• EU2200i Companion

EU2200i Companion


2200 watt 120V inverter generator

  • Built in 30A outlet for easy parallel capability with another EU2200i
  • Ideal for TV, DVD, satellite, fridge, & more
  • Great for RV applications
  • Super quiet, lightweight, and fuel efficient
  • Inverter - stable power for computers & more




More power.  Same legendary quality.
More power. Same legendary quality.

The all new EU2200i Companion delivers 10% more power than the EU2000 Companion - enabling you to power more of what you need, in the same lightweight, compact package. Whether it's an extra refrigerator at home, a larger saw on your construction site, a larger TV at your tailgate party, the EU2200i Companion gives you the power to get more done.

Built in 30A outlet for RV use and easy parallel capability with another EU2000i
Built in 30A outlet for RV use and easy parallel capability with another EU2000i

The EU2200i Companion offers one 30A receptacle for RV applications (requires optional adaptor) and one 20A receptacle. The 30A receptacle allows 2 EU2200i models to be run in parallel by way of a simple parallel cord and not an external parallel kit.

Double your power with parallel capability
Double your power with parallel capability

Need more power? Connect the EU2200i Companion with a regular EU2200i for up to 4400 watts of power. The EU2200i Companion will also parallel with EU2000iK1/T1 models. Find a complete serial number list at the link below.

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Power for microwave, refrigerators, hair dryer, small AC units, and much more
Power for microwave, refrigerators, hair dryer, small AC units, and much more

The EU2200i Companion can operate a wide variety of appliances, making it perfect for portable use at home, camping, on the jobsite, or much more. Take a look at the applications tab for more examples.

Honda GXR120 Engine - Commercial grade reliability
Honda GXR120 Engine - Commercial grade reliability

The EU2200i Companion is powered by the Honda GXR120 Commercial Series engine. The GXR120 delivers exceptionally quiet, smooth, fuel-efficient performance in a small, lightweight package. The size of a generator's engine directly correlates to how much power it can produce. At 121cc, the GXR120 is at the top of its class - ensuring the EU2200 Companion always produces the power you need to get the job done. Originally developed for heavy duty construction equipment, the GXR120 also delivers superb durability and reliability.

Super quiet - less noise than normal conversation
Super quiet - less noise than normal conversation

So quiet, your neighbors will thank you. The EU2000i Companion operates at 48 to 57 dBA, which is less noise than a normal conversation. This makes it ideal for camping, supplemental RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation.

Easy starting, every time
Easy starting, every time

The EU2200i Companion is designed for quick and easy starting. Honda's automatic mechanical decompressor system significantly reduces the amount of force needed to start the engine. Operational contact points are color-coded in gray to quickly guide the user through the starting operation.

Lightweight and compact
Lightweight and compact

Weighing less than 47 pounds, the EU2000i Companion is incredibly lightweight and portable, thanks to Honda's inverter technology.

Fuel efficient - runs up to 8.1 hrs on less than a gallon of fuel
Fuel efficient - runs up to 8.1 hrs on less than a gallon of fuel

Thanks to our exclusive Eco Throttle System, the EU2200i Companion offers great fuel efficiency. Runs 3.2 to 8.1 hours on a single tank, depending on the load. This makes it great for overnight power.

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Advanced inverter technology  - reliable power for computers and other sensitive equipment
Advanced inverter technology - reliable power for computers and other sensitive equipment

Honda's inverter technology means stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter package. The precision of Honda's inverter technology ensures our inverter generators produce power that is as reliable as the power you get from your outlets at home.

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Easier oil changes
Easier oil changes

A bigger oil filler opening, longer spout, and larger oil drain gutter make for easier and cleaner oil changes.

Fuel shutoff ("Fuel Off" position)
Fuel shutoff ("Fuel Off" position)

The “Fuel Off" position allows the engine to continue to run until the majority of the fuel in the carburetor is consumed and the engine shuts off. This helps prevent stale fuel issues and is useful when storing the generator.

