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The Twin Blade Advantage

Honda is the only manufacturer to offer a unique twin blade mowing system. Our MicroCut® twin blades give you the ultimate in mowing performance.

Why are two blades better than one?

Two blades result in more "bites" into the grass, cutting the grass into smaller pieces. The leading upper blade makes a major cut at the front. Then the lower blade makes a smaller cut. The clippings then circulate around inside the deck, with the blades continuing to cut them into smaller and smaller pieces.

This results in:

  • A better looking lawn

    Twin blades produce a superior cut, giving your lawn a smooth, even surface. Our blades are designed specifically for our mowers, using advanced engineering to lift each blade of grass and achieve a perfect cut.

  • Better mulching performance

    Twin blades produce finer clippings. That means less clumping and a better look for your lawn. And smaller clippings decompose faster, allowing valuable nutrients to go back into your lawn to help feed it and keep it green.

  • Better bagging performance

    Smaller clippings allow your bag to hold more. That means emptying the bag less often, which means less time and effort on your part to mow your lawn.

Honda's exclusive twin blade advantage offers you a perfect cut, better lawn care, and less work for you. What's not to love?

3 images of grass cut at different heights

Honda Twin Blade advantage logo

Honda Lawn Mower see through where you can see the twin blades
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