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Smart Drive Speed Control

The Smart Drive variable speed control allows you to easily adjust your speed while comfortably resting your hands on the handlebars. Featured on the HRR216VKA, VLA, and VXA models, as well as the HRS216VKA, Smart Drive offers speeds of up to 4.0 mph.

  • Easy and comfortable to use

    Smart Drive uses an ergonomically shaped paddle lever designed to be used by either hand. Simply place your hands on the convenient, adjustable control and rotate it to match your mowing conditions.

    Smart Drive is designed to be used with your palms or thumbs, whichever is comfortable. It's so easy to rotate that you can do it with just one hand.

  • Instantly adjust speed as needed

    You can immediately change speeds just by turning the Smart Drive control. The design is very intuitive and easy to control.

  • No need to push or pull

    Other mowers require you to push the handlebars or pull a lever, and don't allow you to change hands or positions. With Smart Drive, there's no need to push. And you can switch hands, or even use just one hand if you like.

  • Customized fit

    You can easily adjust the Smart Drive control starting position up or down to fit your own individual preferences. With 5 different settings, the Smart Drive control is easy and comfortable to use.

  • Exclusive Honda design

    The Smart Drive control and cone clutch transmission were developed by Honda engineers in conjunction with an ergonomic specialist. Smart Drive is available exclusively from Honda.

Honda Lawn Mower Smart Drive Control handle
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