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Transfer Switch Recommendations

There are many transfer switches models available. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right one for your generator. Please note: transfer switches and inlet boxes must be installed by a qualified electrician.

To see all available transfer switch options, please refer to our Accessories Catalog.

Models Power Cord Power Inlet Box Recommended Transfer Switch
EU2200i 20 Amp, 120V
Use standard outdoor extension cord, 50 ft. max
N/A 15 Amp, 1-circuit furnace; for generators up to 2000 watts, includes 5-15 male inlet.
Part number: 32314-TF151W (Reliance)
EU2200i/EU2200i Companion (when paralleled)
08585-514-025AH (25 ft.)
08585-514-050AH (50 ft.)
30 Amp, 125V
32316-189-PB31 (front inlet)
30 Amp, 125V, 6-circuit, indoor; for generators up to 3750 watts.
Part number: 32316-30216A1 (Reliance, loadside 6- circuit) 32316-UTS6H (APC, 6-circuit)
EG4000 08585-530-025AH (25 ft.)
08585-530-050AH (50 ft.)
20 Amp, 125/250V
Part number: 32318-189-030AH (bottom inlet)
32316-189-PB20 (front inlet)
20 Amp, 6-circuit, indoor; for generators up to 5000 watts, includes L14-20 male inlet.
Part number: 32315-UTS6BI (APC surface/flush mount)
30 Amp, 125/250V, 10-gauge, 4-wire
06581-104-PC3010 (10 ft.)
06581-104-PC3025 (25 ft.)
06581-104-PC3040 (40 ft.)
30 Amp, 125/250V
Part number: 32316-189-PB30 (front inlet)
30 Amp, 6- or 10-circuit, indoor; for generators up to 7500 watts, includes L14-30 male inlet. Hard-wire or use plug-in cord connection.
Part number: 32316-Q310A (10-circuit Reliance)
32315-UTS10BI (10-circuit APC)
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