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Universal Transfer Switch: Advanced Power Management Technology

The Universal Transfer Switch by American Power Conversion offers a wide variety of user-programmable features that put you in charge of exactly what the system will power in the event of an electrical outage.

Uninterruptible Power

When used with a battery back-up, the Universal Transfer Switch offers you uninterruptible power. It senses incoming power sources and automatically switches to battery back up, then to generator power, and back to utility power as necessary. The Universal Transfer Switch even gives you the option to use a second power source, like wind or solar energy.

Intelligent Power Management

The Universal Transfer Switch's greatest benefit is its ability to manage the home circuits you wish to power and "load shed." Load shedding enables the Universal Transfer Switch to automatically shut off power to non-essential items, so it can direct power to items that you consider a higher priority.

Automatic load management offers many benefits:

  • Makes power management easy
  • No need to manually distribute power using switches
  • Makes your generator behave like one 20-50% more powerful
  • Automatically prevents your generator from being overloaded.

How does it work?

The Universal Transfer Switch intelligently monitors the power requirements in your home. It turns various circuits on and off based on your pre-programmed priorities. This helps to maximize your generator's power and provide you with comfort and security.

For example, if your furnace and refrigerator both started at once, you could overload your generator. The Universal Transfer Switch has the ability to delay the start of your refrigerator for a few seconds until after your furnace is running, or vice versa. This keeps your generator safe - and because it's all automatic, it makes power management easier for you!

In another example, say you want to add a microwave. Without the Universal Transfer Switch, you might have to manually turn off various circuits or appliances to manage the power. But with the Universal Transfer Switch will automatically turn off other loads. Once the microwave is done, it automatically reconnects these loads. No fuss, no stress!

Depending on the loads and particular situation, the Universal Transfer Switch's ability to intelligently manage power can make your generator equivalent to one 20% - 50% more powerful.

Universal Transfer Switch Features:

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