Easy starting, 4-stroke Honda engine
Easy starting, 4-stroke Honda engine

The Honda Quick Start system offers a quick, easy start. No hassle. No fuss. Every time.

Runs on regular gas - no mixing!
Runs on regular gas - no mixing!

Honda's 25cc mini 4-stroke engine runs on straight, unleaded gas. No need to mix gas and oil!

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Quick acceleration and excellent torque for demanding jobs

Designed to take on thick grass and heavy brush without bogging down. Strong low-end torque characteristics allow many jobs to be performed at partial throttle, increasing fuel efficiency.

Fuel efficient design

Highly fuel efficient design costs less to operate - up to 50% less than a two-stroke trimmer!

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Comfortable loop handle design
Comfortable loop handle design

Vibration dampening design makes the HHT25SLTA more comfortable to operate.

Durable flex shaft with limited lifetime warranty
Durable flex shaft with limited lifetime warranty

Flex shaft with limited lifetime warranty for increased durability and superior shock absorption

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Deflector designed to provide increased operator visibility
Deflector designed to provide increased operator visibility

Equipped with an automatic line cutter.

Solid trigger design for increased durability
Solid trigger design for increased durability

17" Semi-matic bump feed head, with Ultra Quiet<sup>&reg;</sup> line
17" Semi-matic bump feed head, with Ultra Quiet® line

Ultra Quiet® line significantly reduces the trimmer's noise level.

Lightweight - only 13.1 lbs!

The HHT25SLTA is Honda's lightest trimmer, thanks in part to the use of the world's lightest 4-stroke 25 cc engine.

Less smoke and odor

4-strokes don't burn oil like a two-stroke engine. Which means there's less smell and no smoke - and less headache for you.

Ergonomically designed and positioned controls

Balance and maneuverability are superb due to the optimization of the engine’s center of gravity, as well as the location of the throttle assembly and loop handle.

Lower vibration for more comfortable operation

The GX25 creates less vibration than comparable engines to minimize operator fatigue.

Use and store in any position

Unique 360 degree inclinable engine can be used and stored in any position.

Safety glasses and harness included

Can accommodate a variety of 9" cutting blades with optional barrier kit


Engine GX25
Displacement 1.53 cu. in.(25cc)
Fuel Unleaded Gasoline (86 Octane or higher)
Fuel Tank Capacity 16.9 fl.oz.
Carburetor Diaphragm Type w/Fuel Pump
Idle Speed 3,100 + 200 rpm
Max.(no load) RPM 10,000 rpm (without cutting head)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 73.5 in. x 12.7 in. x 9.6 in.
Dry Weight 12.3 lb (w/o head) 13.1 lb. (with head)
Engine Stop Switch Slide Type Switch
Throttle control Two Motion Trigger
Main Pipe Diameter 1.0 in. (25.4mm)
Main Pipe Thickness .06 in. (Aluminum)
Drive Shaft Flexible Steel Cable
Shaft Support Nylon Support Sleeve
Gear Ratio 1.235
Handle Loop Type
Cutting Head Semi-matic Feed-Nylon
Line Type Ultra Quiet
Cutting Width 17"
Single Harness Standard
Double Harness Optional (must be used with all blade applications)
Safety Goggles Standard
Steel Blade 9 inch Blade Optional (requires barrier kit)
Blade Barrier Kit Optional (must be used with all blade applications)
Residential Warranty 2 years
Commercial Warranty 1 year


Double Harness
Blade Barrier (must be used with all blade applications)
9" Cutting Blades


