The ultimate hand-held solution for heavy-duty trimming and brush removal.

The HHT35SLTA takes all the features of the HHT25 and bumps up the power. Perfect for taking on the challenging jobs.

Easy starting, 4-stroke Honda engine
Easy starting, 4-stroke Honda engine

The Honda Quick Start system offers a quick, easy start. No hassle. No fuss. Every time.

Runs on regular gas - no mixing!
Runs on regular gas - no mixing!

Honda's GX35 mini 4-stroke engine runs on straight, unleaded gas. No need to mix gas and oil!

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Quick acceleration and excellent torque for demanding jobs

Designed to take on thick grass and heavy brush without bogging down. Strong low-end torque characteristics allow many jobs to be performed at partial throttle, increasing fuel efficiency.

Fuel efficient design

Highly fuel efficient design costs less to operate - up to 50% less than a two-stroke trimmer!

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Comfortable loop handle design
Comfortable loop handle design

Vibration dampening design makes the HHT35SLTA more comfortable to operate.

Durable flex shaft with limited lifetime warranty
Durable flex shaft with limited lifetime warranty

Flex shaft with limited lifetime warranty for increased durability and superior shock absorption

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Deflector designed to provide increased operator visibility
Deflector designed to provide increased operator visibility

Equipped with an automatic line cutter.

Solid trigger design for increased durability
Solid trigger design for increased durability

17" Semi-matic bump feed head, with Ultra Quiet<sup>&reg;</sup> line
17" Semi-matic bump feed head, with Ultra Quiet® line

Ultra Quiet® line significantly reduces the trimmer's noise level.

Less smoke and odor

4-strokes don't burn oil like a two-stroke engine. Which means there's less smell and no smoke - and less headache for you.

Ergonomically designed and positioned controls

Balance and maneuverability are superb due to the optimization of the engine’s center of gravity, as well as the location of the throttle assembly and loop handle.

Lower vibration for more comfortable operation

The GX35 creates less vibration than comparable engines. An advanced anti-vibration system is designed into the engine clutch housing to further minimize operator fatigue.

Use and store in any position

Unique 360 degree inclinable engine can be used and stored in any position.

Safety glasses and harness included

Can accommodate a variety of 9" and 10" cutting blades with optional barrier kit


Engine GX35
Displacement 2.18 cu. in. (35.8cc)
Fuel Unleaded Gasoline (86 Octane or higher)
Fuel Tank Capacity 22.0 fl oz.
Carburetor Diaphragm Type w/Fuel Pump
Idle Speed 3,100 +/- 200 rpm
Max.(no load) RPM 10,000 rpm (without cutting head)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 73.8 in. x 12.8 in. x 10.2 in.
Dry Weight 14.8 lb. (w/o head) 15.5 lb (with head)
Engine Stop Switch Slide Type Switch
Throttle control Two Motion Trigger
Main Pipe Diameter 1.0 in. (25.4mm)
Main Pipe Thickness .06 in. (Aluminum)
Drive Shaft Flexible Steel Cable
Shaft Support Nylon Support Sleeve
Gear Ratio 1.235
Handle Loop Type
Cutting Head Semi-matic Feed-Nylon
Line Type Ultra Quiet
Cutting Width 17"
Single Harness Standard
Double Harness Optional (must be used with all blade applications)
Safety Goggles Standard
Steel Blade 9" or 10" Blades Optional (requires barrier kit)
Blade Barrier Kit Optional (must be used with all blade applications)
Residential Warranty 2 years
Commercial Warranty 1 year


Double Harness
Blade Barrier (must be used with all blade applications)
9" Cutting Blades
10" Cutting Blades


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45 years and a dozen different weed eaters !

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Thursday, February 20, 2020
Bakersfield, CA
Type of use:  Residential, Other [around my 5 acre farm]

65 year old farmer. After reading some of the reviews - I thought wow, problems in high weeds or grass huh ?  What a farse these comments are.  If there is a problem cutting tall grass with this machine it isn't the machine its the operator. I went through 16" clumping grass like a knife in butter. First, there is a procedure. In a clumping of tall grass exceeding 12" tall, cut the top 6" off with the first sweep, and on the return cut the bottom 6" off.  Cutting grass that is clumbed at 12" taller or taller will wind the stalks of the grass around the end, causing it to be bogged down,  if not stopped.

This machine is the best I have ever owned. I have always owned 4 cycle weed eaters. Toro, Troy, Echo, and Stihl over a span of 45 years.  During the summer, seldom is there a week that goes by that I am not weed eating.  Sleeping, plowing, planting, cultivating, irrigating, harvesting and weed eating.

I love the fact my hand doesn't go numb from the vibration of using this Honda  - unlike all the other units I have owned.  I just finished using this Honda for 4 straight hours - right out of the box. I have a bad lower back that hurts quite often especially when I have to hold something out to my front. The harness prevented me from having to hold this machine out with my arm that usually cause my back to hurt after about 30 minutes.  I love the fact that I don't have to pull on the rope 50 times to get "this"  unit to start as has been the case with my Stihl, Troy, Echo and Toro over the past 45 years.

This Honda started on the first pull out of the box. Wow.  At 1/2 speed I cut down weeds that were 6 to 8" tall. The harness, once I got it adjusted to the right height for me, made this Honda feel like it weighed less than 5 pounds. I could actually swing the weed eater head from left to right and right to left using only my right hand, keeping my back straight.

