Powerful, easy to start, fuel efficient Honda engine
Powerful, easy to start, fuel efficient Honda engine

The Honda GC190 OHC engine offers plenty of power to churn through the snow. Starting is easy - even in cold weather.

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4 stroke engine - No mixing gas and oil
4 stroke engine - No mixing gas and oil

No mixing, no two-stroke smoke and stink, lower emissions, and better fuel economy.

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Easier snow removal with auger-assist drive
Easier snow removal with auger-assist drive

Honda uses a rugged, durable metal auger with replaceable rubber paddles to make quick work of residential snow removal. The auger assist drive helps move the HS720 when the rubber-edged auger contacts the surface. A gentle upward pressure on the handle starts forward motion.

High capacity snow removal - up to 1800 lb./min, throws snow up to 33 feet
High capacity snow removal - up to 1800 lb./min, throws snow up to 33 feet

Don't let its small size fool you. The HS720 has the snow-clearing power of a snow blower twice its size. Just like you'd expect from a Honda.

Heavy duty metal auger housing - stands up to harsh conditions
Heavy duty metal auger housing - stands up to harsh conditions

Reliable, rugged construction featuring a bearing supported auger. The heavy duty designs offers dependable performance through demanding conditions.

Large 20" wide clearing width, 12" high
Large 20" wide clearing width, 12" high

Handles large snow falls with power and ease

Large wheels for easy transport
Large wheels for easy transport

Easy transport to and from storage makes the job easier.

Operator friendly controls with large on off switch
Operator friendly controls with large on off switch

Managing your snow removal is simple with easy to access controls. The ignition switch, manual choke, starter grip and fuel cap are conveniently located for easy access. The starter grip is extra large to accommodate gloves or mittens. The access panel allows easy and safe operation, even with gloves on.

"Glove friendly," large fuel tank cap
"Glove friendly," large fuel tank cap

The large fuel cap and fuel opening make it easy to re-fuel, even with gloves on. The unit has a fuel shut off valve for safe storage.

Easy to maintain
Easy to maintain

The HS720 is designed for ease of maintenance. Draining the engine oil and fuel are easy, saving time, frustration, and mess. The spark plug is very easy to access for replacement.

Light and maneuverable
Light and maneuverable

Compact and convenient, the HS720 offers the performance of a larger snow blower with the benefits of a single stage unit.

Automatic decompression for easy starting
Automatic decompression for easy starting

This system relieves compression in the engine during starting and then closes automatically to ensure full power after the engine starts.

2 year residential warranty


Engine Honda GC190
Displacement 187cc
Starting System Recoil
Fuel capacity 0.29 gal
Drive Mechanism Manual, Auger-assisted
Clutch type Auger
Wheel / Track N/A
Stages Single
Chute Turning Radius 220ยบ
Clearing Width 20"
Clearing Height 12"
Max. Discharge Distance 33'
Max. Discharge Capacity 1800 lb./min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 49.6" x 20.9" x 40.6"
Dry Weight 82 lb.
Residential Warranty 2 years
Commercial Warranty 3 months


Storage Cover

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HS720AM Set Up
HS720AM Operation
HS720 Maintenance and Storage


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Honda has a Quality Control Problem

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Saturday, February 1, 2020
Rockford, MI
Type of use:  Residential
Before i purchased from Honda I did research; I was satisfied I made the right choise. I order the machine and the delivery time was fantastic; assembly was easy and straight forward. I put gasoline in, and when it was about full the gas ran out of a damaged gas tank. I returned the machine and received a second machine. The second machine had a damaged snow discharge chute, it was bent to the point where it did not fit the snowblower without adjustment. That is why I assigned two stars to the Quality. The machine did start on the third pull of the starting rope.

Love it

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Saturday, December 21, 2019
Love it
Portland , ME
Type of use:  Residential
Works great and really throws the snow. 