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Not a bad trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Saturday, June 6, 2020
Roswell, GA
Type of use:  Residential
I previously wrote a less-than glowing review on this trimmer shortly after purchasing it. It was not published and I'm glad, because now that I've been using it regularly, my opinion has changed. Compared with my 2-stroke trimmer, this is much quieter, especially since I only need to run it at half throttle. My 2-stroke also shook a lot, especially at lower rpm's. At higher rpm's the shaking turned into high frequency vibration; this Honda is very smooth throughout the entire rpm range. It's probably a pound and a half heavier than my 2-stroke, but when you adjust the loop handle properly, the balance is perfect, so the extra weight is hardly noticeable. Because of the stock trimmer head reviews, I never used it, opting instead to install a speed-feed head. It mates perfectly with this trimmer, requiring none of the included adapters. As far as the cold starting procedure, I followed the steps in the manual and that's what initially aggravated me; it would not start with the choke closed. I see from several other reviews I am not alone in this regard. I finally discovered a cold starting procedure that has worked consistently for me. Pull it once with the choke closed, then pull it with the choke open. It has cold-started on the second pull every single time with this technique; first pull always when warm, of course. It would be nice if Honda installed a momentary stop switch which automatically returns to the start position, instead of the slide-style one they use, but it's functional. All in all, this is a pretty nice trimmer. The engine is certainly a proven design, so I'm not anticipating any problems with it for quite awhile.

The best gas string trimmer!

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Thursday, May 2, 2019
Virginia Beach, VA
Type of use:  Residential

I found the string head frustrating and replaced it with a head that allows you to replace the line quickly. Hence the four stars. Use a gas additive and keep tank full during cutting seasons. Drain gas tank during off season. Follow maintenance procedures and this will be a dependable workhorse for the average home owner. My trimmer is over 10 years old. I’m a huge fan of Honda small engine equipment, mower, trimmer, tiller and generator. When my trimmer dies, I’ll check out the Versa option. 

Honda engineers replace head and get weight down to 10 lbs!

Great Honda Quality

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Monday, November 19, 2018
Bossier City, LA
Type of use:  Residential

I just used this trimmer for the first time but it was both quite and powerful to use. 

I think I'll be very happy with it for years to come.

It compliments my Honda mower and I've never been disappointed with Honda's quality.



Broke in 20 minutes on 1 inch diameter brush

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Wednesday, September 26, 2018
St Paul, MN
Type of use:  Residential

There is a cast piece at the base of the of the trimmer where the shaft goes into a gear housing that rotates the blade.  Mine blew apart sending the blade flying off at high speed and the blade guard in the other direction.  This was cutting honeysuckle of less than an inch in diameter which is a pretty soft woody stem.  There must have been a flaw in the cast piece.  Taking it in for service and hoping for complete replacement or refund. 

For the 20 minutes it worked it was easy to start ran smoothly like a Honda should and seemed like it would be a quality piece.  Then it fell apart.  I have used other brush cutters that stood up to years of use, but not this one.  Maybe just a fluke. 

honda 25cc trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Type of use:  Residential
Very easy to unbox, threw some oil and fuel in it and it fired right up. Ive only had it for a few days but I've done my property with it. So far I'm very pleased with the power on top, how well it trims and the quality of the product. I would definitely buy again or recommend to buy. 

Starts first pull every time but...

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Sunday, August 20, 2017
Punta Gorda, FL
Type of use:  Residential

I bought this trimmer for one reason: it's a Honda. I've been buying Honda products for almost 30 years because they make a quality product. This trimmer is the perfect size for the homeowner who has a city lot and lots of landscaping to trim around.

The one downside to this trimmer is the bump head. After just four uses the string will no longer come out of the bump head and I am looking for a manual replacement head. I'm not sure why Honda isn't responding to all of their customers who have complained about the bump head. They should at a minimum offer a manual load head replacement. I'd gladly send them the bump head that came with mine. 

I'm going to recommend this trimmer, albeit reluctantly due,to,the bump head issue. If you can find a manual replacement head you'll have a trimmer for the next 20 years if you take care of it.

