pulley, and 90 degree impeller wing dramatically optimizes the HSS Series’ snow throwing capacity, outperforming many competitors.

Honda 4-stroke engines

Honda engines have long been recognized as the industry leader in providing reliable, quiet, fuel-efficient power. And you will only find a Honda engine on a Honda snow blower.

Why do you want a Honda engine?


Ask any pro – he'll tell you Honda engines are built to last. Whether it's the commercial grade GX engines in our two-stage models or the premium residential GC engines in our HS720 series, you're looking at an engine that is designed to last for years.

4-stroke advantage

Virtually no smell, no smoke, and no gas and oil to mix. Add in better fuel economy and low emissions, and the benefits of a 4-stroke Honda are obvious.

Easy starting

Honda engines are consistently recognized by professionals and consumers alike for easy starting, even in cold conditions.

Learn more about Honda's 4 stroke advantages.

Hydrostatic transmission

Honda’s HSS724, 928, and 1332 snow blowers offer the convenience of Honda’s hydrostatic transmission. Infinitely variable speed. Easy to adjust controls. Smooth, simple operation. Low maintenance. Whats not to like?

Learn more about Honda's hydrostatic transmission.

Track drive – the ultimate in traction

Track drive models give you superior traction through practically any snow condition. No slipping, no sliding, just great control, even on steep driveways and steps.

Learn more about track drive.

And Honda’s all new all-new auger height control lever works with our track drive to easily adjust auger housing height with just the press of a thumb. Choose the best height for your specific surface conditions. Raise the auger for uneven clearing surfaces. Or engage the icebreaking auger when removing heavy packed snow, right down to the surface.

Learn more about the auger height adjustment

Ice breaking serrated augers

Our two-stage snow blowers are equipped with aggressive serrated ice breaking augers. This auger easily breaks through heavily crusted snow or the hard packed snow left behind by your neighborhood snow plow.

Compare the competition to our augers. Our snow blowers feature deeper serrations, the better to cut through tough conditions.

Need another example? Just check out our shear bolts. Honda snow blowers are equipped with easily replaceable shear bolts, unlike most of our competitors.

Commercial grade components

It's all about the details. Honda snow blowers are built to last.

Just look at our two-stage snow blowers.

  • Legendary Honda GX series commercial engines
  • Commercial grade hydrostatic drive
  • Durable metal chutes and auger housings
  • Heavy duty bronze gear on the chute rotation rod
  • Large ball bearing on our engine PTO
  • Heavy duty auger gear drive, constructed of steel helical cut gears, supported by high quality ball bearings
  • Low pressure tires on wheel models – no need for tire chains

The list goes on and on. And unlike our competitors, we don't skimp on our smaller models. The HSS724 has the same grade of components as our HSS1332.

It all adds up to one thing: the highest level of quality available in any snow blower. Period.

Designed, Developed, and Built in the USA

Like all Honda products, legendary reliability and quality are built right in – and for all Honda HS720 and HSS snow blowers, that assembly and production takes place in our North Carolina facility with domestic and globally sourced parts.

Dealer support and service

Honda snow blowers are backed by a comprehensive warranty and the best dealer network in the country. With over 2,000 authorized Honda dealers nationwide, finding a local dealer is easy. And getting the best in class service is never in doubt.

  • Parts and service support are readily available across the country
  • Our dealers offered trained staff ready to support you
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