With this, you cancel your gym membership

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Thursday, October 24, 2019
Long Lake, MN
Type of use:  Residential
Great little device unless you have to deal with more than 3-4" of powder, wet snow and more than a small area to clear.  Once you really need to move any snow of weight you will find yourself having to manhandle this to get the job done - this includes the end of driveways where street plows have blocked your driveway,  The thrower will eventually get the job done but your upper body will get one heck of a workout doing so - the paddle propulsion doesn't really work then and it only moves forward under your muscle.  But hey, this is why there are 2 stage blowers and wheels with automatic drive.  Purchase appropriately, if this fits your need, go for it.  You will also really appreciate the electric start!

The Best

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Saturday, September 14, 2019
Morristown, NJ
Type of use:  Residential
I had a Honda 620 years back and sold it for a 724 Ariens 2 stage which I have had for the past 17 years. I decided to go back to the Honda Single Stage 720 for its ease of use, reliability and durability. There is no better compact single stage on the market! I am looking forward to breaking her in shortly. You will not be disappointed.

This Snow Thrower doesn't do well with heavy wet snow.

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Saturday, March 9, 2019
Type of use:  Residential
This snow thrower doesn't operate very well with heavy wet snow and continues to get clogged. I don't highly recommend this unit *Honda HS 720A Snow Thrower save your money and buy a better unit that's capable of handling anything even heavy wet snow.


Model Reviewed: HS720AM Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Yakima, WA
Type of use:  Residential
The engine and snow blowing features work great just like you would expect from a Honda product, the only problem I have is the small wheels tuck under the frame get caked with snow and ice and will not turn. so you end up dragging the machine.   

Not as good as I thought

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Rochester, MI
Type of use:  Residential

I just came in from trying to remove 4 inches of wet heavy snow from my driveway. I like Honda products, (2 acura's, lawnmower, and this blower) This blower has always struggled with the wet heavy stuff...clogs every 5 ft. etc. I just thought this was normal for a single stage blower. My neighbor saw me struggling with it and came over with his 212 cc Toro single stage and blew right through it. I was surprised, embarrassed, but thankful that he bailed me out. I came to this website because I thought that maybe Honda made a more powerful model, but they don't.

C'mon Honda, you can and should do better. I am going to give this one to my son and buy a Toro.

Finally... a HONDA Snowblower!

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Saturday, March 31, 2018
Plainfield, IL
Type of use:  Residential
We purchased the basic HS720AM Snowblower for use on our medium sized driveway in northern Illinois.  Having lived in the mountains and rural areas before, we've had larger 2-stage and/or 2-cycle electric start snowblowers in the past.  So, being older now and retired, we were hesitant to buy one without all the bells and whistles, but we're happy to report our new Honda is excellent quality, easy to pull start, cleans snow right down to the pavement and throws snow as far, or further than any other we've had!  It took some getting used to with the manual chute adjustment, but it's easy to use and adjust with a minimum of moving parts.  Since the engine is so powerful, it is louder than I thought, but still quieter than the old 2-cycle.  My only complaint is the way the wheels seem to get packed with snow so they don't roll, but perhaps I will do some reading to see if there is an easy fix.  Overall, we're very pleased with the quality!

Five Stars...Except for the Wheels

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Friday, February 23, 2018
Fairfield County, OH
Type of use:  Residential

I'm a loyal fan of Honda (many cars, generators, etc.).  I'm generally a fan of the HS720 snow blower and would recommend it. I'd give it five stars across-the-board, except for one significant problem I've had:  the plastic wheels.

The wheels may be fine for a lawn mower, but don't seem to have been subjected to use on a snow blower in wet snow. That's disappointing, since it only takes one wet snow event to see there's a problem:  Snow packs into the wheel treads and becomes ice, which is sometimes impossible to clear from the treads (without applying heat). This persistent ice attracts snow, and the caked-on ice/snow changes the geometry of the wheels, which changes how the augers and scraper blade contact the surface.

In use, the blower relies on the rubber augers contacting the surface and on the operator to move it along (not the wheels). I'm not suggesting the wheels aren't needed when blowing snow; but in my use case, the wheels are primarily needed when moving the blower over non-snow-covered areas to snow-covered areas (or to the garage when done).

My experience:  In order to get as much use as possible during the first 30 days after purchase, I waited for a 100% snow forecast before buying one, and then I used it every chance I could. It worked out that I was able to use it three times during the first two weeks (on 5500+ sq ft of concrete each time)...

