21" Commercial Mower, Hydrostatic Self Propel, Blade Stop System

  • Self-propelled, hydrostatic, commercial grade transmission
  • Roto-Stop® blade stop system
  • Rugged features for commercial use
  • Easy starting commercial GXV160 Honda engine




Precision speed control: Commercial Hydrostatic Cruise Control
Precision speed control: Commercial Hydrostatic Cruise Control

This durable commercial transmission offers infinitely variable speed control from 2.1 to 4 mph. Allows you to change and maintain the ground speed to match mowing conditions.

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Roto-Stop<sup>&reg;</sup>: Stop the blades without stopping the engine
Roto-Stop®: Stop the blades without stopping the engine

Honda Roto-Stop® blade stop system allows you to step away from the mower, without having to start and restop the engine. Move items out of the way, empty the bag, or take a break, without having to restart your mower. It also allows the mower to be self-propelled without the blades turning, which provides a convenient method to transport the mower to and from the job site.

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Honda commercial-grade GXV160 OHV 4-stroke engine
Honda commercial-grade GXV160 OHV 4-stroke engine

The easy-starting, powerful, and quiet GXV160 commercial engine is designed for superior reliability. Features include a cast iron cylinder sleeve, two-stage air filter, ball bearing supported crankshaft, electronic ignition and mechanical governor. The GXV160 is 50-state certified to meet EPA and CARB emission levels.

Honda MicroCut<sup>&reg;</sup> Twin Blades: superior mulching and bagging
Honda MicroCut® Twin Blades: superior mulching and bagging

Honda's exclusive MicroCut® twin blade system uses four cutting surfaces that result in ultra fine clippings for superior mulching and bagging. Tiny pieces mean up to 30% more clippings in a bag, plus better mulching – saving you time and money.

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Rugged, durable steel deck
Rugged, durable steel deck

The 21" heavy duty steel deck is rugged and built to last. Deck guards extend along the sides to increase durability.

Front bumper
Front bumper

Provides protection to the deck, as well as a convenient tie-down location. The front axles & the bumper together give added structural stability and durability.

Maintenance free shaft drive

An automotive style drive shaft transfers power from the engine to the hydrostatic transmission. Shaft drive is a more efficient transfer of power. And because there are no belts to slip, break or adjust, it’s maintenance free.

Heavy-duty reinforced handles

Larger diameter 1" tubing, better supports and stays, and more durable cables.

8 mowing heights (3/4 - 4")

Suitable for all grass types.

Large 9" Nexite® wheels

Strong, lightweight, and easy to replace when necessary.

Precision sealed ball bearings in all four wheels

Increases durability and performance. Plus better maneuverability and a smoother ride.

Large, 2.5 bushel easy-empty grass bag

Holds more grass, so you can empty it less often.

Mulching plug included

Manual fuel shut-off valve

The fuel valve can be shut off for transport, storage, or to performance maintenance.

Full throttle control

The engine speed can be reduced to idle while emptying the grass bag.

Quality cables

Cables are heavy duty, sealed, and adjustable for maximum performance and durability.

Dual Element Air Cleaner

Provides maximum protection, even in the dustiest conditions. The outer foam can be repeatedly cleaned, which extends the life of the air filter.

1 year commercial warranty (2 years engine)


Engine GXV160
Deck Material Steel – 16 ga
Cutting Width 21"
Mowing height range 3/4"-4"
Mowing height adjustments 8
Transmission Cruise Control (Hydrostatic)
Ground speed 2.1 to 4.0 mph
Starter Recoil
Choke System Manual
Throttle Control Manual
Drive Shaft
Handle 1" Steel Tube
Steel deck guards Standard
Wheels 9" Nexite
Ball Bearing Wheels All
Standard Functions 3 in 1 Capable: Standard Mulch/Bag, Optional Side Discharge
Bag Standard
Bag capacity (bushels) 2.5
Blade(s) Twin blades (MicroCut System®)
Blade Control Blade stop system (Roto-Stop®)
Side/Rear Discharge Rear Mount Optional
Fuel tank capacity 0.37 gallons
Dry weight 123 lb.
Operating Weight 127 lb.
Residential warranty 2 years
Commercial warranty 2 years engine, 1 year all other components


Lawn mower cover
Rear Mount, Side Discharge Chute
Spark Arrestor

How to Videos

General Cut Quality Tips
Mulching Cut Quality Tips
Bagging Cut Quality Tips


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Honda 216 Commercial Mower

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Orlando, FL
Type of use:  Residential
I have owned two (2) of these mowers. The first one I had for 20 years and it is still in use today by a friend ( mower is 32 years ). The second one I purchased in 2007 and I am still using it. The integrity of the mower is strong in multiple respects. Unfortunately the entire handle and supporting tubing is the weak link with the mower as it has severely rusted on the left side near the throttle controls as well as within the controls themselves. I spoke with Honda about this and received a nominal credit but this problem has been ongoing for several years. The mower has a strong engine and performs reasonably well ONLY if you use ethanol free gasoline. With conventional gasoline having 10% ethanol the engine stumbles, stutters, chokes and gives poor performance. This is a heavy mower weighing 122 lbs and is best transported for servicing in a pickup truck. While it is possible for one person to move the mower, it is more easily accomplished with two people.  Honda could greatly improve on the paint covering all of the handles, the tubing and exterior areas for a mower of this price.  

