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Versamow System

Honda HRX mowers offer our exclusive Versamow System. This revolutionary technology allows you to choose how much grass is bagged and how much is mulched. You can even choose different combinations of both at the same time. And no tools or attachments are needed.

  • 4 in 1 versatility

    Choose from mulching, bagging, rear discharge, or leaf shredding.

  • No tools or attachments needed.

    There are no plugs or attachments to keep track of, and no need for tools. Everything you need is built in.

  • The best cutting performance of any mower available

    The unique design of the Versamow System results in superior cutting performance and a better looking lawn.

  • Better mulching

    The Versamow System eliminates many of the typical concerns about mulching, like clumping and poor yard appearance.

  • Better bagging

    Tiny clippings allow the mower to pack more into a bag - reducing the number of bags to empty.

How does the Versamow System work?

A knob called the Clip Director™ is built into the deck. The Clip Director is attached to a sliding door located under the deck which controls the direction of the grass clippings.

  • In full bag mode, the opening in the deck is fully open, allowing grass clippings to enter into the bag.
  • When the Clip Director is moved to the middle notches, the sliding door is now partially closed. Some clippings will go into the bag, and some will be directed onto the ground.
  • In full mulch mode, the door is completely closed. All clippings will be directed to the ground.

Want to mulch, but worried about leaving clumps? No problem.

The Versamow System makes the HRX series ideal for all lawn types and conditions. You can mulch or partially mulch even in severe conditions. Just adjust the Clip Director to the right setting for your lawn conditions.

For example, let's say you would like to mulch, but your grass is too tall or too wet. With a conventional lawnmower, mulching would mean leaving unsightly clippings.

But with the Versamow System, you can simply position the Clip Director so some of the grass is mulched, and some is bagged. Versamow gives you the best of both worlds. It allows you to choose the right setting for your grass conditions.

Go further before emptying the bag.

If you prefer to bag, you'll find that the Versamow System provides better performance than any other mower.

Smaller grass clippings mean more grass fits in the bag. So you can mow 40% farther before you have to empty the bag. You'll be surprised by how much quicker you'll be able to finish your lawn.

And by partially mulching, you can reduce clippings even further. With Versamow, you can customize the amount of grass you bag and mulch. Even mulching 25% of your grass reduces the amount of bagging significantly, not to mention the great benefits to your lawn and the environment!

Learn more about the benefits of mulching.

Want to discharge?

Simply move the Clip Director to full bag mode and remove the bag. The HRX has a convenient rear discharge door that improves maneuverability, eliminating the need for a separate discharge chute attachment. Clippings are directed out the bottom at the rear of the mower.

Make quick work of leaves this fall.

The HRX design makes leaf shredding easy. No attachments are necessary. Just move the Clip Director™ one or two notches from the fully closed "mulching" position. This allows leaves to be re-circulated and recut until the pieces are small enough to pass through the deck opening and into the bag.

The Versamow System makes the HRX series the most versatile mowers on the market today.

Honda HRX Versamow System in the mulch position

Honda HRX deck opening is mostly closed. Most clippings will be mulched.
The deck opening is mostly closed. Most clippings will be mulched.

Honda HRX deck opening is mostly open. More clippings will enter the bag.
The deck opening is mostly open. More clippings will enter the bag.

Illustration of the connection between the clip director position, door position, distance before bag is full, and #of bag emptied
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