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De-watering Pumps

Honda Power Equipment offers pumps to meet a wide variety of applications. Use the chart and information below to select the right pump for your specific needs or try our Pump Select® tool to calculate the expected performance of a specific model for your usage.

Honda Pump Applications

Type of De-watering: De-Watering Pumps Construction Pumps Submersible Pumps
Lightweight General Purpose High Pressure Trash
Clear Water
Slimy Water
Muck Water  
Silt Water
High Solid Content       •**
Fast Seepage
Deep Piling        
Supply to:
Mixer or Paver        
Concrete Curing      
Water Wagons†        
Sprinklers or Nozzle        
Honda offers three different series of de-watering pumps:

Lightweight Pumps

The compact, lightweight and portable Honda's WX series pumps are an excellent choice for homeowners, gardeners, boat owners, and recreational users.
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Honda WX10T Pump 4 Stroke

General Purpose Pumps

For general de-watering needs, Honda's popular WB series pumps offer the best features at a value price. These models offer commercial grade components like silicon carbide seals, anti-vibration mounts, and a fixed-mount cast iron volute and impeller.
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Honda WB30XT Pump

High Pressure Pumps

The WH series are perfect for applications needing high pressure, such as sprinklers or nozzles. These pumps are lightweight and compact, making them highly portable. Possible applications include irrigation and fire suppression, as well as pumping over long distances.
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Honda WH15XT Pump

Construction and Industrial Pumps

Trash Pumps

Honda Trash Pumps are the ultimate choice for contractors and rental applications. The WT series can handle solids up to 1 1/16” in diameter. These pumps are designed to move water, and lots of it – up to 433 gallons per minute. A quick clean out port and easy maintenance features help to ensure long service life. View all trash pumps.

Honda WT30X Pump

Submersible Pumps

Honda's line up also includes the WSP series electrical submersible pumps . These are 120 volt AC electric powered pumps with a discharge capacity of up to 150 gpm.

Honda submersible pumps are perfect for a number of applications, including:

  • Use for decorative fountains in gardens or ponds.

  • Garden irrigation.

  • Drainage of sumps, basements and window wells.

  • Pumping slurry, dirty or semi-dirty water.

  • Handling of residential, commercial and industrial seepage, effluent and containment transfer.

  • Fast removal of waste water from trays, washing machines, wet bars, water softeners, dehumidifiers and cisterns.

  • Emptying swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and other water storage structures.

  • Pumping water from excavations, crawl spaces, underground passageways, grain elevators, farm stock tanks, construction sites, cooling towers and parking lot sumps.

Honda WSP33 Pump
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