Better overall durability
Better overall durability

It's the little things that show a product's quality and durability. Like the stamped metal recoil rope insert on the EU2200i - reducing potential damage to the body of the generator. Or the increased ventilation area, resulting in improved cooling of key components. Or the improved stator/rotor configuration, using some of the highest quality and most powerful magnets available.

Protected by Oil Alert<sup>&reg;</sup>
Protected by Oil Alert®

Protects the generator by shutting the engine off when low oil is detected.

USDA-qualified spark arrestor/muffler
USDA-qualified spark arrestor/muffler

Meets USDA standards for areas where spark arrestors are required for operation.

Electronic Circuit Breaker
Electronic Circuit Breaker

Protects the generator from an overload condition.

3 year residential and commercial warranty
3 year residential and commercial warranty

You can rest easy, knowing your generator is covered from top to bottom for 3 full years.


Full model name EU2200ITA1
Engine Honda GXR120
Displacement 121cc
AC Output 120V 2200W max. (18.3A) , 1800W rated (15A)
Receptacles 30A 125V Locking Plug, 20A 125 V receptacle
DC Output NA
Starting System Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity .95 gal.
Run Time per Tankful 3.2hr @ rated load 8.1 hrs @ 1/4 load
Dimensions (L x W x H) 20.0" x 11.4" x 16.7"
Noise Level 57 dB(A) @ rated load 48 dB(A) @ 1/4 load
Dry Weight 46.5 lb.
Residential Warranty 3 Years
Commercial Warranty 3 Years


Storage Cover
Parallel Cables
Anti-theft bracket


This generator can power the following common applications. Please note: not all applications can be powered simultaneously. For more help, see our power needs page.

  • Refrigerator or Freezer (Energy Star)
  • Microwave Oven
  • Incandescent Lights
  • Portable fan
  • Furnace Fan, gas or fuel oil (up to 1/3 hp)
  • TV / DVD
  • Hair Dryer
  • Coffee Maker
  • Sump Pump (up to 1/3 hp)
  • Computer
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Blender

How to Videos

EU2200i Set Up
EU2200i Operation
EU2200i Oil Change
EU2200i Maintenance
EU2200i Storage
EU2200i Parallel Operation & DC Charging


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Honda Generator

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Thursday, June 11, 2020
Chandler, AZ
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping
Everything as advertised. Starts easily, runs quietly, and provides power as needed. Very happy I made the purchase.


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Milford, UT
Type of use:  Camping
Great little generator


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Sunday, December 22, 2019
Type of use:  Home Back Up
Excellent generator, very quiet and easy to set up.  Very happy with my purchase.

Get what you pay for.

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Shingle Springs, CA
Type of use:  Construction/Industrial
Its a Honda enough said.. 

Perfect generator!

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Thursday, November 28, 2019
Type of use:  Home Back Up, RV Power, Hunting/Fishing
I own a cheaper generator with comparable specs which was cheaper.  Well, you get what you pay for!  I finally bought this generator upon the advice of many friends who own them and I was not disappointed.  My "other" generator failed to start or quit running in the high altitude cold, while this is the little generator that could!  

Honda EU2200i Companion

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Thursday, November 21, 2019
Donnie P
Gilbert, AZ
Type of use:  Camping, RV Power

I used the Honda EU2200 Companion generator at a National Forest campground for two weeks. I have a travel trailer and I turned the generator on when I was using the microwave, toaster, and coffee maker and it ran perfect and quiet. I'm very happy with it.

EU2000i generator

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Sunday, November 17, 2019
North East, MD
Type of use:  Home Back Up
Excellent, reliable, quiet product


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Thursday, October 31, 2019
Happy Customer
Vacaville, CA
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, Tailgating

I have previously used a Friends Honda 2000 generator, and Loved how easy it was to Operate.

The only thing I regret is not Buying mine sooner. I purchased the Honda 2200I,And out of box, just add fuel and Oil.2 Things I recommend.