After 4 consecutive hours of weed eating , usually at 1/2 speed, my back did not hurt, my hand wasn't numb, and the "end" head attachment with the string worked perfect.

Its not how much one pays for something. Its what one gets for what they pay for.  This Honda is a real bargain from Amazon.  I have a lawn mower, roto tiller, high pressure washer and now a weed eater all powered by Honda .  A 10 out of a 10. Excellent.

Bump feed spool

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, August 24, 2019
Lufkin, TX
Type of use:  Residential
I like the trimmer, but I am very disappointed on the bump-feed spool.  In only my third time to use it, the bump knob locked into the housing.  Right now I am hoping that the spool head on my old Echo will fit the Honda.  Other than this issue, I am happy with the operation of the trimmer.


Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Monday, August 19, 2019
Burgaw, NC
Type of use:  Residential

i live in the US and got sick and tired of having a work-out trying to start my 2 cycle lawn/ yard equipment and decided to spend the extra money and got a Honda.

Best thing I ever did——-starts after a couple of pulls, quiet, powerful and Honda reliable.

My yard is 3/4 acre so it gets plenty of use.

I notice that the brush cutting accessories in the UK are extras whereas in the US they were included in the price.

Get one —you wont regret it. 

Best trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Thursday, July 25, 2019
Hudson Falls, NY
Type of use:  Residential
This is the second Honda outdoor product i’ve purchased. Nowadays you get what you pay for. I will never buy anything other than Honda.  Love it  very little effort, throttle needed!

Everything but the trimmer head

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Charlotte , NC
Type of use:  Residential

i saw the reviews on the trimmer head....and should have listened.  Everything about this trimmer is great till you get to the trimmer head and spool.  For all the great engineering that went into this powerful and quiet running machine, the engineering of the trimmer spool is not the same kind of quality you would have expected.  Very out of character for Honda.

i still like this machine....but I am replacing the head.  Sadly.

Sparky Colorado

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Monday, June 10, 2019
Sparky Colorado
Loveland, CO
Type of use:  Residential
Bought the HHT35 S model after having owned the 25 model for many years. The 35 definitely has more power and cuts through thick weeds with little effort. If high speed is maintained the string will melt together, however spraying some non stick cooking oil on it seems to help to cut down on this and helps string to feed better. I have owned several other trimmers and this is the easiest to use and no gas to mix. Expensive, but worth it.

Heavy Duty Trimmer HHT35SLTA

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Sherwood, OR
Type of use:  Residential
So far, so good. 4 cycle 35cc engine runs great. I love not having to mix fuel and oil, like in the 2 cycle engines. This is the smoothest, quietest, most powerful trimmer I have ever used. 

Motor Great - Trimmer Head Bad

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, November 17, 2018
Duncan, AZ
Type of use:  Residential

Trimmer Head is POS.   Next to impossible to remove to restring.  Next to impossible to reattach to trimmer.  Line always getting tangled and or broken requiring removal, rewrapping and reinsallation (see complaint one).  Would love to find a fixed line head like I had on my old Craftsman 50cc 4 stroke trimmer.  Note - This is same head as on the newer trimmer line that replaces th HH series - so beware.  Looking for a replacement head from day 1.

Motor starts right up and very quiet.  More than enough power.  About same weight as old craftsman. I have had great experiance with Honda generators and lawn mowers.


Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, September 15, 2018
Throop, PA
Type of use:  Residential
All I can say is WOW!!!  This trimmer is UNBELIEVABLE!!!  There is not enough stars to give.  Residential or Commercial use, spend a couple of extra dollars.  You will not be disappointed.  

Phenomenal trimmer after changing the spool

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Tuesday, September 11, 2018
El Monte, CA
Type of use:  Residential
We bought the 35cc trimmer in 2009. The trimmer is powerful, reliable, quiet, and economical to run. With the barrier kit, it easily clears brush, saplings, etc. We could not get the original line-feed head to work as well as the trimmer itself does, so we installed a competitor's universal line-feed head. That fixed the only frustration, and the trimmer is a pleasure to use.


Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Sunday, September 9, 2018
Sandpoint, ID
Type of use:  Residential
Great machine, starts every time, although, I do probably over-maintenance it!... The only draw back is the line housing spool device!... It is poorly designed!... I'm constantly having to stop and fix the line due to some type of issue, either with the line not feeding itself out or or cross-threading itself within the housing or something else!... This is the only negative!... 

A great weed eater

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Jolly Green Gaint
Type of use:  Residential
I Have owned this weed eater  for 4 years now. I do a lot of mowing every year. It starts and works today just like it did when I got it brand new on June 16, 2014. I have had NO problem with the feeder head. It feeds the line out just like it should. I love this weed eater.  

Heavy Metal

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, April 14, 2018
Wahiawa, HI
Type of use:  Residential
I spend at least two hours at time using this machine.  Never have I lacked the power I need to get the job done.  Easy to service, starts on the first pull 99% of the time.  My neighbors envy this machine.  Straight gas makes life easier, as one gas can does it all for me now.  Only one concern over the two stroke competitors is the weight of this machine.  Your arms get used to it over time, and is not a big deal considering the virtues of this machine. I would buy another, but I think it will be awhile before I'm in the market again as this grass trimmer seems bullet proof.

weed eater

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Monday, April 9, 2018
Type of use:  Residential

My 3rd one as I have multi-locations. Great machine and very reliable and easy to start. Use of no mixing oil in gas is really good. FRIENDLY SALES STAFF 

Best trimmer I ever used

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Dusty Sense Cap
Houston, TX
Type of use:  Residential
The power of this trimmer is great. The unit heavy but after buying new trimmer every two or three years this is a work horse. 

