Perfect for homeowners, gardeners, boat owners, and more
Perfect for homeowners, gardeners, boat owners, and more

The WX10 is lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

Easy starting Honda mini 4-stroke commercial engine
Easy starting Honda mini 4-stroke commercial engine

The durable Honda GX series commercial grade engine is easy starting and provides ample power for the toughest conditions.


At only 13 lbs., the WX10 is easily portable.

Advanced pump design for superior durability and performance

The WX10 has been completely redesigned by Honda R & D for quality and durability. Improvements to the impeller, case, engine frame bed, and other pump components add to the WX10's impressive durability and performance.

Garden hose adaptor, suction hose, clamps, and strainer included
Garden hose adaptor, suction hose, clamps, and strainer included

Comes with everything you need to get started. Just hook up a garden hose, and you're ready to pump.

3 position discharge port

The WX10's discharge port can be changed to 3 different positions, providing added flexibility.

Standard transport handle

The WX10 is easy to carry wherever you need it.

32 gal./min capacity

Uses regular gasoline - no mixing of oil and gas!
Uses regular gasoline - no mixing of oil and gas!

Easier priming

The priming port is thoughtfully designed to make priming easier and reduce drips and spills.






Bore and stroke

1.4" x 1.0"

Compression Ratio


Oil Alert


Pump type

General purpose Centrifugal Self-priming





Mechanical Seal (Pump case / impeller)


Priming time

80 sec. at 16.4 ft.

Drive system


Discharge capacity

32 gal./min.

Suction port diameter

1.0" NPT

Discharge port diameter

1.0" NPT

Total head lift

121 ft.

Suction head lift

26 ft.

Maximum pressure

52 psi

Solids handling


Dimensions (LxWxH)


Dry weight

13 lbs.

Fuel Capacity

0.56 qt

Run Time @ Max Discharge

0.9 hr

Strainer Part #


Residential Warranty

2 years

Commercial Warranty

1 year


Hoses, strainers, couplers, and clamp sets are available.


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Over all a great pump

Model Reviewed: WX10 Friday, August 9, 2019
Ione, WA
Type of use:  Home use

This is my third year of using this pump. My initial pump failed within the first 15 hours of use, terrible noise and metal shavings in the crankcase. Honda replaced it by sending a new sealed factory box with all the associated parts.

This is the pump I am using today. It moves water very impressively, it is quiet and does not require a lot of fussing to keep it functioning. Check oil and top off if needed an fill fuel tank, start the engine and set the speed and it is good to go. It runs about an hour on a full tank.

What keeps me from rating this machine 5 stars is Honda's choice of plastic for the pump drain and prime fill ports. I have had to replace 3 of these plugs due to cross threading as a result of the very soft plastic. It requires a very careful insertion when replacing these plugs. Once the thread has been compromised it will not forgive. If these plugs were the same type material chosen for the oil plug it would reduce this tendency to almost zero.

Honda engineers, if you read these comments, if you have not already done so please consider changing the plug material for the benefit of your customers.


Pump worked for about 30 hours was at action sports 3 times and still does not work

Model Reviewed: WX10 Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Russ b
Blackfoot, ID
Type of use:  Home use

Wasted $400 and 3 trips to action sports was treated badly and the pump still does  not work

Engine would not run at full power

Model Reviewed: WX10 Thursday, June 21, 2018
Ukiah, CA
Type of use:  Home use
The engine would run OK at low RPMs, but anything over about 1/2 throttle, it would start cutting out like it wasn't getting enough fuel.  At full power, it might run a little bit, then it would die.  I only pumped about 70 gallons through it and it gave trouble the whole time, unless running a low RPMs. I'm very disappointed, because I mounted it on a vehicle with a tank, so now I have to take the vehicle down to the Honda place for them to do warranty work on it.

Excellent and reliable pump! Pure Quality!

Model Reviewed: WX10 Thursday, June 7, 2018
Chugiak, AK
Type of use:  Home use
I bought this pump to transfer water from tanks in my truck to my home water holding tank. It starts easily and the suction is amazing. I am able to transfer a couple hundred gallons in minutes. It is so light and compact it takes up no room at all to store. I highly recommend this pump. It is quality in every sense of the word!

review for wx10ta

Model Reviewed: WX10 Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Type of use:  Home use, Agriculture
Good pump but filler caps are problematic since the threads on them can be easily crossed. Replacement for  the filler caps are $11.69 for a part that should cost less than a dollar.  I had the pump for a little over a month and this happened already.