1.Get some Carb Starting Fluid, remove the Air cleaner cover, remove the foam, you will see there is a smaller foam at the bottom, leave the smaller foam in place just spray 2 small sprays right into that small foam, This is just to help the first start, and if it sits for awhile, you should not spray before every start. These Honda's start right up every time. Replace the larger foam, put cover back on, DO NOT over tighten the screws for this cover and the outer cover, just get the screw's snug.

2. You should always use Honda Oil 10w30.You might not think this is important, but if something goes wrong with it, I was told they will test the Oil, and if you used any other brand of oil, the Warranty will be voided. When filling the Oil, do not over fill the oil, get a small funnel, and put the oil in slow. Mine took about 13 ounces. You will know it is full when the oil is at the first outer thread where the cap screws in. Let run for about 30 minutes before you plug anything into it. I highly recommend to change the oil after you let it brake in, this helps get any medal shavings out,and gives it fresh oil. 

You can save a little bit of Money buying a different brand, but the old saying is you pay for what you get.

How quiet, and how easy this is to operate is worth it, trust me. 

Read Manual before starting, this will save you a lot of trouble.

There is video's on the Internet to show you these helpful hints.

Very happy with my Honda Generator. Enjoy yours!


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Brunswick, OH
Type of use:  Camping
Purchased this 6 months ago.  It arrived and I placed it in my garage and never opened the box.  Finally 10-21-2019 I opened the box and took it out.  Read the instruction book, filled it with oil, and then gas.  It started on the 3rd pull!  I ran it for 3 hours in my back yard.  Great Product! Now I just need to go camping!!

Welcome Addition

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Saturday, October 12, 2019
Redding, CA
Type of use:  Home Back Up

We just ended 44 hours w/o grid power due to a PGE hi-fire prevention outage in far-northern Ca. I already owned a EU2000i generator and had used it last year when the Carr Fire was raging and we had no power. We ran the bare necessities at the time and could have run more had I known it's capabilities. It really made a huge difference with our ability to "survive" with internet and the information we relied upon to get through it. 

Fast forward to Oct. 2019 when we knew the above planned power outage was coming the day before. I made it to the Honda dealer when they opened and managed to snag one of the last EU2200i Companion gens they had. Fortunately, my EU2000i gen worked w/ the newer EU2200i companion generator (vin # was good). With the series cable connection, we were able to produce a duty cycle of 3800 watts (more w/ two EU2200is gens), which was enough to power the following: internet/satelite modem/router, 65" tv and receiver, couple of lamps, fridge and old freezer and microwave (when we unplugged the old freezer with the microwave running). 

In 44 hours, we used about four gallons of gasoline to run them 12hrs/day. We had proper sized extension cords which was very important (retired contractor). Obviously, we had several cords running across the floor, but that is kind of a first-world problem imo. The only glitch I had (gens shut off) was not understanding that the Japanese apparently think that turning the vents for the fuel tank should turn in the opposite direction than I did. Once this was sorted, everything ran 100%. 

My take away is this: you could buy the delicious EU3000is gen w/ electric start and quiet running that gives you 2600w continuous or you could own two of these for about the same price and have 1400 more watts of effective (continuous) power. I have checked my Db meter and they are pretty much the same. 

The other plus on the twins was that I was able to split them during the daytime and do a remote power up for another computer bank I own in a remote location. These are Honda machines, so if you maintain them (important), they will start every time and give you clean power. When you store them, buy some non-ethanol gas (look it up) and be secure. Hope this helps. 

John Dougherty

Redding, Ca. 

Pauls Eu2200i

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Saturday, October 12, 2019
Tampa, FL
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Tailgating
Added Oil and clean fuel . Ran flawlessly. First time use.

First use with power outage

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Canyon Country, CA
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power, Hunting/Fishing

We were using an older 1000 watt Honda, and decided to buy a 2200i.

The 1000 watt has a fuel level indicator, 2200i does not. :(

1000 watt weights 64 lbs. new one is 46 lbs. much lighter :) 

Eco mode on 2200i works well, reduces noise and fuel consumption while still powering up house refrigerator and garage freezer plus a few lights with no changes in eco idle speed.

over all a good portable unit, but a fuel gauge would be a plus..