Avoid this model

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Jeff J.
West Chester, PA
Type of use:  Residential

I have only had mine for five weeks and has not worked right most of the time and been in the shop twice already.   At full throttle (when you use it) it starves of fuel.  This is due to a kinked fuel line that is routed directly in front of the primer bulb.  This is a serious design flaw and now I am stuck with a Honda product that I can't use.  AVOID.

I am a big time Honda fan too, and had the original trimmer when it was first invented by Honda.  

grass trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Lake Placid, NY
Type of use:  Residential
Quieter than the normal 2 cycle trimmers and also a bit heavier. Seems to maintain RPM and power in the heavy grass better than the 2cycle trimmers I have used. Had a bit of initial problem trying to get the line feed working and removing and reinstalling new trimmer line. Seems this could be a better design. Overall I would say if you can deal with the heavier weight by use of the shoulder strap it should be a good unit. The other positive is that it starts on the first pull and once started does not stall out as 2 cycle units tend to.

cutting line head

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Sunday, August 27, 2017
Chaumont, NY
Type of use:  Residential
I love the Honda HHT 35S Trimmer but the cutting line head is time consuming to feed line on the head. Bumper not feed the line I have to bump it more than one time and sometimes it feeds too much line. Such a good running machine to have a poor head. 

Line feeder assembly difficult to use: not recommended

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Monday, August 14, 2017
Ellijay, GA
Type of use:  Residential
I sought out this 4-stroke Honda because I wanted the 4-stroke 35cc power. The only store that carried it within a 100mile radius from me was Northern Tool in Marietta, GA. After several attempts to use this product I became fed up after two weeks and returned it to the store. 
The problem was the line feeder mechanism after trying to engage the bump feeder. Upon engaging the bump feeder, the line would retract back into the feeder spool housing. This causes the user to have to take off the spool housing and attempt to feed it through their over-engineered spool/feeder mechanism. Wrapping the line is also very technique sensitive and time consuming. The line seems to invariable get wrapped up and twisted on itself and causes the line to break off inside the spool housing when attempting to bump-feed new line out.
I looked at product videos on YouTube, etc and there are not a lot of reviews/resources on this trimmer. I called several local area dealers that Honda listed on their website, and not one (NOT ONE LISTED) said they were a dealer for Honda power trimmers, only other Honda products like generators, etc. Honda needs to update this info and make it clear that these dealers do not carry or service their trimmers. So I called Honda and they (indirectly) indicated that this has been a problem in the past and they offered to send a different type of spool/feeder head that requires the user to cut individual 8" slices of line and place them in the head, individually, per use. Seemed squirrely but I took them up on their offer and they sent the part. The line need to be replaced each time they wear out. There is no bump feeder on this type of head. No thanks. Looks like I was trading one problem for another. I promptly shipped it back and started researching returning the unit to Northern Tool.
After researching other trimmers, I decided to go with an Echo. Easy to feed the line, bump feed works well, no complaints. Trouble free all summer long...I was really looking forward to owning that Honda but it did not work out. They really need to re-think that engineering on the bump-feeder head because it is clearly inferior to their competitor, Echo. Northern Tool was very understanding and offered a full refund since I had owned it for less than two weeks. I would absolutely shop again at Northern Tool in Marietta, GA and their staff is excellent. I would buy a Honda car or motorcycle, but not sure about the trimmer.

Honda HHT35SLTA Trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Del Valle, TX
Type of use:  Residential
first just received a brand new Honda trimmer from Homedepot that I ordered online the product came with the boxes from Honda with good conditions. After take it home and opened it everything looks perfect with all accessories  no damage. The motor coming without the oil in the crankcase but Honda shipped with an 10-30W oil bottle 100cc/3.4 fl.oz with it. So I filled the motor oil it perfect amount with ship along bottle. Fill the gas and prime the gas couple pump close the choke then pull the motor it starts right up at the first pull. I try to use the trimmer with the heavy weeds around my yard it was very impressed with the power ???? ???????? The kind of weeds I'm not able to cut with my previous trimmer "not to mention of the brand" so happy with the new trimmer, so far very impressed and will see after I keep using it then I will write a an update comment so far HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ??

So far it has been disappointing

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Monday, June 5, 2017
Laurens, SC
Type of use:  Residential
I read about how good this trimmer was, but so far I have not been impressed.  The first unit I got came with a broken choke lever, so I took it back to Home Depot for a return.  The second unit came with all the parts working.  I started to use it and the string would not feed.  I opened the feeder and re-threaded the string and it broke inside again.  Then I could not get the spool to release.  I worked on it for a long time, and even sent Honda a request for help.  No response from Honda.  So I reviewed how to replace the head and saw the note about using an allen wrench to stop the rotation, which worked in getting the spool off.  So far I have spent time driving to Home Depot and working on it on my work-bench.  Hopefully next time I use it it will work properly.