Mostly good, a few not-so-goods

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Monday, May 25, 2020
Coraopolis, PA
Type of use:  Residential
I have had this mower for about 4 years now. I use it on my own residential lawn. Goods....Heavy duty with no major mechanical issues. Starts on 1st pull...even after it sits all winter. Easy to take bagger on or off. Controls are easy to reach and use such as the speed of the self-propel and power level of engine. Wheel height are easy to adjust. Nice sized fuel tank. Not-so-goods...Does not cut as well as I'd like in wet, even damp grass. I like to mulch my grass if at all possible vs. bagging. I thought this being a commercial mower it would have more power but it struggles with mulching at times and will stall. When I use the bagger I have little to no issues. The plastic oil dip stick is tough to read after you put new motor oil in. I've put too much and not enough oil at times. Dark motor oil is easy to motor oil tough to see.

lawn mower

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Friday, November 22, 2019
Menifee, CA
Type of use:  Residential

Great folding handle, ease in adjustment of height level for cutting grass, started on 1st pull.

Honda Mower

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Sunday, July 14, 2019
Mays Landing, NJ
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical
I find the clutch to be difficult & inconvenient.  It comes back too far and requires more space to engage.  My son has a Honda Mower (Residential not Commercial).  His clutch control is located in a very convenient location and just requires your thumb to control.  Not a lot of movement and distance.


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Altamonte Springs, FL
Type of use:  Residential
The model I replaced was a HR215SXA which wasn't shown as an option for me to select so I used the lowest model number listed in order to complete my review. It was the absolute best lawn mower I have ever owned and operated with top quality performance, service and maintenance. I am 82 years of age and have owned and operated virtually every brand of lawn mower available including a John Deere riding mower. My Honda had the lowest noise level when operated, best wear factor possible, easiest to use and keep clean. I never had the mower repaired by professional technicians and I only had to replace normal parts such as blade, spark plug etc. I failed to record the purchase date of the HR215SXA Honda mower to appreciate the number of years I relied on this remarkable piece of equipment. I purchased a new HRR216VKA Honda mower yesterday from the same store I bought the older model. The set up time to use my new Honda mower was quick and it performs with quiet, smooth and easy handling with excellent results. I recommend this lawn mower to anyone who would like to experience purchasing a top notch product well worth the money they invest in spending.

State of the Art Mowing and Mulching

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Sunday, June 16, 2019
Scranton, PA
Type of use:  Residential
Easey, Economical, Time Saving, and Exceptionally Precise Mowing and Mulching can be accomplished by selecting one desired speed using shift lever based on the height of the grass to be cut, and then simply controlling both the fuel economy and the mowing speed using only the throttle lever. Totally Awesome!  


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Saturday, June 8, 2019
Tom D
Detroit, MI
Type of use:  Residential
It's expensive but you get what you pay for.  Tools should be built to do what they are meant to do and to do them.  The transmission is strong and direct drive built like a battle tank - for a mower.  Steel deck and and a heavier mower is needed when going over rough spots and when that bag gets full.  Engine performs like any Honda.  I use it to to cut a .5 acre lot.  This is the top of the line of a walk-behind and recommend just spend the extra money and get it.  They have good resale value compared with other Hondas because commercial landscapers buy them for small yards and tight spaces.  If you plan to upgrade, this is the mower to get for the upgrade path.  I don't like products that break and don't perform.  I tend to buy everything commercial grade as a result.  Honestly the next step up are the residential zero-turn mowers offered from the commercial mower brands such as Exmark, Scag, Etc.  This Honda walk-behind performs to those levels of performance in a 21" deck.  One caveat - this is not a great mower for mulching, the residential Honda's are better for mulching but are too light and not as durable.  I bag so not an issue.  If you need need more than what this mower offers, I strongly recommend a zero-turn from the commercial brands.  Residential riding mowers have really gone down in quality and performance.

Great long lasting mower

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Friday, April 26, 2019
Erie, PA
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical
We seldom use a 21" mower in our day to day operations but wanted to get a mower that will last and hold up to abuse and this didn't disappoint. We bought one of these in 2011 and had several different users, some who used it as if it were their own and most who used it to run over everything from dead animals to broken sign posts, I had a crew who actually ran it 2 days without oil! We were able to take it to our dealer who got it freed up and back up and running in a day. It finally came to its demise by us not cleaning the deck out very often and the steel deck rotted beyond repair at the rear bag area, but still fires right up and runs great. We just bought another one and a new deck to fix the old one. We  run commercial equipment but when it comes to a 21" mower we started out running Husqvarna, Cub Cadet's, Snapper and while all were ok for a home owner they didn't last but a season or two at best and were still in the 4-600.00 range each. I contemplated between this or the poly deck mower but knowing how this will get used I figured the poly deck would be damaged and not warrantied against stupidity so just bite the bullet and buy this one, yes its expensive but again, for knowing how mine got used and held up its worth the extra!

best walk behind mower ever.

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Monday, February 4, 2019
New Braunfels, TX
Type of use:  Residential
4 years of ownership, no problems ever. Starts each time with one pull even after seasonal non-use. Strongly recommend this commerical unit for regular residential use. It is also the 2nd Honda mower I've owned in 15 years. That speaks volumes!!