I love it

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Saturday, October 5, 2019
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, Construction/Industrial
These are the best consumer personal generators on the market by far

Doug from Florida

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Dunedin, FL
Type of use:  Home Back Up
Best generator you can find.. We fitted this generator with a LP setup... RUNS GREAT..


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Saturday, September 21, 2019
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Tailgating, Hunting/Fishing

QUIET ! QUIET ! QUIET Greta quality, great fuel economy, great performance.



Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Sunday, September 8, 2019
Camden, SC
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, Tailgating
Can't beat it for dependability and noise level.  Had a family member who had one I used for years.  Never once had a problem cranking.  I was so impressed I bought my own.

used one before, great item

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Quincy, FL
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping

very good generator , easy to start


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power


Good Quality

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Saturday, August 3, 2019
San Juan, PR
Type of use:  Home Back Up
I am very happy with the generator, it is very stable and quiet and does not consume too much gasoline, what I would ask would be more fun and alternatives, there are competencies that for a lower price.  In general it is a highly recommended and functional product I am very happy with the purchase.


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Friday, June 28, 2019
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power, Tailgating, Construction/Industrial

Added Oil -- Started Right Up

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Monday, June 17, 2019
West Chester, PA
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, Hunting/Fishing

No brainer. Great product. A friend had one and we used it in camp.... had to have my own. Perfect machine.

Nice machine II

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Ankeny, IA
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power, Tailgating
Purchased to use for RV camping off grid as well as tailgating at college football games. Runs quiet which is good at tailgates since we will be doing overnight and will need AC early in the season. I am sure they will run longer when a RV AC unit isn't running. But I got 5.5 hours out of the two connected. Not running AC I am sure they will go longer. I did purchase a marine style gas can (6 gallons) that feeds both units and should last through the night with everything in the 35 foot RV on. :) 

Generator for RV/Cargo trailer

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Sunday, May 26, 2019
Frederick, CO
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power

I bought the EU2200i Companion to go with EU2209i. One of them would perhaps run my 13,500 btu rooftop A/C on low cool but it would be maxed out or possibly abused. I thought it would be better to spend my money on the companion rather than on repair bills. And I don't want to have to turn off the A/C to cook my dinner. Am not saying that a person couldn't get away with just one though. At 75F outside and 85F in the camper it took 17.2 amps to start the A/C and it ran at 11.6 amps.  Cooled down my 6 X 14 x 6.5 trailer from 85 to 70 in 10 minutes. I am completly happy with my purchase and do not anticipate any problems.   The only thing I might say is when you start them for the first time just turn the gas on and open the cap vent and then go take a 15 minute break while the gas gets to the carburator. Then it will start right up.

Old model

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Chicago area, IL
Type of use:  Camping, RV Power, Other [Emergency Radio use]

Got a good deal on the EU2000ui - apparently an older model as it's not in the Honda selection of generators. It is new in the box and will give it a go! OTW, time for a trip to the repair station!.

Look forward to using it for portable HAM radio operation for emergencies and fore minor electrical use if the power goes out.

Exceptionally Good - except

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Amado, AZ
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power, Other [Minor Electric Power Equipment Operation]