Best trimmer I ever owned

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Burlington, NC
Type of use:  Residential
This is the best trimmer I ever owned 5+stars all around

Great Trimmer but the bump feed is a bummer!

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Baltimore, MD
Type of use:  Residential

I bought this HHT35SLTAT trimmer and it well built and balanced. It does a great job at trimmer etc.

The main problem I am facing with this trimmer is the line bump feed. It gets entangled and wont auto feed when bumped. This is a simple problem which Honda could have rectified. All it needs is a two track spool for the line to feed into the head holes. Separate winding spools for each line and pronto it should work. But, the two lines are wound on one track and one can never get them to work without out opening the head and untangling the feed line.

I am looking around for different head and doing my homework to resolve this issue. 

I am sure the motor and rest is reliable as any Honda machine. But the bump feed head is a really mess design wise. I cannot believe that Honda would over look such an issue.

I tried reading up the manual and other articles on spool winding etc. It still wont feed the line properly. It will refeed on the first bump and from then on it gets entangled.I am a little bummed!!

I tried calling Honda and no one answers. I hope some can suggest some good quality line feed heads that fit on this model. 

A finely tuned machine!

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Willisburg, KY
Type of use:  Residential

After a few months of use, I'm ready to share my thoughts on this machine. I absolutely love it! It starts so much easier than my other brand 30cc 4 stroke it replaced ever did. I'm still getting used to the fact I no longer have to yank the cord wildly multiple times to get it to start. Just a steady pull and it gets going. My old machine never wanted to restart after it had been running a while but this Honda seems to start as easily from hot as it does cold. Doesn't stall like other brands either. Will idle till I shut it off.

I've read a few reviews claiming this machine is under powered but have to say that is not the case. The line that comes with this unit seems kinda flimsy and is too lightweight for tougher jobs. Ineffective line, yes...under powered unit, not at all. You will need to switch to a larger/better quality line to see what this thing is capable of. I'm using a quality .105 line and tackling everything from dense orchard grass, briers, tall johnson grass, etc....anything that gets in it's way gets obliterated!  Search for .105 titanium force if you're interested in what kind of line I've had success with. The bump head has been working great with the upgraded line and I couldn't be happier!

Throttle sticks on high

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, October 1, 2016
Savage, MD
Type of use:  Residential

Two problems right out of the box.

1. The "quiet" line they ship on the spool won't feed.  I had to use pliers and side cutters 3 times to untangle it.  It welded itself together.  I bought some replacement line, and had no problem with it.

2. The throttle sticks at wide open and won't release.  You have to shut it off and poke the wheel on the end of the cable inside the motor to get it to release.  Then avoid full throttle all the time you cut, which is not easy.

Update to "what a junker"

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Monday, August 22, 2016
Raytown, MO
Type of use:  Residential
Well after 2 weeks in the shop. They put a new carburetor on it, adjusted the valves and added a new spark plug. I got the weed eater back.  Filled the fuel tank, used it for about thirty minutes off and on.  Then it went back to its same old actions. Will start, Will run at the fast idle.  But when you rev it up, it dies.  If only Honda would give me my money back, I would crawl back to stihl. Then are hard to start. But at least the keep running.

what a junker

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Thursday, July 28, 2016
Raytown, MO
Type of use:  Residential
I bought the 35cc 2 weeks ago.  The dealer had already put the oil in it.  I added the gas.  Used up the string that came with it.  then reloaded. by the time that string was gone, I was low on fuel, or at least that is what I thought.  As it turns out the piece of junk won't do more than idle.  It will start, it will run with the throttle set for starting.  It will run when you release the throttle from the start position.  But if you rev it up.  It will die within 3 seconds.  Oh you can feather it for a minute or 2, but then it dies.  I have never bought such a lemon in all my 50 years.  I thought Honda meant quality.  I am proven wrong.  Will find a dealer to take it to.  They will have to keep it for a few weeks.  Then the mowing season will be over.   


Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Sunday, July 24, 2016
The Commandant
Indian Trail, NC
Type of use:  Residential
Needed new trimmer for my newly planted Princess 77 yard. This HHT35 was replacing a 15 year old stihl. I've always purchased commercial grade equipment for my home.  They last forever.  Only had this trimmer for a little less than a month.  A little heavy for my bones, but you get-what-you-pay-for.  The shoulder strap, properly fitted, balances this thing out.  I believe I will see her grow old and off to college.  I love it, and I have yet to go higher than 1/4 throttle.  It's a Honda. My pressure washer, lawnmower and edger all have Honda engines and have not let me down yet.  You take care of your equipment, it will take care of you!  SemperFi!  Ooh Rah!

First outing

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Sunday, July 3, 2016
Old Bowler
Mulkeytown, IL
Type of use:  Residential
Just bought the trimmer and took it home for its first work session. After reading the manual it is a pretty straight forward operation. Took it to the heavier stuff first and it handled it without issue. Using the supplied string seemed to be OK but plan on moving to a bit heavier string when I reload. Best summing it up is that it runs "Like a Honda". Enough said

HHT 35 weed Eater

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Thursday, June 30, 2016
Cottontown, TN
Type of use:  Residential

Head configuration is a step backwards.Not easy to keep line from crossing.Will not feed good.Have had other 4 cycle w/e  that work much better. Big disappointment based what I paid for it.