Great but frustrating trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Friday, July 28, 2017
Sgt. Wungun
Florence, CO
Type of use:  Residential
I bought this trimmer because it is a 4 stroke and because it is a Honda. Honda engines can not be beat. They start. They run. They don't leak. This trimmer is substantial and ergonomic. It balances in the hands like a long barreled M60 machine gun. It cuts weeds, grass, russian thistle, and other hardy southwestern plants with aplomb. It will do all this quickly and efficiently until the trimmer line gets down to 1/3 left when the trimmer head will eat one line and send me to the garage for a take down and line replacement. The fastest that I have changed line is 40 minutes. The longest 2 hours. I have been using string trimmers for about 30 years now and all I can say is if you buy this trimmer, good luck! The trimmer head is the most aggravating trimmer head that I have ever used. Why Honda is using this trimmer head is beyond comprehension. Part of my frustration comes from following the owners manual directions. If I follow the directions the trimmer head doesn't feed the line at all. I have taken the trimmer head apart twice and can find nothing wrong with it. I am an old retired guy and the trimmer head makes me feel stupid. I shouldn't feel this stupid at my age. If I had gotten this trimmer 20 years ago I would have used it as a target and bought a Homelite. My advice is to buy the trimmer for the build quality and replace the trimmer head ASAP. Bye the way, I am on my second season with this trimmer and the trimmer head isn't improving.

do not buy anything else

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Monday, June 5, 2017
bow hunter
kenai, AK
Type of use:  Residential
My house is on 1.25 acres . This unit  is easy to handle. and with a little practice my work becomes better with time. We have a lawn mower and 4 wheeler. we found out these motors are work horses. thanks Honda

Second one

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Saturday, June 3, 2017
Montesano, WA
Type of use:  Residential
I bought a Honda trimmer 10 years ago and it finally wore out after many many hours of use. It was always reliable and did the job, however it began having starting problems and the cost to repair it was almost as much as a new one. I did not hesitate to get the same make and model as the one I had. Looking forward to another 10 or more years of reliable use.

Just the right amount of power

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Saturday, May 27, 2017
Kennesaw, GA
Type of use:  Residential

Quick starting, quiet, and plenty powerful for trimming grass, weeds, and light brush as well as edging.  This was purchased as a lighter duty, lighter weight alternative to my 35cc multitool and it's perfect.

Be sure your dealer gives you the accessories that come with it - mine has not on any of the honda power equipment I've purchased from them.  Also, make sure they do not overfill the oil as my dealer has done - check the level per the manual before running.

Great customer service from Honda!

Defective fan cover

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Fort Myers, FL
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical

I have owned 2 of these trimmers for about 5 years and have had to replace the plastic fan cover housing 3 times, which basically connects the shaft to the engine. This cover should be steel like on the 35cc model.  When used commercially it does not withstand heat well enough, it gets hot, weakens and literally snaps disconnecting the engine from the shaft - very dangerous.  This part will run you 190.00, half the cost of buying a brand new machine!

Honda engineering has always been excellent on all my other equipment, but this issue must be addressed for safety reasons.

We love all our Hondas

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Mark N.
Greenville, WI
Type of use:  Residential
I can't say enough about any Honda product we own.  Autos (2) , mower, now trimmer.  Honda just seems to build quality that outlasts all the others.  My wife had gone through 2 light weight battery trimmers only to have the batteries fail in a short period of time.  She chose these mainly because of weight.  Then there was the 2 cycle trimmer that never wanted to start.  (gave it to my son for whatever he wanted to do with it).  I am a retired certified auto technician that has love Honda for a long time.  Nothing is perfect, but on my list Honda made always comes very close.  I have been around the Honda product line for almost 40 years, they just last the long run.  When you buy Honda, then you can sit back and watch all the problems everyone else has and be thankful for a quality company like HONDA.  

Good choice for an old lady

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Sunday, July 10, 2016
Fort Bragg, CA
Type of use:  Residential
I have owned this trimmer for exactly one day.  I have only used it enough to run the gas tank dry once, so this is not a fair review.  I am a 68 year old woman who cannot start any 2 cycle engines.  I have a generator....I cannot start it.  I have a backpack blower....I cannot start it.  I have borrowed weed wackers...I cannot start them.  However, this trimmer started easily for me everytime I attempted it!!!  I love it!  As long as it starts I will love it.  Oh...and it also trims the weeds.