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Friday, October 19, 2018
Benson, AZ
Type of use:  Residential
I'm writing a review for my new lawnmower Model #MZCG1221218.  This model number was not one of the options from the drop down box.  I've only used this lawnmower once, but I used it all day to prepare my lawn for winter rye grass.  It definitely cuts lower than my old mower, and has a two blade system, which I like because the clippings are much finer.  It started up quickly, thankfully, because it's brand new.  Picked it up at a big box store.  No one at the store helped us at all...we were going off the word of our son, who has had a Honda lawnmower for several years.  He is really the one who recommended the Honda to us.  Only used it once...but so far I'm very pleased with my purchase!!


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Hershey, PA
Type of use:  Residential
In every way, best mower ever made!

Pretty dang good, but still pros and cons

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Sunday, June 17, 2018
Silver Spring, MD
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical

Hi there, I'm a 23 year old who has been doing landscaping/lawn maintenance semi-professionally going on 8 years now. At my peak, I cut 40 lawns per week. To put this into perspective, I live in the Washington DC area, so most of my customers have lawns less than 1/4 acre. Actually, it's even smaller than that usually! Typical lawn size is 6,000-9,000 sq.ft. That's roughly 1/7-1/5 acre size. I do have some slightly larger lawns that I do, but I will decline any lawn above ~12,000 sq.ft due to the efficiency of a 21" mower vs. what someone with a "commercial walk-behind" (36", 48", etc etc) could charge. 

First, I want to say I bought the Honda (specifically the HXA) because I used "consumer grade" mowers for years. Older Toro mowers from Home Depot usually. Sometimes, I would 'consume' those mowers in a month or two. The FWD gearbox would shread, or the B&S motors would throw a rod. I couldn't afford the reliability of a ticking-time bomb mower, so I decided to step up to a Honda commercial.

My dad has the older, *legendary* Honda HR214 that I have used several times. Those mowers are absolutely insane. Using that mower, I became familiar with a BBC, a shaft drive transmission, and the "Honda way" (referring to certain design patterns and such. Much of the HR214 can been seen in the HRC2163).

I saw a used MY:2013 HRC2163HXA for sale on craigslist for $550 back in 2015. It was a bargain, so I decided to try it. Quiet motor. Very quiet while blade is engaged. Leaves a great cut, BUT the mower is only ideal for VERY regular cuttings. If the lawn is even SLIGHTLY overgrown, you're in for a bad time. 

I used that HRC a lot and it was 100% reliable - zero issues until I hit a stump and the motor got an instant rod knock. Unfortunate since it was such a low hour motor and only ~2.5 years old. It surprised me quite a lot since I had become very careless with my equipment with little consequences. I used to run over everything. I used to regularly use my mower to grind up hedge clippings, piles of vines, smaller sticks, and I would occasionally be "alerted" of a brick, rock, chunk of cinderblock, tree root/stump, etc in the yard by the sound of my mower blade. Years, no issues! I pulled my Honda back, and the object it hit was something I would bash into with a Home Depot Toro with no issue! Odd.

Well, that mower was totaled and I went back to the Toro's for a bit since I didn't feel I could justify $1250 for another Honda. 

A year later, I got fed up with being unreliable again, so I bit the bullet and bought my 2nd HRC2163HXA - new. On sale for ~$1150 I believe. Remembering how much of a headache overgrown (literally 4" sometimes) grass was, I even tried to negotiate the dealer to throw in the side discharge kit with the deal. No dice. 

Again, the twin blade "micro cut" is a blessing and a curse. Leaves a great cut, but if the lawn is even slightly overgrown, it's NoFunTown. I use the bagger maaaaybe 2-3 times per season. It just adds SO much time (will make mowing take 3-4x the time) to the job, but looks fantastic. I was having so much trouble with this Honda and overgrown lawns that I spent the $50 on the side discharge kit. Kinda flimsy plastic, and clogs A LOT. LIKE....AAAAA LLLLLOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT. It's obscene how easily it clogs. There's actually a little crevice in the mower deck that catches just a few blades of grass, and the clot builds from there. I've thought about someway to cover that crevice up, or weld it somehow, but not sure it's that simple. 

Sometimes the chute will clog twice within 10 feet of mowing. No exaggeration.
But I've always made it work and learned to operate and charge accordingly. 

So far, I've used the mower (the 2nd one I got new) to cut probably ~600 lawns in 2.5 seasons so far. Zero reliability issues. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS starts on the first pull. I've ridden it hard and put away wet. It is not garage kept (even in winter). It lives in the back of my truck, rain or shine, and under a tarp in the winter. Always starts, no nonsense with a gummed up carb. Real commercial construction, but designed with "mowing golf course twice a week" in mind, NOT the "fast growing grass, stingy customer, every 2 weeks" in mind. 

Comparatively, the older Toro's I used, AND an Exmark 30" I just got, handle jungle-like lawns with ease. Sometimes when using my $1250 Honda Commercial mower on an overgrown lawn, I wish I had my $35 "curb-alert" Toro mower to chop it down and then use the Honda to make it look good. 

