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Pump Accessories

Honda offers a wide variety of accessories to complement your water pump.
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Hose Kits

Honda's hose kits offer a great convenience and value. These kits offer everything necessary to use your pump, including:

  • Suction hose
  • Discharge hose
  • Strainer
  • Any couplers or adaptors required

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You can also build your own hose kit using a wide array of available hoses and adaptors.

Honda Pump Suction Discharge Hose Kit, 2 hoses and a filter as well as 2 connectors

Pin Lug vs. Camlock Hoses

Hose assemblies come in two general types: pin lug and camlock. The essential difference is how they connect to the pump.

Pin lug hoses are threaded onto the pump, kind of like a garden hose.

  • May need a spanner wrench to tighten the pin lug couplings and help to install or remove hoses.
  • Pin lug hoses also have an additional threaded end, which means you can connect an additional pin lug hose for added length.
Man tightening a hose connector with a Honda hose wrench on a Honda WT20X Pump
Pin lug hoses thread directly onto the pump

Camlock hoses use a “quick connect” system that locks on to the pump.

  • Camlock hoses are easier to attach and detach from the pump.
  • Camlock hoses have a quick connect system that make it easy to attach to a pump.

    Camlock hoses require both a suction adaptor and a discharge adaptor to attach them to the pump. These adaptors are included in all of Honda's boxed camlock kits.

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Man tightening a Camlock hose on a Honda WT20X Pump
Camlock hoses have a quick connect system that make it easy to attach to a pump

Couplers and Adaptors

Couplers and adaptors are used to connect the hose to either a pump or another hose. If you choose to purchase a boxed Honda hose kit, all the couplers and adaptors needed will be included.

If you prefer to build your hoses from scratch, you can find a wide variety of couplers available at your local Honda dealer.

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Other Pump Accessories

  • Extra gaskets are good to keep on hand. This is a part that can be easily lost, but is necessary for the hose assembly to work properly.
  • Honda sells two types of hose nozzles, a polycarbonate and a brass version. Both have very similar performance; however, brass is more durable.
  • Pipe nipples are used to connect a strainer to a hose. (Both pipe nipples and strainers are included in all of Honda hose kits.)

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Want more help deciding what you need? Find a local Honda dealer here.

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