Great Trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Monday, July 4, 2016
Orlando, FL
Type of use:  Residential
I bought this online through Home Depot.  I was looking for a replacement and was not happy with what I was finding.  Looking at this Honda trimmer made me feel like I was getting a quality trimmer at a decent price.  When I received it, it was already assembled, which made it really nice for me.  The instructions on how to set up and use was fairly easy to understand. The only problem I had was when they told me to close the choke when starting cold.  When I did this nothing happened.  When I opened the choke it started up easily.  One of the first things I noticed was that it was quieter than all the others I have owned.  It worked nicely and did a great job of trimming my yard, which is fairly large.  The weight of the unit was not too heavy and I was able to get the yard done quickly.

Trimmer starts and runs quiet vs. two cycle models

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Monday, May 23, 2016
Travelers Rest, SC
Type of use:  Residential
I have used multiple two cycle trimmers for my yard for at least 20 years.  I finally gave up - multiple mechanical issues - noise - vibration - reliable starting.  I bought two cycle trimmers because they were cheap.  My Honda mower has been running with no problems for over ten years.  My new Honda trimmer started after three pulls.  It has plenty of power - idles great - runs great - cuts great - and I am not at full power with the trimmer. I do not need to run my trimmer wide open to edge my yard anymore.  The shoulder strap is a great idea - easy to adjust.  Line feed works fine.  I hope it holds up as well as the mower! 

Great Honda Quality

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Tuesday, April 19, 2016
White River Jct, VT
Type of use:  

Compared to the previous 2 stroke trimmers we've owned , this thing has some serious power.

For most trimming applications , no more than 1/2 throttle is needed.

short life

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Peter Bowman
Honolulu, HI
Type of use:  Residential
Worked epic for a year & then wouldn't idle. rebuilt carb, new air filter, cleaned exhaust, new gas, still trouble. Forum shows many had same problem. I love all Honda products but this is a mystery. My Honda mower is fantastic.

Honda HHT225SLTA

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Thursday, August 6, 2015
Missoula, MT
Type of use:  Residential

Every thing as I expected on the Honda trimmer.


Easy starting, ran on first pull right out of the box

Powerful, I only need 1/3 to 1/2 throttle.

Quiet operation

Came with shoulder strap which is great to use

Quality construction.


Semi-Matic (Bump-Feed) Confusing to remove first few times, filling new line easy but re-installing line reel is a pain till you get use to how it goes together...Honda could have done a better job on this design

Awesome Trimmer

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Pittsburgh, PA
Type of use:  Residential
I purchased this trimmer about 2 months ago and am finally doing a review because I feel like it has been enough time to use and get used to it. This trimmer is great; very easy to start usually on the second pull and has plenty of power for the average yard. I use it once to twice a week based on how much rain we have had. It's not like I am using this on massive commercial style jobs just normal residential job around my house.  I was tired of mixing gas and oil which is why I ended up here with the Honda. The only complaint I have is the up front cost of this trimmer. but what's the old saying........ You get what you pay for!! I would defiantly recommend this to anybody who wants a good quality Trimmer.

Honda Trimmer HHT25SLTA

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Friday, July 10, 2015
Type of use:  Residential
Best trimmer I have ever owned....period.

I should bought a Honda first.

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Friday, July 3, 2015
Colusa, CA
Type of use:  Residential

I bought a trimmer of another brand in February 2015. I fought it every step of the way. The reason I bought it in the first place is because I am cheap.

I have had so many Honda products over the years with no problems, I should have trusted my instincts. I went to the Honda dealer and confessed. From the very beginning I knew this was the right decision.

The salesman explained several different machines. He helped me make my selection and then explained the operation even more.