- twice with temperatures in the upper teens: once after a blowing/drifting snow event (4"-5" with 8"-10" drifts in places) and once after a 3"-5" snow event with no wind

- once with temperatures in the low-mid 30s: after a 2"-4" wet snow event

It hasn't snowed since and my 30 day return period is expired. I have decided to keep it and try to find a work-around for the plastic wheels.

As advertised, the blower started easily, handled the snow loads, blew snow adequately (even wet snow), etc. In each case, snow built up on the wheels' treads. It was mostly a nuisance to deal with in the upper teens since I could mostly wipe it of the wheels with my glove/boot. But it became a showstopper in the 30s, requiring a stop every 20-30 feet to try to scrape off the caked-on ice from the wheel treads and sidewalls.

Over and over, the wet snow and wheels essentially "became one" and I could not find a way to remove ice from the treads. Whichever wheel was next to the snow (opposite the path just cleared) would build-up with wet snow after a few feet and grow unevenly in circumference, causing that wheel to lose its round shape, and then bump along due to high/low chunks of ice. In other words, I had one mostly round plastic wheel and one distorted ice-covered wheel whose diameter repeatedly and quickly grew to an inch or more larger than it should be.

Eventually (sometimes after just a few wheel revolutions), the blower would "tilt" to where one auger didn't make enough contact (leaving snow) while the other auger made too much contact (leaving black skid marks), and caused the blower to pull to one side. I'm sure the skid marks are more pronounced in my case since I have brand new augers and my concrete driveway is still new-looking (<2 years old); they would probably be unnoticeable on blacktop.

Unfortunately, I convinced my wife we needed a small blower (to compliment a 24" two-stage) so she could use it too -- now I'm not so sure she can. In any case, she is unimpressed with spending $600+ on a blower that required more time & labor to clear a few inches of wet snow than it would take using a shovel. The black rubber "auger stripes" are kinda embarrassing too.  :-)

Looking ahead:  In preparation for another (wet) snow, I applied two coats of a quality protectant on the wheels and deep into the treads. My thought is that if liquid water beads on the protected surface, ice may still build up but might chip off more completely. I also read that if your blower is stored in a garage you should "pre-freeze" it  before use to reduce the amount of snow that builds up inside the chute, on the wheels, etc.  We will see...but it not be until next season.

The Right Choice

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Wednesday, December 13, 2017
CT Cowboy
Shelton, CT
Type of use:  Residential
While I saw all of the Honda models in my favorite shop, I was not convinced until I went on line and did the research. First, Honda qualified, in my mind, as the brand of choice, then reviewing the Honda Snow Throwers, I read a review in Consumer Reports from a fellow in Colorado that convinced me the 720 model fit my needs. I opted for the recoil starter with the shoot controls mounted in front of the operator. I tried it out and became convinced that I had made the right choice. Being in Lower New England, the winters are iffy as to how much snow will fall. Anywhere from trace" to as much as 18" in a single storm. So I am ready and confident in my Honda to handle what comes. BTW small equipment Honda engines are thoroughly reliable for long term service.  Be aware, the scaper on the bottom of the machine makes it a poor choice on dirt, gravel or broken asphalt surfaces.

great purchase

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Thursday, March 16, 2017
Morris Plains, NJ
Type of use:  Residential

This snow blower purchase was long overdue. We just had an 18"

snowfall and I went through it with relative ease. Thank you Honda

for a great product.


Great Product

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Friday, March 10, 2017
Snow in RI
Portsmouth, RI
Type of use:  Residential

In the New England area. I use this snowblower on my driveway that can fit two rows of three cars. I used to shovel it by hand it would take me hours in a snow storm. I just tried it in 3 in and the machine cleared the driveway and walkway in about 20 min.


Very easy to start. You shouldnt need the electric start model. I would take more time and effort to get the cord and plug it in than pull the handle. 


Easy to assemble and maintain

Easy to maneuver and I can transport the machine myself. 


Packaging. Machine was slightly damaged in the box. The choke lever was bent and the starter key popped out, a bolt was missing from the handle bar, and the chute was slightly bent. Will have to go to my local dealer for repairs under warranty.

