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Roto-Stop® Blade Stop System

Honda's Roto-Stop Blade Stop System allows you to stop the blades while the engine keeps running.

With traditional zone start mowers, when you let go of the handlebar, the engine shuts off. You have to restart the mower to continue. This can be a hassle, especially if you are bagging.

Roto-Stop stops the blades from turning, but keeps the engine running. No need to restart the mower!

Roto-Stop is a great convenience whenever you need to pause from mowing to:

Honda's Roto-Stop Blade Stop System HRX217HYA

  • Empty the bag
  • Move debris or toys out of the way
  • Transport the mower over sidewalks or gravel

Roto-Stop is featured on our HRR216VYA, HRX217HYA, HRX217HZA, and HRC216HXA mowers.

Honda's Roto-Stop Blade Stop System  HRX216VYA
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