Auger Height Adjuster

The auger height adjustment system is another great feature on Honda’s track drive snow blowers.  The auger housing can be moved into three different positions, giving optimum performance in varying conditions.

  • The up position is ideal for clearing gravel driveways or other areas where direct contact with the ground is not desirable.

  • The middle position is preferred for most snow removal tasks.

  • The down position digs in and scrapes up ice and packed snow build-up. It allows the auger to better clear hard packed snow close to the pavement.

A quick, easy foot pedal makes it easy to adjust the auger, without leaving the operating position.

With the auger height adjuster, there’s no need for you to manhandle the snow blower to lift it up off the ground for easily damaged surfaces.  And you don’t have to apply pressure to remove an icy patch.  Honda two-stage track drive snow blowers do the work for you!

Illustration of a Honda snow blower auger height adjuster
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