Once I put it to work I could see the difference. It started on the second pull. The line spool was easy to remove and to re-wind. It was the machine I was hoping for.

What a pleasure it is to have yet another Honda in my lineup.

well worth the money

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Friday, April 17, 2015
Dundalk, MD
Type of use:  Residential

Made the purchase, dealer preped for operation , took it home and blasted the green off the grass ,

starts on the first pull every time, smooth operation , and quit, buy it now and stop looking at your screen

and go blast away the green.

Good trimmer till you use it

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Wednesday, April 8, 2015
dayton, TX
Type of use:  Residential
The trimmer works good till it gets hot after 10 min of use, after that it has no power and dies or it will spit and spudder. Have taken to service dealer and it still does it. I love honda power equipment but this thing is just sad cause I have high hopes of quality equipment as other honda products have given me. First thing out of the box it wouldnt prime. Had that fixed I have gotten to use it and then it gives me the power loss problem.

Great, except for the bump head

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Thursday, March 26, 2015
Plano, TX
Type of use:  Residential

I've had this trimmer for several years now and like my 27 year old Honda mower, it starts first pull every time.  The 4-cycle engine makes for a quieter trimmer with less vibration than my old Echo and less than a couple of the Stihl models, I've used.

The only gripe I have is about the trimmer head - it's the weak link on this machine.  After putting up with the provided head for two years, I put on a replacement Stihl head and now this is a dream machine for me.


Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Friday, December 12, 2014
Retired Army Military
Wilburton, OK
Type of use:  Residential

I had a Echo and wanted to upgrade to a Honda.  The nice thing about this model is you can just add gasoline with mixing with oil.  It looks great and was excited.  Tried it today, the 17" Semi-Matic (bump feed) Cutting line head is terrible!  Had a hard time closing the head with a new line, they (Honda) should look at Echo bump feed trimmer head cause it's allot easier to add new line.  The Operator Presence Lever is a joke!  Whoever thought this out should be fired! (If you release the Throttle, the trimmer head at idle speed will stop.  Idle mode:  Needs to be adjusted, it dies when Throttle is not depressed.  Starting:  Primed it as stated in the manual, then pulled on the rope, didn't start after 4-6 pulls, it felt like I was starting a Troy Built (I would not recommend buying one).  I'm going to try it a couple more times.  I'm a little disappointed with Honda, maybe they should engineer it allot better.

Trimmer for a lifetime!

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Saturday, August 2, 2014
Schertz, TX
Type of use:  Residential

I bought this just recently and have only used it twice.  Yes this is a heavy unit compared to other trimmers on the market, and especially compared to the junk $80 dollar trimmers I have owned in the past and a battery trimmer that this replaced.  But it is not that heavy...but they do include a harness for if needed.  I tried the harness once and did not care for it.

This is my first trimmer with  a straight shaft.  I was a little unsure about that, as it make the unit very long. But the benefit is you are a bit further away from the cutting action, and you can  reach behind and around bushes, utility boxes, etc.  Starts easily, runs quietly, and has more than enough torque and speed to handle anything in my yard.  Using this trimmer in my yard is like taking a M1 Tank to a knife fight, you know you will win!

So far the line advance has worked without issue.  And not having to mix gas and oil is a great convenience.

Yeah the price is high for a residential trimmer, but given my experience with Honda mowers and automobiles, I expect this will be the last trimmer I buy.  So that makes the VALUE orders of magnitude higher than the price.

Very Quiet

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Arlington, TX
Type of use:  Residential
Once I replaced the string head (which I have done to every trimmer) it did a great job.

lcutts out after 5-10 minutes

Model Reviewed: HHT25SLTAT Friday, May 23, 2014
monroe, WA
Type of use:  Residential
The hht25s has always started cutting out after 10 minutes of use.  I just spent $210 a repair shop to replace the carb and coil, adjust the valves ectera.  The machine still isn't working enough to do much of anything.
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