When buying this one, I didn't have many choices for a commercial quality 21" mower. I guess there isn't much market for those? Pretty much, my only choices were the 2 Hondas (HRC2163PDA and HRC2163HXA), and a couple *commercial* Toro mowers (the Toro's I used previously were low-quality, consumer grade Home Depot stuff - $350 new). 
I can't figure out why Honda even makes the PDA (maybe again with the 'Golf course only' mantra?). I don't know why anyone would want to spend $800 on a mower that ISN'T self-propelled. ???? Especially for me, since this mower was going to be my only mower. So, with the Honda, the choice was obviously the HXA.
VS. the Toro - the Honda, on paper at least, just won in every catagory. Better price, better motor, seemed to have been designed in this century, not a carry over from 1992. I think the other huge factor was that I had a week of overdue mowing, and the Toro dealers (since they use a silly traditional dealer system) couldn't get me one for 2-3 weeks, but the local Hardware store had 5 HXAs in boxes, in the basement to be picked up with 30mins notice. So....

Legit Commercial quality across the board. Motor, transmission, blade clutch, wheels & bearings, deck, etc.
Always starts first pull
Transmission is nice. Works well. Very intuitive, no weird habits
Leaves a great cut if lawn is mowed every 7 days or less
Very maneuverable
Even though it's 127lbs, it's still very manageable, and I can even lift it into my truck by myself. 
Tolerates a lot of abuse
Great resale value
Very quiet compared to others
A fuel miser! 

A bit slow. Specs say up to 4mph, but the 30" Exmark I just got also says 4mph, and that one almost ripped my arms off the first time I used it. Maybe the Honda just needs a cable adjustment.
Overgrown grass is a nightmare, even with the side discharge kit. 
No real fuel filter or oil filter. I would say this is the last hurdle between commercial and "legendary commercial"
Twin blades are a blessing and a curse. 
Parts prices seem to be quite expensive compared to other commercial brands - Echo, Toro, etc. 
I'm a bit worried about the longevity of the transmission, as the lack of maintenance mention in the manual seems to imply a "lifetime fluid" vibe, which is usually a ruse. 

Overall, the price kinda sucks for a guy like me, but I would certainly recommend it, especially if someone was starting out like I did or I had to start over from the beginning. If I had this mower when I was 15, I would imagine I'd still be using it, and I would have been a lot more successful to do additional reliability and time saved. 


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Saturday, June 2, 2018
Type of use:  Residential

Commercial Lawnmower HRC216K3HXA

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Moorpark, CA
Type of use:  Residential
No, this is not a review of the HRC216HXA. How can I review a product I just bought? Rather, it is a review of my old HR214 (Aluminum Deck) Honda Lawnmower which lasted 32 years!  Moderate to heavy use.  Many rocks. Amazing lawnmower! Very little trouble over the years. Almost perfect reliability. Always started with two or less pulls. How can a more last so long? When the inevitable finally happened there was no doubt which mower to buy. I looked over the mowers carefully and from what I can tell the HRC216K3HXA most closely resembles or perhaps exceeds the build and quality of my old mower. So please stand by and I will submit the evaluation of my new HRC2163HXA in 30 years (2048 AD). 

By far the best mower I have ever seen and owned!

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Type of use:  Residential

After calling a few local dealers and having them trying to talk me out of this model, (mainly because they didn't stock it) and telling me the commercial model is for those that mow all the time?? Well, I found a local dealer that not only had it in stock but were so pleasent to work with and agreed this was the go to mower..plug for Boones Power Equipment in Brookville Ohio, great store and great staff. 

The mower was delivered this afternoon and couldn't wait to give it a try......WOW....after years with a Husqvarna Auto walk, this was like getting in the ring with Mike Tyson (back in his hay day) as I felt overwhelmed once I started mowing my backyard. This baby takes control and you can feel it every step of the way. 

The cut is noticeably nicer than that of the Husqvarna's cut on its best day. Hard to describe but the lawn looks like it was papmered at the beauty shop. 

The build of the mower is so solid and you can tell easily from the minute you see it, it is the end all to all mowers out there. 

Clean up was easy, leaning the mower on its r side to the right and cleaning the bottom of the deck, it quickly returned to looking like it was never used when I was done. (maybe 10 minutes) and I do plan on keeping this baby clean as possible for the years I have left here on earth, meaning..I highly doublt I will ever purchase another mower, but if I do, it will be another Honda HCR216HXA

If you want the best of the best, this is it people. I am more than happy with my decision and so glad I found Boones Power Equipment to help me realize this to be the best mower on the planet...I'm not kidding. I am no pro mower, I am just a fickler for the best of the best and this is all of that! 

Well Built Lawnmower

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Sunday, May 6, 2018
Dearborn, MI
Type of use:  Residential
Checked several different lawnmowers prior to purchase of the HRC216HXA and found none of them built as solid as this machine.Mower starts on first pull as all my Honda products do and Hydrostatic transmission runs very smooth. The Micro Cut blade provides a clean cut of grass and the bag is very simple to remove and empty (not using for recycling of grass) also like the feature when you empty the bag you do not have to shut off the engine. Controls are very basic and simple to operate and unit construction is all metal with very little plastic (like lawnmowers use to be)Cannot say enough about this product very quality and well worth the price because it is built to last .Highly recommend this unit. Great job Honda!


