Why choose the FG110 mini-tiller?

The perfect size

The FG110 is a compact size that’s easy to transport.  You’ll have no trouble moving it to and from your garden. 

You may see other tillers that weigh a little less, but keep in mind, a lighter tiller may have trouble performing well.  Tillers that are too lightweight tend to bounce around on the surface of the soil, rather than digging in.  This actually makes them more difficult to handle and creates more work for you.

The FG110 doesn’t have that problem.  It’s sturdy enough to dig in deep and perfectly balanced to ensure the best possible performance.

Outstanding performance

Honda’s FG110 is built to perform.  From breaking new ground to cultivating in tight spaces, you’ll find it’s just the right tool for all kinds of applications.

Unlike most competitive models, the FG110 is both a tiller and a cultivator.  Competitive tillers are too aggressive in soft soil, while traditional cultivators can’t break new ground effectively.  But the Honda FG110 handles both tasks with ease. 

The difference is in the details:

  • Honda’s patented digging/cultivating tines give outstanding performance in a variety of conditions.  Learn more
  • A standard depth bar makes it easy to control the depth and speed of the tiller, which helps to improve the performance by working the soil more thoroughly. 
  • The Honda GX engine provides ample power to churn through the toughest dirt.
  • With the fastest tine speed of any mini-tiller, the FG110 can easily break new ground or prep your garden in no time at all.
women tilling dirt with a Honda FG110 Tiller Honda FG110 Tiller Tines

Heavy duty construction

All Honda tillers are designed to be commercial grade, and the FG110 is no exception. The pros like them just as much if not more than backyard gardeners.

  • Honda GX commercial grade engine: Honda is known for legendary reliability, and with good reason.  The FG110 is powered by the durable GX25 4-stroke engine.  Don’t let its small size fool you: this is one tough engine. Learn more
  • Commercial grade transmission: Our design is built to last. Most other competitive models are designed for homeowner use only.
  • Engine guard: protects the top, front, and back of the engine. This configuration also makes it easy to lift the FG110, tie it down for transport, or set it on its nose for service.
  • Limited lifetime tine warranty: The FG110’s tines have a Limited Lifetime Warranty against breakage. If you break a tine it will be replaced free of charge.  See Warranty Policy for details.
Honda GX25 4 Stroke Engine
Tiny but tough: Honda’s GX25 4-stroke engine commercial grade engine

Easy and comfortable to use

The FG110 features a Honda 4-stroke engine.  It’s easy to start, there’s no need to mix gas and oil, and like you’d expect, it’s very low maintenance.  Learn more

The FG110’s easy access controls are ergonomically designed for user comfort. They’re simple to operate and designed to reduce fatigue. 

Honda’s superior design also decreases vibration, which adds to your comfort. You can till longer and more comfortably than with a competitive model.

Man maintaining a Honda FG110 Tiller

Two position transport wheels included

Our unique two position transport wheels come standard on the FG110.  The wheels adjust to move over smooth or rough terrain.  When you’re ready to start tilling, the wheels are easy to remove.

Many other competitive models offer transport wheels only as an optional attachment at an extra cost – if they’re offered at all.

No assembly needed

Pull it out of the box, straighten the handlebars, add gas and oil, and you’re ready to go. Other mini-tillers come with pages of instructions and a tedious process.  The FG110 eliminates the hassle of assembly.  You’re ready to go in less than 5 minutes.

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