Honda weed trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, June 25, 2016
Arnie Busby
Strasburg, CO
Type of use:  Residential
The machine works well without to many problems. I do believe that it is under on the RPM's as it seems to not have the power I would have expected. Also the re-threading of new string was pretty hectic. That needs to be addressed to make it a little more user friendly. 

String Trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Monday, May 30, 2016
Deer Harbor, WA
Type of use:  Residential
Honda makes the most beautiful motors that run and idle and have plenty of power. After struggling with an older 2 stroke trimmer, moving to a 4 cycle is just a pleasure. Quieter, more torque, runs at a lower rpm so will last longer. Weight is no more than the previous 2 cycle unit. The only disappointment is there is no auto dispensing string head (bump-feed), just the so called Kwik Loader. For $400, Honda fumbled the ball. 

Line Spool

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Fairhope, AL
Type of use:  Residential

Line (from Honda) will not feed properly.  Took it to a dealer and he took the pool apart and rewound line.  On first use it either let out to much line on slight bump or no line.  I fought this for two hours and finally threw it in the trash.  There is no customer service phone number to Honda. I am now looking for a universal line trimmer spool.

I just bought my last Honda product and will never buy another item on-line. There is absolutely no customer service from Honda.

Failure to run

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Blairsville, PA
Type of use:  Residential
I hope PMMcNelis reads this review.  I too purchase my trimmer from Home Depot on-line last May 2015.  The first use was to clear an overgrown leech field.  The trimmer worked great.  There is a learning curve required to realize just how large a stem the trimmer will cut before the string binds in the head.  Some blackberry and full grown pokeberry stems I found will bind the string before it will cut it.  The second time I went to use it I experienced the same trouble as Mr. McNelis, I couldn't keep it running and it seemed that the engine was either air of fuel starved.  The same problems as McNelis had the priming bulb would collapse and not recover.  When I opened the gas cap to check the intake filter I realized there was an air pressure build-up in the tank.  So pumping the primer bulb built up the pressure.   What I found to be the problem was that the fuel supply line and the return fuel line were retained behind a clip on the engine between the tank and the carburetor causing the supply line to crimp cutting off the fuel.  I removed the lines from the clip and the engine runs fine.  However it is obvious that the supply line is to long and the Honda help line at this web site does not have the specs to tell me how long the line should be nor what the hazard would be for leaving the line out from the retaining clip?  Might anyone have the official Honda correct remedy to this problem?

string head

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, October 24, 2015
wadsworth, OH
Type of use:  Residential

String head setup very poorly designed  both strings wind in same canal on string head and bind up so tight that you need pliers to pull loose so therefore the bump and feed option is non exsistant. I should have gone back to a Stihl.it lasted 23 yes.same money

What a trimmer!

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, August 29, 2015
Huntsville, AL
Type of use:  Residential
This monster arrived just yesterday and low and behold, I had already planned on cutting my yard after work that day! Finished up the yard and was time to see just what this piece of equipment was all about. I just recently purchased a new Honda mower and couldn't be more pleased with it. Thought I would try out one of their trimmers too. Trimmer came completely assembled, just had to add oil and gas and go through the start up steps in the manual. Trimmer started on 2nd pull, warmed it up and put it to the test. Let me tell you, from the moment you pick one of these up, you know you have a quality built machine in your hands and a very serious one! These are NOT light duty trimmers! The HHT35S has a ton of power..it is not for small yards with very little weed eating or trimming. This beast will plow through the toughest grass and weeds with no problem at only 1/2 full throttle. Getting used to the extra weight will take awhile. The shoulder strap comes in very handy in that area. Machine is well balanced, easy to use and operate and twice as quiet as my old 2 cycle trimmer. I couldn't be more pleased with it! I mainly got this to tackle my overgrown bushes in my backyard. If it handles that job like it does with grass and weeds, then I'am in heaven!

line spools unless you like agervation don't buy

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Sunday, August 16, 2015
medina, OH
Type of use:  Residential
I have both line spools tap and pre cut 8" neither are very dependable the 2line 8" after about 10hrs total time  the line just flys out after 5min or so. I have the 2 line tap type came with the trimmer 1st use line would not come out took it to dealer same day I bought trimmer new. I watched as service guy took it apart line was twisted around from factory. I am without a trimmer because factory supplied spool and $50+ 2 line will not work.I bought this trimmer new in May. I would not recommend this trimmer............

Great Trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Friday, August 14, 2015
Shelby Township, MI
Type of use:  Residential
i used to own 2 stroke trimmers all my life Redmax and Shindaiwa units, this beats any 2 stokes hands down. well built, easiest trimmer i ever started and very quiet i mean very quiet . very powerful i only need 1/3 throttle to trim grass around my yard.. i would would recommend this to anyone whose looking for a great trimmer for a good price.


Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, August 8, 2015
Type of use:  Residential
Very happy with purchase . Product is easy to start and and string feed is excellent . Goes through weeds with a breeze . Highly recommend because of it beinging 4 cycle powered, and perfectly balanced

Not what I had expected from Honda

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Monday, July 20, 2015
Annapolis, MD
Type of use:  Residential
I purchased my HHT35SLTA in April 2014 through the Home Depot website.  This was to replace a Ryobi string trimmer that had lasted about 3 years before the shaft warped. I decided to buy a Honda because of the reputation for quality.  I wanted a 4-stroke so I wouldn't have to mix gas.  All seemed right when I first got it, but after a couple of uses, I noticed the engine would sputter and want to stall if I tipped it on its side to edge along the sidewalk.  I thought, maybe this is just a nuance of 4-stroke engines...maybe they don't like to be tipped on their side.  So, I went with it.  I used it every other week for the grass-cutting season on my lawn. I used only high-octane gas.  But it only got worse.  When I would squeeze the throttle it would choke, they whir-away, but there was no power behind it.  Basically, it was doing a terrible job.  It didn't run correctly, wanted to stall all of the time.  It went into the shed for winter, and when I pulled it out again this past spring, it simply didn't work.  The prime bulb would collapse and stay collapsed.  If I did get it started, it only ran for a minute then cut out. I took it to an authorized repair center near my house last month.  They said it's probably a bad carburetor. They supposedly ordered the new carb, but it's been weeks, and they still don't have it in yet. So I have no trimmer at the moment, and according to the repair shop it's going to cost me money to fix it, even though t is still under warranty and has never worked correctly (now that I look back at the totality of the experience with the thing).  I am aggravated to the point I will likely never buy another Honda yard equipment, and will be leery of other brands (Husqvarna?) that use Honda engines.

great honda trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, July 18, 2015
austin, TX
Type of use:  Residential
I've used Honda mowers for years.  I wish I had started using Honda trimmers sooner.  This is the best trimmer I have ever had.

Good product...bad experience

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, July 18, 2015
Purchase, NY
Type of use:  Residential

I purchased the 25cc model earlier, which died in it's very first use...a lot of wrangling and complaints to the BBB were required to resolve the issue.  Needless to say, Honda is not at all helpful.  Purchase this model and it feels much heavier.  Other issues are

The strap does not provide very good balance

the bump mechanism for the line head is not as effective (as compared with the 25cc model)

Looking for a replacement line is a project by itself and stores like Amazon or Home Depot do not stock it

I find the product manual hard to follow, but then I am not an expert with power tools. 

essentially for 3 times the price of other trimmers, I expected more

Junk Auto Head

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Weed, CA
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical
The trimmer runs fine and has all the power you need. The trimmer head is the worst I have ever had on a trimmer. Contacted Honda and they said take a hike. Going back to Stihl trimmers. The last one I had for over 15 years. Do not purchase this trimmer.


Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Friday, June 5, 2015
Amboy, WA
Type of use:  Residential
Best weed and grass trimmer I have had so far. Easy to start after reading the owner's manual. No problem with starting after shutting off to refill with gas. Powerful, will cut through thick grass without a problem. Looking forward to using it to cut blackberry's and other brush around my 5 acres after ordering the bicycle handle and blade. It's heavier than my Steel but is worth it for the increase in power and easier to start.

Worth the Money!

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Thursday, June 4, 2015
Richford, VT
Type of use:  Residential

I unpacked the trimmer, added oil and gas, primed, choked, pulled starter cord and this thing started right up! We have a VERY large yard with several shrubs and flower gardens. I was finished trimming at record speed and never had to work very hard. I didn't find the weight of the trimmer to be cumbersome and it was easy to maneuver. Very quiet and fumeless compared to my "old" 2-cycle. For me, well worth the money if it continues to start-up and run as it did this first time.

Heavy or light use, you won't find one better!

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Thursday, June 4, 2015
Type of use:  Residential

I have only used it for 2.5 hours so far, but having used every other trimmer on the market, (and I mean every trimmer you can name), what this 4 stroke unit gives up in power, (in dense weeds only), it more than makes up for in stability, quiet running, efficiency, and comfort. I also have 3 acres, 2 Mown and trimmed, the 3rd ALL trimmed, so I have killed a few pretenders to the throne!

This unit weighs about the same as the Homelite HK24 I was using, (for 33 years!), which I only gave up on because original parts are "obsolete/no longer available". With the 4 stroke you lose a little power in dense vegetation, but moving forward a little slower solves this easily. I did have a problem with the string not being wound correctly from the factory, so I recommend sitting down and rewinding the string yourself when you get your unit home, not only to make sure, but also so you will be familiar with how the "tap" head works. Other than that, absolutely NO other complaints.

And it's runs after rolling into a lake....

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Murchison, TX
Type of use:  Residential

The old adage you get what you paid for is correct....  Yesterday I was trimming our lake front edge when a neighbor came by, I laid the trimmer on the ground and it rolled into the lake.  This was after trimming for about an hour.  I thought for sure I would have a cracked block, water in the intake surely it's not going to start.  I said what the hell, at this point I had nothing to loose.  I pulled the cord five times...got a little sputter with water spurting out.  Three more times and ran like a champ.  Trimmed for another 1 1/2 hours with no issues.  WELL DONE HONDA.

Love This!!

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Sunday, May 24, 2015
Pierre, SD
Type of use:  Residential
So glad to buy a four stroke weed eater. Tired of dealing with two stroke ones. This one is nice and quiet, fuel efficient.

Wonderful Trimmer and Unbelievable Quality!

