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Lawn Mower Maintenance and Support

Helpful Tips
Cut Quality Concerns / Avoiding Stray Grass Strands PDF

Most issues with cut quality can be resolved by following the advice in Honda's helpful "Mowing a Great Looking Lawn".

Why Do Lawn Mower Crankshafts Bend? PDF

When considering why a lawn mower crankshaft bends, it's helpful to understand just how much energy exists in the rotating blades. A 21-inch Honda lawn mower blade tip moves at nearly 200 miles an hour!

Avoiding Fuel Related Problems

Following these tips will help you to avoid most fuel related problems.

How to Charge the Battery PDF

Instructions for charging the battery on HRR216K9VLA, HRX217K4VLA and HZA, and HRX217K5HZA mowers.

Support Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shop Manuals and Service Support Materials
  • Parts Catalogs
  • Service/repair manuals
  • Carburetor Troubleshooting Manual
  • Binders
  • And much more!

These items are available to purchase from Honda Power Equipment's Company Store

Honda Power Equipment Parts Catalogs

Paper parts catalogs with details of every “nut and bolt” may be purchased from Honda Power Equipment's Company Store
Honda also has online parts listings for most models:

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