NeXite® Mowing Deck

All HRX models feature a NeXite deck, made from an extremely durable polymer material. Honda is so confident in the durability of the NeXite deck, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Exclusive to Honda's HRX mowers, NeXite was developed to resist dents, rust and corrosion. NeXite has similar strength and impact resistance to polymer materials commonly found in football helmets and car bumpers, where it's critical to have a strong, yet lightweight material.

NeXite is amazingly strong. In fact, while we don't recommend you try this at home, our engineers like to demonstrate these decks' durability by driving over them with a Honda Pilot.

Honda HRX Lawn Mower NeXite deck

Our NeXite decks offer both a superior material and a superior design. The shape of the deck is extremely important to the mower's performance. Honda engineered the deck on our HRX mowers to ensure it will provide optimal performance in a variety of conditions.

  • Better vacuum lift and volume to keep grass circulating longer
  • Precision clearance between the deck and the blades to improve circulation
  • Unique design diverts clippings back into the blades to reduce clipping size further

Strong, attractive, and incredibly durable, the HRX series' NeXite deck is the ideal mower deck.

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