A variety of attachments save you time, storage space, and money
A variety of attachments save you time, storage space, and money

VersAttach® offers 6 optional attachments: trimmer, edger, pruner, hedge trimmer, cultivator, and blower. It's a flexible tool designed to take on a huge range of residential and commercial garden tasks.

SureLoc<sup>&reg;</sup> System: Twist, lock, and go!
SureLoc® System: Twist, lock, and go!

The innovative SureLoc joint locking system makes it easy to connect attachments with confidence. Just push and click to lock your attachment in place. No tools are required! SureLoc takes the guesswork out of knowing if the attachment is properly secured to the powerhead.

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Easy starting, 4-stroke Honda GX25 engine
Easy starting, 4-stroke Honda GX25 engine

Honda's GX25 engine offers a quick, easy start. No hassle. No fuss. Every time.

Runs on regular gas - no mixing!
Runs on regular gas - no mixing!

The GX25 is a mini 4-stroke engine. It runs on straight, unleaded gas. No need to mix gas and oil!

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Lowest sound level
Lowest sound level

Honda's superior engine technology reduces noise, offering the lowest sound level at idle and full throttle of any competitor.

Anti- vibration system for more comfortable operation
Anti- vibration system for more comfortable operation

UMC powerheads are equipped with Honda's anti-vibration system. A rubber mounted shaft between the shaft and the clutch reduces vibration. This creates a more comfortable user experience, especially for long periods of operation.

Use and store in any position
Use and store in any position

Honda's unique 360 degree inclinable engine can be used, rotated, and stored in any position.

Quick acceleration and excellent torque for demanding jobs

Designed to take on tough jobs without bogging down. Strong low-end torque characteristics allow many jobs to be performed at partial throttle, increasing fuel efficiency.

Exceptional fuel efficiency

Honda's highly fuel efficient design costs less to operate - up to 50% less than a comparable two-stroke model.

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Comfortable loop handle design

The vibration dampening design makes the UMC425 more comfortable to operate.

Solid trigger design for increased durability

Less smoke and odor

4-strokes don't burn oil like a two-stroke engine. Which means there's less smell and no smoke - and less headache for you.

Ergonomically designed and positioned controls

Balance and maneuverability are superb due to the optimization of the engine’s center of gravity, as well as the location of the throttle assembly and loop handle.

Safety glasses and harness included

3 year residential warranty
3 year residential warranty


Engine GX25
Displacement 1.53 cu. in.(25cc)
Fuel Unleaded Gasoline (86 Octane or higher)
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.56 qt
Carburetor Diaphram Type w/Fuel Pump
Idle Speed 3,100 +/- 200 rpm
Max.(no load) RPM 10,000 rpm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 44.7 in. x 12.4 in. x 9.6 in. (without attachment)
Dry Weight 11.2 lb (w/o attachment)
Engine Stop Switch Slide Type Switch
Throttle control Two Motion Trigger
Main Pipe Diameter 24 mm (0.94 in.)
Main Pipe Thickness 2 mm (0.08 in) Aluminum
Drive Shaft Rigid Steel
Shaft Support Rubber Mounted Bushings (4)
Handle Loop Type
Single Harness Standard
Safety Goggles Standard
Blade Barrier Kit Standard
Residential Warranty 36 months
Commercial Warranty 24 months


Trimmer (SSST)
Hedge Trimmer (SSHH-S)
Edger (SSET)
Cultivator (SSCL)
Pruner (SSPP)
Blower (SSBL)


Serial Number

How to Videos

VersaAttach Powerhead Setup
VersAttach Powerhead Operation
VersAttach Powerhead Maintenance
VersAttach Powerhead Storage


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Really cool yard tool!!

Model Reviewed: VERSATTACH-UMC425-POWERHEAD Sunday, June 7, 2020
Joe Yardmaster
Indiana, PA
Type of use:  Residential
Until I found Honda power tools, I had no idea that any company made 4-stroke engine yard tools!!  I thought they were all 2-stroke - a royal pain to mix gas and oil for those!  No such thing needed for these Honda trimmers/tools.   The UMC425 is great.  I really like the idea of interchangeable tools for the power head.  So far, I have the trimmer and blower.  Both work well.  Thankfully even at full power, the UMC425 is not overly loud, IMO.  The trimmer has soooo much power, I don't even have to use full throttle most of the time.   Not sure but I think it could cut down a jungle at full throttle!  Not sure if I'll get other attachments in the future or not. It does have a good bit of weight to it.  So I think use of the included harness will be essential for most people.  Using the harness, your body supports most of the tool's weight, and it's very easy to balance it using very little arm strength.  Also nice of Honda to include safety glasses!  All in all, really glad I purchased this.  It's going to help my yard (and driveway) to look great, all the time!  