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Friday, May 8, 2015
Danville, IN
Type of use:  Residential

I purchased a previous version of this trimmer in April of 2000, I actually had to go back and look at the receipt to verify. I was on the web site shopping as my local dealer is having an open house this weekend and thought I would consider replacing my current model along with a Honda HRX mower I am looking to purchase. The model I have is the UMK431LTA and has the GX31 motor which is similar to the current HHT35SLTA model.

I have been using this trimmer for residential work first on a small .25 acre lot and for the past 4 years on 20 acres. The trimmer has performed flawlessly since I purchased it new and I have to admit I am little baffled that it is still running and even more suprised when it fires after the 1-3 pulls even after sitting in the barn all winter with fuel in it. I have not been easy on this trimmer, the work I do around my property is difficult and has involved cutting tall weeds, small trees, cutting trails through our woods and maintaining approximately 5 acres of grass and a couple thousand feet of fence rows. Despite the abuse, the trimmer is original with the exception of the trimmer head. I have also used a steel blade and the power of the four stroke motor makes difficult jobs such as large weeds and small trees much easier. Unleaded fuel and no mixing is also a blessing and produces less fumes.  

This is a four stroke and does weigh a bit more than the various two stroke versions from other manufactures, I find the extra torque and fact that I don't have to use oil and fuel mixes is well worth the slight weight disadvantage. The motor starts right up and is not burning any oil after 15 years in service!

I was originally torn between the strait shaft vs. curved shaft. The strait shaft design has been nice and allows me to reach more area and at 6' 1" I don't have to bend as much while trimming. Also, the strait shaft is easier to store and move while traveling with it on the tractor or in the bed of my truck.

Oh, one more thing... This trimmer is quiet, the trimmer line whizzing through the air is louder than the motor.

Problem when it was new

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Thursday, April 30, 2015
Middletown, CA
Type of use:  Residential

A neighbor recommended this trimmer.  The head flew off after 3 minutes use and was lost.  The bolt holding the engine cover was missing.  When I called Honda for the size of the bolt they could not tell me.

After buying a new head and determining it was a 5 mm machine screw needed, the trimmer ran fine.  The extra 10 cc over most 25 cc trimmers helps a lot in taller grass.

Given Honda's reputation, it was initially disappointly  but having fixed the problems, the trimmer works well.

great product!

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Hammond, IN
Type of use:  Residential
Hands Down the best!

Best string trimmer I ever had

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Charlotte, NC
Type of use:  Residential
Have been using for a week now, very quiet, lots of torque, bump head has worked every time and this is the first trimmer I used that when trimming long weeds they don't get wrapped around the head.


Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Monday, February 16, 2015
Apopka, FL
Type of use:  Residential
Great machine. I also own an hrx-217 mower and it's the "Honda Pilot" in its category. The question is: I need to buy a leaf blower and I saw that they do sell them in England but not in America, will they start selling them in here or I'll have to shop elsewhere?

Still going strong

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Friday, February 13, 2015
Monterey Park, CA
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical

I bought this trimmer in April 2010.

It's great, no premixing fuel, starts right up every time with the fuel primer and choke.

After about 30 minutes of non-stop work, it gets a little heavy so I have a new technique the helps.

I keep the throttle handle side pinned to my hip and use my hips and leg as a pivot point!

It came with a bump/tap head that uses a .095" line. The lines I bought don't last very long and if I don't bump it often enough, it'll break inside the head and it takes a little time to take it apart and feed the line through again.

I prefer using the .130" thicker line. It doesn't break as easy and I don't have to change line as often.

I shoved the .130" line through the .095" head to test it. It's way better. I'll have to try drill the holes bigger or just go buy the .130" head.

I'm 2 for 2

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Friday, September 5, 2014
Houston, TX
Type of use:  Residential

Purchased the Honda HRX217HYA lawnmower and it is AWESOME... So, I thought I’d give the trimmer a try and go 2 for 2. I wasn’t disappointed. This is the best trimmer I’ve ever owned. Provided in the box was a container of oil, eye protection (yes… goggles) and the completely assembled trimmer (including string). Speaking of string, two bumps were all it took for me. I trimmed and edged my front and back yard (What is this stuff). Now for the engine, it’s very easy to start, very quiet (as far as trimmers go), powerful and well balanced. During the first use it may seem a little heavy and long, but you get used to it. Lastly, although it’s pricey for a trimmer it’s well worth it. Now, I just have one question for Honda. When will Honda produce a hand held leaf blower?

No regrets

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, July 9, 2014
alpharetta, GA
Type of use:  Residential
Simply a pleasure. Used it all day never noticed weight difference from my old husky. Mostly just used a 1/4 throttle,less noise =less fatigue.I look forward to the easy starting,seems like no matter how well you maintain a two stroke eventually you end up wrestling with the pull cord on a 95 degree day.Next is a four stroke blower,wish Honda would make one.

awesome product

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Sunday, June 29, 2014
mcallen, TX
Type of use:  Residential, Other [rental properties]
got my new weed eater today works great cuts like a beast quite smooth runs like a honda came loaded with quit string half way thru my job no string took it apart to load more spool still half full just got tangled and thats from the factory i fought tangled string all day bummer my old one had a feed thru head that had a divider to keep the 2 strings separated never had a problem with the string i do a lot of fence clearing so bump feed works best for me  but not happy with the factory head but still hands down the best machine i've ever owned would be great if i could buy accessories on-line 

