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Mowing Expectations

If you've got questions, we've got the answers. Find out if Miimo is the right choice for your lawn.

Mowing” vs. “Maintaining

Front view of Honda Miimo in the grass maintaining the grass at a constant height

Technically, Miimo does not really “mow” your lawn. Miimo maintains your grass at a constant height. What’s the difference? With a traditional mower, your grass grows during the week, and your mower cuts about a third of it at each mowing. This can result in large grass clippings.

Miimo works by shaving tiny pieces of grass frequently. This is why Miimo will “mow” so frequently – it is working to constantly maintain the grass at the same height, every day. This means it may cover the same area several times a week.

One of Miimo’s key benefits is these tiny pieces of grass. Because the clippings are so small you will never see clumps in your lawn. Plus these tiny pieces decompose rapidly, depositing nutrients back into the soil to naturally fertilize your lawn.

The result? A healthier, greener yard, with grass that is always maintained at the right height.

Will Miimo completely eliminate my lawn care?

Honda Miimo in the grass with woman gardening

Miimo drastically reduces the time you spend mowing your lawn. However, you might still choose to conduct other lawn care activities. For example: edging your lawn; mowing any areas that Miimo is unable to reach, if applicable; blowing leaves; and of course, taking care of bushes and flower beds.

We also suggest using a traditional mower for the first cut of the season. Miimo can maintain your lawn for the rest of the season.

Does Miimo leave tracks?

Typically, no. However, if Miimo is running in the rain, you may see tracks afterwards. If Miimo is leaving a lot of tracks in your yard, you may need to consult with your dealer. For example, Miimo may not be cutting frequently enough, or you may need to adjust the starting points so Miimo mows more or less in an area.

How does Miimo handle obstacles in my yard toys/branches, rocks, landscaping?

Pink child scooter in the grass

Miimo is equipped with bump sensors. When Miimo bumps into an object, the cover moves, activating its sensors. Miimo then stops and changes direction.

If the objects are very small, Miimo may run over them. Miimo’s blades are designed to swing back into the blade disc if it encounters a hard object, reducing the damage to Miimo and the object.

However, it is recommended to remove any obstacles in your yard (toys, branches, rocks, pine cones, etc.) prior to Miimo’s programmed operation times.

How does Miimo handle pets? Can Miimo detect dog feces? What about invisible dog fencing?

Happy black dog laying down in the grass

Miimo’s bump sensors will detect if it bumps into your pets, and it will turn and go in a different direction. However, for safety, we do not recommend leaving your pets unattended while Miimo is running.

It is recommended to remove feces and other debris from the lawn before using Miimo. If Miimo runs over this material, it can cause an unpleasant situation.

Most customers can successfully train their pets to "do their business" in areas where Miimo does not mow, such as natural areas or landscape islands.

Invisible dog fences typically operate on a different frequency and will not interfere with Miimo.

Will Miimo cut the grass in rainy conditions?

Green grass in the rain

Miimo can mow in the rain. However, mowing in the rain is not recommended for optimal cut performance. Miimo should be sent back to the docking station during extreme weather conditions.

It is important to note that Miimo cannot operate in puddles. If you have an area in your yard that pools during rainstorms, you should consider changing your landscaping to improve drainage before installing Miimo.

Will Miimo cut in hot or cold conditions?

Yes, Miimo can operate in conditions with temperatures between 41 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. To protect the battery, Miimo will not mow outside this temperature range. If your daytime temperatures are frequently over 104 degrees, we recommend operating Miimo at night, when it is cooler.

How will the continuous mowing affect my grass allergies?

Because Miimo operates autonomously, homeowners don’t have to be present when the lawn is being mowed. Some individuals may find this helps reduce their allergies.


Miimo is perfect for most yards, but there are a few circumstances to be aware of.

Yard Size

The Honda Miimo HRM310 model can cut lawns up to 0.37 acres. The Miimo HRM520 model can cut lawns up to 0.75 acres.

Want a Miimo, but your yard is too big? Some customers opt for installations of multiple Miimos on larger sites. Talk to your local dealer about options.

Grass Types

Green grass

The cut height range for Miimo is 0.8 in. – 2.4 in. Ideally, the grass should be within the Miimo cut height range to ensure the best cut performance.

If you have St. Augustine, Perennial Rye, Bahiagrass, or Tall Fescue grass types, Miimo's cutting height range is not optimal for your lawn.

To receive Miimo's best performance, please verify the recommended cutting height range of your grass type is within the recommended height range.


Sloped lawn with trees in the background

Miimo can handle most terrain with ease. However, Miimo cannot mow a slope of greater than 25 degrees.

Some customers with steep slopes in their yard overcome this challenge with landscaping. For example, changing the sloped area from grass to a flower bed.

Not sure how steep your lawn is? Your local dealer can review the slope of your yard and recommend options if there is an issue.

Paved Surfaces and Walkways

Concrete walkway with grass on each side of it

Miimo can cross over sidewalks and driveways as long as they are level to the grass surface. If the pavement is higher than the grass, your dealer can place a boundary wire around these areas.

Stepping stones that are embedded below the level of the grass are generally not a concern. Your dealer will review this during the site inspection.

Grassy Areas Separated by Walls or Fencing

Fenced in backyard with beige house in the background

Miimo can only reach areas of your yard that are connected to each other. It cannot cross over a fence or a wall unless there is an opening available.

Customers can sometimes overcome this issue with changes to their landscaping. It is also possible to pick up Miimo and move it between areas, or in some circumstances, install two Miimos. Talk to your dealer about options.

Narrow Passages

Miimo can handle most narrow passages. Miimo needs at least 1 meter (3.3 ft) wide passages to be able to navigate. Miimo uses starting points to help it reach areas of your yard which are separated by narrow passages. Your dealer will analyze this during your site inspection and make recommendations to ensure complete coverage of your yard.

Flowerbeds, Landscape Islands, and Trees

Flower bed with rocks as well as purple and pink flowers

Your flowerbeds are safe with Miimo. Obstacles inside the lawn areas such as trees, islands, or flowerbeds are detected by creating loops around them using the boundary wire.

Water Features

Backyard with water feature and small shrubs

Miimo can also cut around water features like ponds, fountains, and swimming pools. To be sure Miimo does not accidently slip into the water, the boundary wire must be 3 feet away from the edge of the water. If a water feature is on a slope, a small wall or fence of 6 inches may be required.

Other potential issues

Your dealer will check for other possible lawn pitfalls and obstructions, such as:

  • Areas with sharp angles
  • Excessive drainage or ponding during rainstorms
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Holes in the grass
  • Underground utilities & other possible electronic interference

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