Quality - worth the higher price

Model Reviewed: VERSATTACH-UMC425-POWERHEAD Monday, September 2, 2019
Raleigh, NC
Type of use:  Residential

I've used this for 1 month with the sting trimmer (+ brush cutter), blower and edger.  It is built very solidly and starts with ease.  I was attracted to this because I love Honda and I liked that I could use regular gas with this 4 stroke model.  I can't really speak to how this compares to using 2 stroke models as this is my first hand held lawn maintenance equipment, but I've read reviews, etc.  I figured I would save money buy purchasing top of the line quality (vs entry level and then purchase better equipment later on).

The trimmer works very well with ease and performs very well.  I'm not crazy about the way to garner more length of string when it breaks (which has you tap the ground and full throttle and it should come out but for me does not).  However, you can easily remove the string line spool with a squeeze on either end and manual retract it.  Takes 20 seconds.  Easy.

The brush cutter (optional attachment to string trimmer) is very effective as I was able to cut down thick small plants (weeds) with ease.

The blower is very nice as well.  I'm able to clear my sidewalks, driveway with ease and the way the air comes off the blower is very precise, which gives you excellent control to clear sidewalks/driveways with ease (e.g. it is not blasting high power air everywhere causing things to fly up and around in a chaotic way).  Simply hover the blower near the ground and guide it where you want.  It may not have the pure air power of other blowers (note I have the 25cc model engine), but it makes up for it with precision and control.

I've yet to use my edger, but I can't wait.  Highly recommend this product.

Honda UMC425 Initial Review

Model Reviewed: VERSATTACH-UMC425-POWERHEAD Thursday, November 3, 2016
Linthicum Heights, MD
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical

I purchased the UMC425 Power Unit along with the hedge trimmer and pole pruner attachments.  My initial impression?  Typical Honda Fit & Finish - superb. 

After unboxing, I could not locate the owners manual, thus went online to download, only to find the manual later on upon completely disassembling the box the UMC425 came in - it was in there but tucked away between two panels of the box.  While it's always nice to read the owners manual, the unit's functionality is the same as others.  My main reason for needing the owner’s manual?  The unit did not come supplied with the required oil for the 4-Stroke engine, just a yellow tag attached to the starter grip/recoil starter cord stating there is no oil in the engine, and no mention of type of oil required, or amount.  So, if purchasing, ensure you have the required SAE 10W-30 oil (at least 2.7 ounces, minimum API service classification of SJ) on hand or your joy to crank the unit will be interrupted by a trip to the store.

Luckily I had plenty of oil on hand and soon had the unit cranked.  The UMC425 is super quiet compared to my other 2-Stroke units, and talk about torque, it's got plenty.  Soon I was trimming hedges and found what I already knew based on the listed specs, the unit is heavy!  Not as heavy as the UMC435 though, it’s 2-lbs. heavier, which is why I purchased the UMC425.  Combined, the UMC425 and hedge trimmer attachment weight 16-lbs.  If working above waist level for long, you'll require some breaks.  Luckily, you can use those breaks to admire the superb cut of the hedge trimmer attachment.  

I will admit, even though the quality appears to be there, I was taken completely off guard to find the units are made in Taiwan, not in Japan as all my other Honda products, which I normally associate with quality.  

Hopefully after more time behind the trigger of the UMC425 I can give a more in-depth review, but so far, beyond the weight, and disappointment/surprise to find the unit is manufactured in Taiwan, great product!

Runs great

Model Reviewed: VERSATTACH-UMC425-POWERHEAD Monday, April 4, 2016
Lexington, SC
Type of use:  Residential
Love this piece of equipment. When I seen them at a home show and seen that it was 4 stroke...I was hooked. I stopped and got one on the way home from the local Honda dealership. Love that it's quiet, dont need to mix gas and it starts easy. Taught my wife how to start it the other day in case she wants to blow off the porch when i'm not around.
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