The Only Trimmer I Will Use From Now

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Saturday, May 31, 2014
Houston, TX
Type of use:  Residential
Yes you do have to spend a few a few bucks that you prolly don't want to,but you wont have any regrets.  It has all the power that Honda says, and it's the quietest trimmer I've ever heard.  I can't be more satisfied with this trimmer.  It comes with safety glasses, strap and the oil to be added and the owners manual.  Its not too heavy for the size of it but once you use it you will be so amazed with the lack of noise and all the power in your hands you forget any worries at the time lol.  I'm a Honda believer from the start from ATV's, generator, and I bought the Honda HRR series mower right after the trimmer.  This will last for many years to come as long as you do the scheduled maintenance, just as anything else.  I just have a regular sized yard and a few extra yardsd now and then and you won't have to worry about refueling as often with it's greart fuel economy.  I wish I would have bought one years ago.

It's Honda Quiet

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Atascadero, CA
Type of use:  Residential

I've been using this trimmer for 3 years. I own 5 acres and have to do fire clearance on 2 acres of steep hillside every year. It's most waist high wild oat, with vetch, poison oak, thistles and other stuff thrown in the mix. It's about a 16 hour job. I also use it throughout the year for lawn touch ups and other small jobs.  In the 25 years I've lived here, I've worn out 3 2-stroke trimmers. I was using a Husqvarna 2-stroke and wanted a second trimmer, so my wife could help me. After shopping around, I settled on the Honda because of the reliability I've had with other Honda small engine products, and also because they are quiet, easy to start, and I didn't have to mix oil and gas. 

This trimmer quickly became my favorite. Even though it is heavier than the Husky, it powers through the weeds better, has less vibration, and yes it is Honda quiet. With the shoulder strap, the weight is really not a big issue with me, and I can run this for 6-8 hours no problem. I also spend less time fussing with it to keep it running.

If it sits for a long period the initial start up may take several pulls, but when it's warm, an easy half pull will start it. I always run premium gasoline in it and it helps if you run the tank dry before long periods of non-use. I only gave it 4 stars on features because it would be nice if they made attachments for it like a chainsaw head for tree trimming. My Husky has this and I love it.

They fell short of placing the stim on the apple!

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Sunday, May 25, 2014
Spring, TX
Type of use:  Residential
The engine is awesome with great power, easy start, extremely quiet engine, and very well balanced. This great machine does everything besides trim and cut the grass, because you are spending most of your time trying to get the spooler to work. It is impossible to spool the thing and keep the line from crossing each other, they should have tested this issue before releasing this unit or it would have been a perfect machine. I really do not understand why they have not came up with a better system and send the new correct spooler to customers who have purchased this unit, it would keep a customer happy and they will refer the unit to their friends. I cannot refer this unit to my friends. I plan on calling Honda on the next business day and see if they have a better solution to this major problem, I will send the unit back to the store and purchase the Stihl in the case that they do not have a better solution. I am seriously hoping that they can come up with a solution!!!      

Response from Honda

Hi Gee,

We're sorry to hear you are having problems with the trimmer head on your HHT35. It is possible you are not winding the trimmer head correctly. We suggest you check out your owner's manual, which includes detailed instructions.  http://powerequipment.honda.com/support/owners-manuals/hand-held/all

If you'd prefer a different trimmer head, Honda offers 6 different versions for this trimmer, both bump-feed and manual type. You may be happier with a Kwik Loader 2 line or 3 line head. These are the easiest to reload, but you will have to use pre-cut 8 inch line segments. You can purchase these in bulk and cut them yourself or you can purchase the 8 inch segments in 30 or 50 packs (depending on the size). Your local Honda dealer can help you select the best version for you.  Hope this is helpful!

More people should know about this trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Monday, April 28, 2014
Tigard, OR
Type of use:  Residential, Other [Farming]

I have used this trimmer for about 3 years now in some very demanding work.  This Honda trimmer mainly is used on a 10 are property.  It has plenty of power and can cut through green grass over 4' tall.  I have also used it to clear some blackberry bushes.  You rarely need to use the entire throttle.  It is much nicer to use this trimmer over the 2-strokes you need to rev to the moon just to cut light grass.  I've had days that I've used my Honda trimmer for over 7 hours straight on tall tough grass and it has yet to give me one problem

The trimmer is also much quieter and smells better than other trimmers, which makes it more enjoyable to work with.

Best Trimmer Ever!

Model Reviewed: HHT35SLTAT Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Jay B
Ellicott City, MD
Type of use:  Residential

My Boy Joe who be laying up in the cut finally manned up and got him one of these Honda joints.  I told him from the jump off, make sure you go straight shaft.  Told him don't be foolin with those bent shafts.  Seriously, who wants a bent shaft!?  He was about to go with some wack, 2 stroke trimmer, I was like, "Who, Whoa!!!  Hold up B?  You think you some sort of chemist??  Do you want to be spending your whole Saturday mixing oil and gasoline?  You trying to mix chemicals like Walter White in Breaking Bad?? Come on Dude? Wise up" I said  So, of course, Homeboy went out and bought this Trimmer, 4 stokes, mad CC's, and straight shaft.  Now the only drawback is, I saw him the other day with the goggles, the backstrap, and now he trying to act like he don't know me!!!  

Can't Win,  unless you buy this Trimmer B...

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