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  • FG110AT



Mini-tiller / cultivator

  • 9" tilling width
  • Lightweight - less than 29 lbs
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Patented Honda hybrid tines with limited lifetime warranty
  • 4 optional attachments for more flexibility




Superior performance, whether breaking new ground or cultivating soft soil
Superior performance, whether breaking new ground or cultivating soft soil

Honda’s patented digging/cultivating tines give outstanding performance in a variety of conditions. And with the fastest tine speed of any mini-tiller, the FG110 can easily break new ground or prep your garden in no time at all.

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Easy starting, 4-stroke Honda commercial grade engine
Easy starting, 4-stroke Honda commercial grade engine

The Honda GX25 is legendary for quick, easy starts. This reliable mini 4-stroke engine runs on straight, unleaded gas. No need to mix gas and oil!

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9" tilling width - perfect for tight spots
9" tilling width - perfect for tight spots

Use the regular tine configuration and the FG110 will till 9 inches wide. In tight spots, remove the outer tines to till only 6 inches wide. Till within 1 inch of plants without damage.

Easy to carry, easy to maneuver
Easy to carry, easy to maneuver

The FG110 is a compact 29lbs. It's easy to transport and manuever.

Convenient engine guard
Convenient engine guard

Protects the top, front, and back of the engine. This configuration also makes it easy to lift the FG110, tie it down for transport, or set it on its nose for service.

Transport wheels are standard
Transport wheels are standard

The unique two position transport wheels adjust to move over smooth or rough terrain. When you’re ready to start tilling, the wheels are easy to remove.

Easy access controls
Easy access controls

Ergonomically designed for user comfort. Controls are simple to operate and designed to reduce vibration and fatigue.

Includes adjustable depth bar

The depth bar makes it easy to control the depth and speed of the tiller. This helps to improve the performance by working the soil more thoroughly.

Folding handle makes storage easy

Fully assembled in carton

Pull it out of the box, straighten the handlebars, add gas and oil, and you’re ready to go.

2 year homeowner warranty

Optional attachments include aerator, border/edger, dethatcher, and digging tines


Tiller Type Mini
Tilling Width 9"
Tine Diameter 8"
Engine Honda GX25
Displacement 25cc
Air filter semi-dry
Fuel capacity 0.60 qt.
Transmission Speeds 1 - forward
Tine speed @max engine speed 294 rpm
Transmission Type worm gear
Dimensions (LxWxH) 40.8" x 14.4" x 39.4"
Dry Weight 24.9 lbs. with drag bar. (26.8 lbs. with wheels)
Residential warranty 24 months
Commercial/rental warranty 12 months


Digging Tines

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