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The Honda 4-Stroke Engine Advantage

Honda trimmers feature Honda’s GX25 and GX35 mini 4-stroke engines. 

The GX25 and 35 are among the lightest and quietest 4-stroke engines on the market today.  But don’t let their small size fool you: these engines are both powerful and durable. 

The GX25 and 35 have many other advantages, including:

  • No mixing

    Honda trimmers use regular unleaded gasoline.  You never have to worry about mixing gas and oil. That saves time, effort, and hassles.

    And with a Honda trimmer, there’s no chance for ruining an engine by using improperly mixed fuels.  That’s a substantial advantage over 2-stroke models.

  • Better fuel efficiency

    The Honda mini 4-stroke engine is also considerably more fuel-efficient than a similar 2-stroke engine. Less fuel means less cost to operate. Learn more

    And of course, you’re being more environmentally conscious when you’re using a fuel-efficient 4-stroke engine.

  • Easy starting

    Honda engines are famous for easy starting, and our trimmers are no exception.  The superior design of our engines makes them extremely easy to start.   Ask your dealer for a demo.  You’ll be impressed.

  • No smoke or smell

    Honda trimmers are virtually smoke free, and there’s no unpleasant 2-stroke smell to ruin your day outside.  And Honda trimmers have fewer emissions than a comparable 2-stroke trimmer.

  • Superior performance

    The GX25 and 35 have ample power to get the job done.  These engines perform even in the toughest conditions.  Strong low-end torque characteristics allow many jobs to be performed at partial throttle, increasing fuel efficiency. 

  • Reliable, commercial grade engines

    There’s a reason that Honda engines are legendary for durability.   We pair a superior design with high quality components and meticulous manufacturing.  The result: reliable, trouble-free engines and equipment.

  • Quiet

    2-stroke engines sound harsh and raspy, like a chain saw.  But Honda’s mini 4-stroke engines are far more quiet – another great advantage of our trimmers.

  • Low vibration

    Low vibration means Honda trimmers are more comfortable to use. 

  • Operate in any position – even upside down

    Honda’s mini 4-stroke engines are 360° inclinable.  They can be used and stored in any position. 

Man trimming the weeds with a Honda Trimmer
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