FG110 Accessories

The FG110 mini-tiller offers several optional attachments for a variety of jobs.


Aerating regularly helps to get oxygen and nutrients to the roots of your lawn. The FG110’s aerator attachment cuts tiny slits in the ground, which is a very effective way to help keep your lawn thick and healthy


The dethatcher attachment gently but effectively helps extract dead grass, leaves, and other materials that could interfere with your lawn’s growth. Removing it yearly can be a great boost to your lawn’s health.


The border-edger can be used to create a polished, professional look at the edges of your flower beds or even along walkways. This attachment comes with a wheel attached to keep the tiller steady.

Digging tines

Although the FG110’s hybrid tines can handle most jobs, traditional digging tines are also available for really tough areas, like breaking up weeded patches. These powerful tines make digging easy and efficient.

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