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Honda Heroes Past Winners

Honda Heroes

Peter K. “The SoupMan”

After the tragic loss of his son to an opioid addiction and homelessness, Peter K. was more motivated than ever to reach the less fortunate community with the two things he saw his some in need of most; the opportunity to cleanse and refresh their bodies, while giving the love and compassion they often go without. Everyone deserves to take a shower, and put on clean clothes, and what else warms the soul more than a bowl of hot soup in the winter. Peter’s mobile shower and soup kitchen serves over 100 people in need each weekend and his fleet of showers is expanding to reach even more! Take a listen to The SoupMan’s incredible story of turning tragedy into triumph in the name of his late son.

Jason W. and Hope Through Soap

The simple luxuries like a warm shower after a long day aren’t afforded to everyone, and upon realizing the needs and wants of the less fortunate, Jason formulated a plan to bring the showers to them. What started as a vision to provide Metro Atlanta with mobile showers for those in need has grown into showers, clothing, haircuts and hot food every Saturday! Check out this video for more on Hope Through Soap!

Gary M.

Many spend free time with family and friends, working on hobbies or housework, but Gary spends his time seeking opportunities to give back taking any opportunity to do so. From mowing the fields at his alma matter, to orchestrating blood drives and even, being a safe ride for neighborhood children to get back and forth to school, Gary’s calendar stays busy with service, and he still finds time to be a great mentor and father figure to all of those who need him. To learn more about Gary and his service to the Sacramento Metro area, take a look at this video!

Arthur T.

Arthur is the powerful educator behind Humble Farm Refuge; a micro urban farm that promotes environmental sustainability. Arthur devotes his time and facilities to re-educating the local community on the importance of quality and affordable food, all while empowering visitors to produce their own with spaces even those grounds that are unusual to the traditional farming landscape. There is more to learn; take a look at this video featuring Arthur and The Humble Farm Refuge.

Tom N. and The Detroit Mower Gang

After taking notice of the abandonment of parks and recreation facilities in his hometown of Detroit, Tom and The Detroit Mower Gang have worked tirelessly to maintain vacant lots and reclaim parks for the local children in the community. Since 2010, Tom has enlisted the help of 100 friends to form what’s affectionately known as, The Detroit Mower Gang. To date, they have completed over 300 mows! Experience Tom and the Detroit Mower Gang in action here!

Mike P.

During the day, Mike is a teacher at Minnechaug Regional High School in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. While many at the school would consider him a hero, he often comes to the rescue in his neighborhood as well, selflessly providing assistance to the elderly and disabled by volunteering to mow lawns in his community.

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