I was thinking about this machine or a Toro 721. I am glad I went with this one.

It runs good when it runs

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Saturday, January 21, 2017
Orem, UT
Type of use:  Residential
I just purchased this snow blower and it started right up.  I was pleased at how quiet it ran compared with my other blower.  It handled 8 inches of wet snow without trouble.  There are things that I noticed which hindered the use: It would catch on grass that grows in the cracks of the sidewalk, It doesn't work well on sidewalks that have crumbling sections, After 30 minutes of use the engine died as if it was out of gas.  I took it back to my house to fill the tank with clear gas(no ethanol) only to find it was still 3/4 full.  I didn't add anymore gas but restarted the engine and it did just fine for another 30 minutes and then it died again. I don't know what the problem is. 


Model Reviewed: HS720AM Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Draper, UT
Type of use:  Residential
The HONDA snow throwers cost a bit more than other brands BUT after having a HONDA lawn mower that has started up each spring for the past four years (the only mower that I have ever owned that did this) as well as other Honda equipment I knew that it would be worth the extra investment. The model I wanted was sold out locally at The Home Depot so I ordered online from them. Out of the box I had to add the oil and tighten a couple bolts and fill with gas. The snow day arrived and I put it to the test. The box boasted a snow throw of up to 33 feet and this is exactly what happened. The snow was wet power and the blower was able to throw it almost across the street before I adjusted the shoot to keep it on the lawn. My model has the electric start feature but my first start up was manually and it started so easily that I'm not likely to need to use the electric start. This seems to be a very fine machine and I expect that it will give me a number of trouble free years of service.

Happy Camper

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Kaysvile, UT
Type of use:  Residential

Bought the HS720AM model the day after Christmas.. a present to myself!  I have used my Honda lawn mower for 4 years now without a single problem.  Even after sitting all winter long, without any additives or any other storage prep., starts every time on the first pull.  Sooo, with that kind of service from my mower, I have to expect similar service from my snow blower.  Had about 8 inches of snow that I was anxious to try it out on, and was as satisfied with it's performance or more so with the snow blower as I have been with the mower.  When you enjoy a dream, you don't interrupt it!  Beyond my expectations.

Satisfied customer.

Ike from Utah... Greatest Snow on Earth.  



Model Reviewed: HS720AM Thursday, December 15, 2016
St Clair Shores, MI
Type of use:  Residential
Test drive was the 8" snow In Michigan Dec 11, 2016. Handled it with ease.

Hard to pull to start

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Friday, November 18, 2016
Lansing, MI
Type of use:  
my in-laws had a Honda snowblower years ago so I bought one but it sure pulls harder then theirs did I am kind of disappointed

16 yrs old model has been awesome!

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Thursday, September 22, 2016
weasie in West Yellowstone
West Yellowstone, MT
Type of use:  Residential

I'm at this site because it's time. My little workhorse is 16 yrs. old.  And I want another one.

At the beginning the power was stupendous. I could take out second story windows with the light ,cold West Yellowstone snow. Yes, if there was over a foot, it took some work augering down in, but if you get after it before it's more than a foot deep, no problems! 

I'll upgrade to  the model with the on handle chute control, because yes, in tight quarters that bar sticking out is a hassle.  

But Honda: The best.     My little snowblower is tired and only spits the snow a little way, so after 16 years (of 9 months of winter), and minimal maintainence on my part, I'll do a testimonial ad for ya'.

Snow Chute Handle

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Lafayette, IN
Type of use:  Residential
I've used mine for 2 seasons now and it does a great job of moving the snow.  The only down side it the snow chute handle used to adjust the direction the snow is blown.  It projects out further than the sides of the snow blower making it impossible to get as close to vehicles in the drive.  For example if the snow is directed to the left the handle projects out from the right side of the snow blower.  Be careful not to scratch your vehicle.  I wish I would have spent the extra $50 for the handle mounted controls.

good but check work

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Wednesday, March 2, 2016
ann arbor, MI
Type of use:  Residential
Check the factory attached bolts.  I lost a bolt the second time I used it.