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Saturday, May 5, 2018
Hamilton, MT
Type of use:  Residential
I've owned it for less than a year. Bought it from Murdoch's Ranch Supply. When it works, it's the nicest of three different Honda mowers I've used over the past ten years. Trouble is, it's been in Murdoch's repair shop too many times for repairs to give it a higher rating. I wrote Honda about one chronic problem previously; never heard back. This time, it's been at the shop for ten days. And you know what grass and weeds do during ten days of warm spring weather? I should have purchased two Hondas: one to use, the other for backup. Problem: I can't afford two mowers. I hose it off – top, bottom and underneath – and clean the air filter after each use, change the oil regularly, and use high-grade fuel. I take it to the shop every Fall for tune up and maintenance. And this is what I get: a mower that does a nice job – when it works. And I guess it works whenever it feels like it. Honda whould consider offering a buy-back or replacement option.

21" Commercial Lawn Mower

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Thursday, April 5, 2018
Mission Viejo, CA
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical
Will review in full, later. It is at the shop waiting to have the motor speed adjusted to high. I have used Honda mower products for over 30 years. I like the older model that let me adjust the speed without having the down time of having to drop it off at my mechanic's.


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Thursday, August 10, 2017
House Springs, MO
Type of use:  Residential
Purchased this lawn mower because of owning my first one for 10 years with no problems so for me it was a no-brainer to make a decision on what to buy. This mower is hands down THE BEST for it's size 21" on the market today . If you want a lawn that will last for years and if QUALITY,FEATURES,EASE OF USE, by all means go purchase one and never regret it. 

Well built low maintenance mower.

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Sunday, July 16, 2017
Atlanta , TX
Type of use:  Residential

I have had a Honda Hrx217hxa for the last four years.  It is a great mower and mulches so well.  I bought the HRC216 strickly for bagging.  Man it is an excellent mower with a great heavy duty feel.  Motor, transmission and and controls are so ergonomic. Honda's are built simple with no belts, one type of blade and no oil filter to change.  I use this for bagging and the Hrx for mulching just to have a back up on my 1/3 acre.  Yes it is expensive, but you get what you pay for.    


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Monday, May 22, 2017
Graham, WA
Type of use:  Residential
We originally purchased the highest residential model, but were unsatisfied by how light weight it was and how bouncy it was on our yard.  When we returned to Jennings, within the 30 days, we were pleasantly surprised that we had a 30 day satisfaction guarantee with Honda, so we upgraded.  The weight is perfect, the bagger fit is much better also.  If we had to choose again, we would not have listened to the three customers that suggested us purchase the Residential line, but went with our gut and purchased the Commercial line instead.  We are very pleased on all accounts of the purchase and exchange at both Jennings and Honda's customer satisfaction guarantee!  Will be purchasing Honda products in the future!!

Great Lawnmower

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Houston, TX
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical

I have a Lawn Maintenance company and I used this machine for years, I have a total of six of these mowers, and I bought them in Lansdowne Moody Tractor Company, in Houston Texas. Anytime my mowers need service or parts, those guys are number one, they treat you like family. Honda makes awesome machine, from mowers to generators

Honda Lawnmowers

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Monday, January 9, 2017
Huntersville, NC
Type of use:  
Their the best...period.


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Saturday, September 24, 2016
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical
i purchased one of these mowers back in early 2006 for around 1200.00.  machine is built pretty well overall.  my only complaint is the fuel tank,  i had to replace it once due to a 1 inch crank in the rear lower portion directly underneath the bottom rear section of the tank,  i dont know why or how it cracked because it was never dropped, abused or lifted improperly,  here but it did and it had to be replaced,  i found it odd that the tank should split here for some unknown reason.  the newer versions have a completely redesigned fuel tank leading me to believe there was a possible design flaw issue but that is my personal speculation.

Rear chute discharge

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Lakeview, OH
Type of use:  Residential
Had written review earlier before I had all my information. I said mower wouldn't cut wet grass. Well I was wrong, after buying accessory chute for rear side discharge mower does a great job in wet or dry grass. Does good in long grass also. 

Dry grass only

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Friday, August 12, 2016
Lakeview, OH
Type of use:  Residential
This is my sixth Honda mower, I thought this one had to be good as I worked my way up in cost of the Honda mowers. This mower bogs down if the grass is wet. Also no way for mower to discharge grass with plug out and you don't want to mulch. It just clogs up. 

Best Mower I have ever owned

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Thursday, August 4, 2016
Castle Hayne, NC
Type of use:  Residential

I have a 3/4 acre yard all inclusive, this Mower is unbelievable in the smoothness of the cut, the speed at which it mows as well as the low fuel consumption. I am an exercise nut and purchased this mower in lieu of a rider simply for the excercise, I have never seen a rider that will produce an even cut over the entire yard like this Honda does.

I Love IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purchase a commercial grade mower

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Thursday, July 21, 2016
Des Moines, IA
Type of use:  Residential
I purchased a HRC 216 in 1993 and have had just minor issues with this mower until last week the transmission went out, but I can still use the mower as a push type mower.  I highly recommend this mower, just make sure to keep it clean and perform all scheduled maintenance. 

Rock solid

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Saturday, July 9, 2016
Iowa City, IA
Type of use:  Residential

This is my 2nd HRC model I've purchased and I'd never go back to anything else for a walk behind mower.

My original HRC model is 16 years old and it has been trouble free and first pull start reliable since day 1. I saw this new 2016 model sitting on the Honda showroom floor and just had to have it. I passed down my 2000 model to my son who is now high school age and mows about a dozen lawns in town. Perfect way to get him set up to earn some money for college. Plus, I get a new toy.

