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Double your power with Parallel Capability

Parallel capability is an additional benefit of inverter technology.

Using a special cable you can link two EU1000i, two EU2200i, two EU3000 Handi, or two EU3000is generators together to get as much as double the output. (Please note: you can only parallel two identical units together.)

This gives you extra power when you need it, without having to trade up for a larger, heavier generator. You get more power without sacrificing portability.

Honda also offers a special Companion version of the popular EU2200i with a built-in 30-amp receptacle. This model is designed specifically for parallel operation with another EU2200i. It's also perfect for RV and use with a transfer switch, where a 30A outlet might be preferable.

Honda EU2200i and Honda EU2200i Companion connected with a Honda Parallel cable on rocky ground

Parallel Options

Honda offers several cables as optional accessories.

Model Options
2 EU1000i Parallel cables
2 EU2200i Parallel cables
1 EU2200i and 1 EU2200i Companion Parallel cables (incl. 30A RV adaptor plug)
2 EU3000i Handi Parallel cables
2 EU3000is Parallel cables
2 Honda EU3000is connected with a Honda Parallel cable

Parallel cables allow the user to obtain the full power of both units, limited by  the capacity of an individual outlet.  Parallel cables are available for the EU1000i, EU2200i, EU3000 Handi, and EU3000is.

If you have a regular EU2200i and the Companion model, you only need a parallel cord. You will be able to use the 30A outlet on the Companion to draw the full combined power of the two units.

2 Honda EU2200i connected with a Honda Parallel cable with one EU2200i connected to a 30A RV plug

EU2200i and EU2000i Parallel Operation

The EU2200i are only compatible with EU2000i or EU2000i Companion models within a specific serial number range:

  • EAAJ-2017305 through EAAJ-9999999
  • EACT-1000001 through EACT-9999999

Connecting an EU2200i with an EU2000i or EU2000i Companion that is not within the compatible serial range above may cause a low voltage output, which can damage tools and appliances powered by the generators. Units outside the compatible serial number range should only be paralleled with another EU2000i.

Learn more about paralleling the EU2200i and EU2000i here
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