Won't Start

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Detroit, MI
Type of use:  Residential
Sorry but I have had problems starting this snow blower since the day I purchased it. It took about 7 to 8 pull that day to start it. Now a year later it will not start at all. I drained the fuel for the off season and put fresh gas in today and it still will not start. Very displeased with this product so far.

Worth every penny!

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Saturday, January 23, 2016
Columbia, PA
Type of use:  Residential

I highly recommend this machine. Starts on one pull every time. Lightweight. Powerful. Very fuel efficient.

Blasted right through a foot of snow effortlessly. Very easy to use and manipulate. Powerful Honda engine

does not back down, even in heavy, wet snow. Perfect for the homeowner who has had it with shoveling

snow. You will not be disappointed with this blower.

Wonderful Machine

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Mich Dad
Macomb, MI
Type of use:  Residential
Had one of these for at least 5 years. I have the electric start, but never really need it as it starts on the first pull. Much easier to use than my old 2 stage since it's lighter and more maneuverable. A bonus is that it scrapes right down to the pavement! I always recommend this machine to anyone who'll listen. This machine was a godsend over the last two years in record setting brutal Michigan winters.

Best Money I ever spent

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Cold in Chicago
Chicago, IL
Type of use:  Residential
I have bought cheap snow blowers in the past.  I finally broke down and spent the extra for a Honda.  It is totally worth it.  Subfreezing temps in Chicago and it starts right up on the first pull EVERY time.  it is amazing.  Light and easy to maneuver.  I am extremely happy with this machine.

Almost Perfect

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Saturday, August 29, 2015
Cherry Hill, NJ
Type of use:  

I've had this model for 14 years and it has never let me down. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I have never changed the oil or replaced the plug, though I have added oil through the years. After 14 seasons it starts right up and still gets the job done.

Be aware if the snow is more than a foot, the job does get done but it is a bit challenging. Even with heavier snows, this machine beats the heck out of shoveling.

I am considering an upgrade, but am a bit leary as this machine owes me nothing and has been extremely reliable. I am afraid that a newer machine might not be as reliable.

Awesome little blower

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Saturday, February 21, 2015
streetsboro, OH
Type of use:  Residential
Love it! What a work horse! No problem moving the heavy stuff piled at the end of the drive by the plows. Just throttles up and goes!. Starts first pull. chute control is a little cumbersome; but useable. Handle sticks out too far when turned to side; makes it hard to get close to , say, a car.Overall; a great machine!Glad I bought  HONDA! As an auto tech, I can see, feel,and hear the quality in this machine!

First time I've used it

Model Reviewed: HS720AM Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Peoria, IL
Type of use:  Residential
First use was Jan 6, 2015. Snow depth was 4-5 inches. Snow fell at 15F, so it was reasonably light. I received this machine approx Nov 1, 2014. I assembled it at that time and ran it very briefly. Since then it has been idle in the garage. I retrieved it on the 6th, turned on the fuel valve, put the choke "on", and pulled the starter rope. Started immediately @ approx 15F, and I was engaging snow in 10 seconds. Since this was my first use of this machine, a certain familiarity time was necessary. After a few minutes I was quite comfortable with the machine and I am very impressed with its ability to move snow. As stated, the snow was pretty light and the discharge distance was 30 feet or more. The manual discharge director was easy to use and quite predictable for its result. I did encounter deeper, heavier snow at the end of my driveway (left by the city snowplow). This snow was 8-10 inches deep and somewhat compacted. No matter...the blower had to work a little harder and the blower moved a little slower in the heavy snow, but the engine power was quite adequate and quickly disposed of this snow as well. This machine is a replacement for a very old (mid-1970s) 2-cycle Toro with a full width paddle. The Toro is very light weight and very compact in size. The Toro is very easy to maneuver. I found the Honda to be heavier and longer (seemingly characteristic of most single stage snowblowers these days) and it took a little time for me to become accustomed to the add'l length and weight. But on the whole, quite manageable. At the conclusion of my first use I refilled the gas tank and found the machine to have used much less gas then the old Toro (and I didn't have to mix the gas with oil!!). Based upon what I saw in the tank, I believe I could have cleared the same snow again without filling the tank. Following my first use of this machine, I am very happy with my Honda purchase.
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