Everything about these models screams heavy duty. The mower deck is solid, the handlebars are big and beefy, and it is again 1 pull to start reliable. We have some hilly terrain and there is nothing this HRC can't handle. Uphill in tall damp grass doesn't slow it down a bit and the HRC powers right through.

I can't express enough how seamless the hydrostatic transmission coupled with the shaft drive is to operate. You can always find the right speed and the shift speed is immediate. This combination is nearly maintenance free and dead solid reliable. I maintain the recommended maintenance intervals and this has been a trouble free mower. While a bit on the pricey side these HRC models have proven to be worth the extra initial investment.

Great Mower - Misses Blades of Grass

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Monday, July 4, 2016
Mobile, AL
Type of use:  Residential

Have used the mower twice, starts on the first pull. Heavy duty, wheels definitely pull the mower. Mower seems well built and you can tell it will last a long time.

The only downside is it seems to leave single blades of grass uncut across the lawn, this is not a big issue but considering the cost of the mower you would think it would cut all the blades of grass it runs over. I have seen similar comments on other web site reviews.


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Thursday, September 17, 2015
Type of use:  Residential, Other [not for profit old folks lawns]

I like the mower except  1) it is heavy and bulky  if you don't have a trailer  do not try to lift it in the pickup bed

                                            2) the bagging system must have been a after thought.  If you want to look like pig pin while mowing this is the one you want.  I now have this mower in shed. Get you a craftsman 

The Best

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Saturday, September 12, 2015
Raleigh, NC
Type of use:  Residential
I bought my Honda HRC216 in the year 2000.  What a machine!!!  Since that time I have seen three of my neighbors buy 3 different lawn mowers each, and my Commercial HRC216 still starts on the first pull.  I sharpen the blade every year and have changed the spark plug twice.  I run full Syn. Oil in it, and I believe I will have many more years of service from this fine piece of equipment.  15 years and still going strong.

Best walk-behind on the market!!!

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Great Bend, KS
Type of use:  Other [part-time residential for hire]

I bought my HRC-216 3/2007, used it in part time commercial mowing service ever since, averaging 7 hours/week, 26 weeks/year.  No problems, runs like new, uses no oil.

My reason for giving four stars in ease of use is because of the weight, but durability is priority for me!


Two thumbs up!

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Tulsa, OK
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical
Owned dozens of commercial 21" mowers and this is no doubt the best overall, period!

The Best Lawn Mower In The World !!!

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Thursday, June 25, 2015
Wichita Falls, TX
Type of use:  Residential
I have had my Honda Commercial Mower for about five years.  I do not use it commercially.  It is used only on my private residence.  It has run well every season and repeatedly does a great job on my lawn.  I can see that it is built well and is sturdy enough for daily commercial use.  I purchased it for my own use because I wanted one that can be relied upon for long-term use without problems.  I have had it tuned-up by the dealer one time in the past five years.  It starts easily on one pull and runs smooth and quiet.  I use the grass catcher, but it does fine with mulching also.  You just have to install the included mulching plug.  I highly recommend this machine.  The only down-side is the overall weight of this mower.  It is heavy and do not recommend that someone lift it by themselves.  If you are using a landscaping trailer, I recommend that you use ramps to load it onboard.  Two people can lift this machine, but a person lifting alone stands a good chance of a back injury.

The right tool for the job

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Anchorage, AK
Type of use:  Residential, Other [Multiple properties]
I have a very difficult yard that has lots of steep inclines. I was throwing $150 a season just to keep my  other mower running (drive belts, wheels and drive gears). Considered an all wheel drive model, but they have belts too. Have had the mower for a year now and never looked back. As the only shaft drive on the market, it is the right tool for my yard.  Plus it starts right up even after being in cold storage all winter. All I do is drain the fuel and fog the cylinder, and put it away clean every time I use it.  I would like it to last as long as my 25 year old  HS 55 Snow Blower.

Nothing Better

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Thursday, May 7, 2015
Gering, NE
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical
I have been in the lawn business for six years now and I can confidently say that there is not a better self-propelled mower on the market. No matter how wet or tall the grass is, the Honda Commercial Self-Propelled lawn mower will get the job done. Thanks Honda for making my life much easier!

Happy camper

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Monday, May 4, 2015
aurora, CO
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical

Very nice.  I'm liking this mower the mow, I use it :)  Very clean cut, a transmission that will pull no problemo, and rugged all around.  Rpms were initially too low but aside from that, it bags well, it pulls well, and it maneuvers well.  Yea, that's a lot of wells, but it does its job and it loves riding in a trailer no matter if it's strapped in good or when forgetting to strap it down at all bouncing all around.  Recently had an incident (a no brainer) and had the mower pointed down hill.  Yep, it rolled about a 150ft reaching jogging speed and rammed into a railroad tie.  First thing I thought was great, there went the axle, it hit dead on at a sharp angle.  Pulled the front end apart prepared to do parts replacements, and the front end left to right was within hairs.  With all that weight that came down on the front end and with the amount of trailering this mower sees, not to much mention some of the ridiculously difficult properties where you either carry it down a flight of unevenly spaced rock stairs or tick tack it like a motorcrosser hitting the whoopdees this mower does not fold.  

Good mower.  For residential use, probably last forever.  For commercial, I'm not sure I'd trust this in the hands of untested employees, but for veterans and solo ops, this mower suits up, shows up, and doesn't complain about a thing.   