Honda WX10 Pump

Model Reviewed: WX10 Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Grass Valley, CA
Type of use:  Home use
I bought this pump recently because my driveway has been flooding during the recent storms. It has handled the storm water well and has prevented any serious flooding. The only gripes I have are  that it doesnt come with the low oil safety feature like most other manufacturers pumps, the fuel tank is a bit small, and the connections are plastic. The connections havent failed on me but for 450 bucks I think Honda could easily throw in some metal connectors. Otherwise great product Honda!

cheap fittings

Model Reviewed: WX10 Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Waynesville, NC
Type of use:  Home use
For a $400 pump, the fittings are nickel and dime quality. Honda threads are very sharp metal and couplings are cheap plastic. Thread on prime plug cap is unique from anything that you'll find anywhere. Why did Honda do this when a pump at half the price has fittings that are of superior quality?!  If you purchase this pump, buy yourself couplings from a hardware store so that you're matching plastic to plastic and metal to metal. Also, you run the risk of stripping the threads on the prime and drain plugs. So, take special care. I'd recommend that you keep those plugs installed permanently and prime through the output opening. Engine runs great--it's a Honda--but WX-10 pump is weak!!! I've had sporadic performance. Sometimes water pressure is great and sometimes very weak even when then there's only a couple of feet from the pump to water source and hose is firm, on flat surface, and only 50 feet!

Words Won't Express

Model Reviewed: WX10 Thursday, January 7, 2016
Sumner, TX
Type of use:  Home use

Words can not express my disappointment.   This little pump cost a fortune and I had to think long and hard before making the purchase. I live in the boondocks 120 miles from where I purchased it.  I forked over the big bucks because I thought that because it was a Honda it would work well and I would not have to worry about a 240 mile round trip for service because it would work flawlessly?

it was in a sealed box and appears brand new and undisturbed.  I added oil, fuel, set up the hoses only to find it locked up and the pull cord might as well be tied to a post.  I removed the spark plug thinking maybe it was hydro locked, but was still locked.  I have read the manual thinking maybe there is a shipping lock or something but could find nothing pertaining to my problem.

I have had such good experience with Honda reliability it's like this is a bad dream because I am so surprised.  What's worse, I might have lost my receipt, more testimony of my trust of Honda products.  All good things come to an end I suppose.


Model Reviewed: WX10 Sunday, October 25, 2015
Nashua, NH
Type of use:  Construction/Industrial
Worth every penny

Problem with weight

Model Reviewed: WX10 Saturday, October 24, 2015
Tehran, FL
Type of use:  Home use
I wish Honda could produce a more lighter pump! 12 lbs is high yet :)

HONDA WX10 Light Weight Water Pump

Model Reviewed: WX10 Saturday, July 4, 2015
Pender Island, AK
Type of use:  Home use, Agriculture
 The performance of this pump is excellent .It was able to draw water up from 12' ,then pump it up on low throttle to 50' , from which point I was able , through a 75' three quarter " garden hose , to shoot water 30' up over my house ( On high throttle). I filled all of my water tanks (100 gallons 10', 35 gallon in 5'). An outstanding performance for such a small portable engine , that only used half a tank of gas ( approximately one beer glass full ). The only wish list I have is to improve the design of the rubber washers used in the couplings i.e. lugs around their circumferences so that they lock in place ,and better quality pipe couplings with hexagon tightening nut the same size as the nut on top of the plug access cover, so that the wrench supplied fits all maintenance needs . George R.

Quality that you can count on

Model Reviewed: WX10 Thursday, July 3, 2014
Winchester, VA
Type of use:  Home use, Agriculture
I just purchased the WX10 to irrigate our crops from a stream adjacent to the garden. The pumps performance exceeded my expectations, easily running several sprinklers and completing the task in short order. A great investment at an excellent price. Thank you, Honda!!!

Honda water pump.

Model Reviewed: WX10 Tuesday, February 25, 2014
White River Junction, VT
Type of use:  Home use, Agriculture
I have had this pump for over 5 years. I use it each spring for about a month and pump about 20,000 gallons. The rest of the year the pump sits in storage. Each year the pump starts right up and runs great. Its relatively quiet and very reliable. The only issue I have had was when I used gas that contained ethanol and did not flush with pure gas before storage. This is a very nice little pump!!!
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