Review of HRC216HXA

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Thursday, April 16, 2015
Orlando, FL
Type of use:  Residential
I purchased my Honda mower in 2009.  It has had just one issue since I purchased it.  First I must say the engine and transmission on this mower are top notch.  You would really have to work hard to damage these components.  The only problem my mower has is it leaves what I feel is an unacceptable amount of random single blades of uncut grass.  Most are bent over and appear to have been blown down or bent over.  I have worked with the dealer and twice with Honda on this problem which no one can answer.  Honda voluntarily sent me a spacer to use in place of the upper blade which didn't help.  My dealer allowed me to use a blade set from a different model mower which also didn't improve cutting performance either.  Other things such as engine rpm has been checked, cut height changed, and bagging instead of mulching.  I also have a 1997 Honda Masters mower that my inlaws use now, and it has always given a great cut, which is what surprises me about this mower.  I gave it 3 stars for quality because of the cut.  Quality of the mower's construction and components I would rate at 5 stars.  I have not seen or read of any others with this issue, but because of the problem mine has I can't say that I'd recommend it.


Honda HRC216HXA- Comments

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Friday, March 27, 2015
Casselberry, FL
Type of use:  Residential
I have owned two of these mowers. The first one was of outstanding quality, superior ability to operate and lasted 20 years before I replaced it. The second mower was not of the same quality and I have had trouble with it rusting, the yellow blade button does not return to its fully upright position regardless of what I do . Do NOT use ethanol based gasoline in this engine or you will find that the engine will sputter, stall and fail to perform as expected. Use only ethanol free gasoline and you will have vastly superior results. Be sure that your mower is serviced annually, drain old gasoline and replace the plug, clean the air filter and sharpen blades. Get a good dealer to buy the product from who can answer simple questions and provide replacement parts.

Can't beat a Honda

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Midland, TX
Type of use:  Residential
I have had my HRC2163HXA for 5 years now. I clean it after every mow.....almost. Change the oil for every mowing season ($4.00), replace the air filter ($6.00), pop in a new plug ($3.00) and buy a set of replacement blades ($18.00). $31.00 per year and it always runs like new. My wife used to say it feels a little heavier than the old mower and I'd tell her "Maybe just a little". It's a lot heavier but no complaints. This mower cuts grass like a champ but I think my main reason for liking this mower is it starts every time and never has a fault. No excuses for owning a Honda, only reasons. 

Great mower

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Stamford, CT
Type of use:  Residential
I bought this mower for my dad as a father's day gift. He is in his late 70s but enjoys the exercise and certainly loves the hydro drive on this mower. This may be a commercial mower but its also a great residential choice for a number of reasons. First you get the supreme reliability of honda commercial engines and these always start on quick pull, don't break down and last. Second is build quality--this is a sturdy, comfortable mower that cuts effortlessly and evenly in all types of grass and conditions. The first thing that usually goes out on typical residential mowers are the wheels--but the ball bearing high quality wheels on this mower will endure .  I convinced my dad to run honda commercial engines on all our equipment now including leaf blowers and power washers. They're worth the money in my opinion. Don't go for the knock offs. The gx series commercial engines are the only way to go if you like your equipment. The only criticism i have is that I believe the bag could be bigger. Remember to use your fuel shutoff when not in use!

A Few Pet Peeves

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Sunday, December 14, 2014
Eureka, CA
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical

This is my second commercial grade Honda. I was very happy with my first one and would give it five stars. This new one has a couple annoying "improvements" I have to mention and thus only gave it 3 stars:

I see no reason for the starter cord handle being mounted half way up the operating bar. I know some like the handle being at the top of the bar where they can get to it easiest. I prefer mine right on the engine so there's no cord out in the open to catch on things. This one has it half way up, right in the middle so it doesn't offer the advantage for those that like it either right up top, or on top of the engine. Yet it still has the disadvantage of over 2 feet of starter cord that can snag on things. I'll likely end up cutting off a couple feet of starter cord and just having it rest on top of the engine as it was on my last mower.

That plastic guard on the lower back of the deck is supposed to protect the operator from debris flying out the back while mowing. Fine, and this does that. However, they seem to have made it longer and thicker than the guard on my first Honda. This causes a problem I've never experienced before and it's really annoying: When I back the mower up enough for the guard to reverse itself and lay facing towards the front of the mower, it doesn't bend when I go forward again. As the mower moves forward and it moves back to its normal position, it catches on the ground and stands on its end which actually lifts the wheels slightly off the ground since the  plastic is so hard. This stalls movement and I have to push the mower fairly hard to get it to move forward from its slightly raised position. Very annoying.

I'm seriously considering cutting the guard to half its width so it won't hang up movement of the mower.

Other than that, great mower.

Best Lawn Mower I've Owned

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Anchorage, AK
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical
I run a commercial lawn care company and this is he best lawn mower i have bought. It mows rain or shine with no problem. I highly recommend this mower to everyone!


Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Monday, September 8, 2014
Long Beach, CA
Type of use:  Residential

I have had my HRC216HXA for over a year. I use it for residential purposes.  A bit of overkill? Heck no! This is the best mower I have ever used. It starts with one pull. The uphill power is amazing. The torque will make you trip if you are not paying attention. The debri suction is impressive. All loose grass is collected into the bag by the powerful blades. The cut quality is magnificent!! No blades of grass go unclipped. 

The price tag of $1250 seems a little steep, however after your first use you will want to cut your lawn twice as much!! 

Thanks Honda for a great product!

Doesn't mulch

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Salt lake, UT
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical
I have had a honda commercial mower for the last 15 years.It was a fantastic machine went thru anything,wet grass,leaves,small debris .Mulched everything even in its last year when it was working at half strength .I finally had to replace it,what a mistake.This new version doesn't mulch anything,it leaves holidays all over the lawn,I even have to remow entire lawns.I have had callbacks for the first time since operating my business.Please tell me you have a solution.I love the reliability of your machines but I need them to function a high level otherwise I will have to sell them and go with a different brand.

honda hrc216hxa

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Monday, August 25, 2014
Cherry Hill, NJ
Type of use:  Residential
First the hrc is very heavy and i weigh 200lbs. But it is by far the best mower i've ever owned! I wanted to keep cutting the lawn even though i was finished! The shaft drive is a winner, it cuts down mowen time almost in half. The gears shift on the fly and my grass looks like a golf course. I bagged with no problems but i also mulched and it bogged down only once because it rained yesterday and the grass was wet, so i lifted the deck height and no more bogging down. The engine is very quiet for such a powerful mower. Im going to buy the rear discharge chute just to have. This was my first time using it on my 1/2 acre yard and i give it a 9 out of ten score only because i wish it was a 25inch deck instead of a 21inch deck. Finally i would like to say i paid 1149 dollars for it and its worth every penny.

Commercial duty with high weight factor and

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Sunday, June 8, 2014
Chicago, IL
Type of use:  Residential

I had a 22" staggered wheel push mower for 30 years with a Briggs motor and still do.  I bought the Honda to get self propelled, bagger capability and a new oil pump motor.  You have to learn to steer this mower due to the high weight factor.   The blade requires more frequent sharpening than the old mower.  I do like the ability to vary walk speed with cutting speed of the blade-nice.  With the weight, this unit takes about 2.5 times the gas as the old mower.  This unit will NOT cut wet grass due to the exhaust chute of the regular path or even with the option side plastic chute that plugs almost immediately in the wet grass.  When cutting really tall dry grass the exhaust chute plugs and you will be stopping every five feet to clear out the plugged path--When it plugs your mower will slow down.  You must remove the back flip door and just let it throw the grass straight back at you and walk to the side for protection from debris--this is the only way to cut really tall grass once the motor is broken in.   the twin blade system does chop the grass into smaller particles, but, I wonder about the design.  With approx 3/4 more HP this mower will do better to get thru tall grass, but, right now it is limited.  My old mower would cut wet and tall OK with a smaller motor due to the grass exhaust path.  The path is better on the Honda Commercial and the other lower priced regular Honda mowers.

In conclusion, expect to not mow when the grass is moist; you will be sharpening that blade more often than other mowers; it is very heavy for fast paced close quarters mowing;  when the blade starts getting dull you will lose your smooth cutting;  if they could design a better exhaust system then they would not need the twin blade with its greater resistance to the air in the deck and consequently fuel consumption would be reduced.  This is a very specialized mower design for almost perfect conditions and if you need to keep mowing you will find certain barriers that keep you waiting.  With the pressure oil pump in the nice Honda motor you will be using this mower for many years.  The wheels will last a long time.

Oh, the cable on the left side sticks out and catches on things and this can wreck the throttle.

Once you go down the path of design and one element needs more attention due to the design you end up with compromise.  I think I could design and test a better mower that would meet safety standards.?

As advertise

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Montreal, ME
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical
I have been running a mowing company for a little over 10 years. Even though my dealer isn't very cooperative, it has been a joy to use this mower. I have 3 of those and they just do what I want, when I want. They do not breakdown often, that's a chance with the dealer, and are so easy to service, i'll stick with honda for a long time.

Great for the Ranch

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Temecula, CA
Type of use:  Other [on the ranch]
My last self propelled mower gave up the ghost after 2 years so I turned to Honda. I have a little over 3 acres of very hilly fescue grass. This thing handled it effortlessly. I love the fact I only need to shut it down for fuel having to empty the bag so many times on the property. I can not use a Tractor because of the steep inclines but this mower at full power and speed can climb up and down with ease. Today was the first time using it but I am sure it will last a long time.

Worth the Investment

Model Reviewed: HRC216HXA Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Richmond, VA
Type of use:  Residential

Bought this lawnmower in the spring of 2013. Previously had a Honda residential lawnmower and it lasted for 15 years,  Residentials no longer have the OHV engine so I went with the commercial.  Pricey, but given the experience with my previous Honda I was will to go for the extra cost. Used all of last season and I had no major issues. The engine starts on the first pull 80% and on 2nd pull 20%.  This is a heavy unit so be prepared for the weight as you manuver the lawnmower around the yard.  The cut is exceptional.

Because of the weight of the lawnmower Honda should consider putting a stronger engine on this unit. Tall grass (Mid spring when grass grows fast with morning dew, cutting once a week) will slow it down.  

The one confusing option this lawnmower has is the side discarge attachment for grass clippings.  It is a two part attachment with a metal clip that fits on the lawnmower and then you can attach the side discharge.  On my older lawnmower it was just one piece and it attached to the lawnmower without this clip which I can easily see getting lost.

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