 I purchased my generator at the Camping World store on Broadway in Edmond OK and was pressed for time due to the recent September 19/20th, 2018 rain storm that severely damaged two brand new Honda 2200i's I had purchased at a local Home Depot the day before the excessive rain storm - they had no others but Camper World advised that they had a new shipment. Home Depot did refund 100% of the purchase price. I asked Camper World to service two generators while I was en-route to pick them up - which they did with some delay when they gave another RV Customer priority. Anyway, when I ran the generators they that evening they seemed to work fine, although one took 8-10 pulls to start. An hour or so later I went outside to check the generators - one was putting out dense white smoke as if it was burning oil. The smoking slowed down after a while but did not stop altogether so I turned that generator off. Did not need parallell power from both because I was not running the 5th Wheel AC.  We needed to depart for Arizona the next day so I did not have time or the inclination to drive 25 miles out of my way to have the Camper World folks look at the generator. Did not use either generator on the trip home. Drained fuel after arriving home and only used one or the other generator for about 3 hours per month until February 2019. Set them up by checking oil, refueling, etc while at the Copperstate Fly-In, Buckeye AZ to provide power for the 5th wheel. While setting them up I noticed that one had a large amount of excessive oil "gushing out" when I opened the Oil Dip Stick/Filler cap. Drained the oil, did not use it for a day and then fired it up. Seemed to work fine for 5-6 hours and then "sounded funny" so I shut it off and drained everything and prepped it for storage as per the manuals instructions. Knowing I would need it this weekend I took it to the Tucson AZ Camper World where the service/parts man spent a good deal of time checking out and running both generators. They both seemed fine so he suggested I take them home and run them for a half hour or so, shut them down and change the oil. If the suspect generator started smoking again he recommended I bring it in for potential warranty work - which I will do if necessary.

Bottom line - make sure you double check whomever initially or subsequently services your generator. They can easily, as they did at the Edmond OK Camper World, over fill with oil - potentially destroying your brand new generator. I believe that I am and was lucky because I did not run this very tough and easy to use generator for any length of time - as did the very knowledgeable Tucson Camper World Service/Parts person. If you ever stop by the Tucson AZ Camper World Parts/Service Desk ask to speak to the retired U.S. Coast Guard Chief - he knows his stuff and enjoys helping his customers.

Always check and re-check dealer maintenance and work, just like one should do with their vehicle. It is amazing how often they make mistakes - especially ones that can ruin your day and empty your pocketbook.

I appreciate that Honda makes a very tough generator.



Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Thursday, February 28, 2019
West Springfield, MA
Type of use:  Construction/Industrial
Easy to start. One or two pulls max. Quiet and doesn't vibrate a lot.  Easy to move and a convenient size. I"M HAPPY!

great machine

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Morro Bay, CA
Type of use:  Boating
It is my second one because it is a great machine for reliability, longevity, economy (despite the high initial cost), ease of use.

Pricy, but worth it.

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power, Hunting/Fishing
EZ start. works gr8. met our power needs. The economy feature saves gas by only going full speed when the elec demands warrent it

Great Product

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Friday, February 15, 2019
Fairfax, VA
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power
Bought this two months ago and it has worked like a charm.  Provides all the power I need, and is easy to operate.  I feel I have a real dependable piece of equipment here.  So glad I bought it!

new generator

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Friday, January 25, 2019
Citrus Heights, CA
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power
This was a replacement generator for 1 that was stolen on a camping trip last year, we loved the first and so we replaced with the same.

EU2000i now i have a EU2200i companion

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Saturday, December 15, 2018
Canby, OR
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power, Boating, Hunting/Fishing
This is on the EU2000i I bought it the second year they came out. Have used it a lot over 600 hrs. and have never been in the shop. It was one of those that some one else wanted it mere then i  did. Last year i got a EU2000i Companion to work with the EU2000i. It has not been run very muck yet. But no problems.  So today I got a new EU2200i Companion to go with one I got last year. They have sure been good units.

Being prepared!

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Thursday, December 13, 2018
lyndon Station, WI
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power
Filled oil (14oz.) and gasoline and cranked it up needing a few pulls w/choke on. Ran it 10 minutes then put load on to run up 150lb.air compresser. Will use as standby for household use during power outage. This 2200w along with my old 1000w HONDA will temporarily keep our food cold and our home lighted and warm!


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Sunday, December 2, 2018
Ripon, CA
Type of use:  RV Power

I could have bought cheaper, but at my age I want ease & simplicity. I bought both Eu2200i & Companion to run my med Toy Hauler trailer, I bring both but usually only run one unless Im running the A/C. At 50lbs each they are easy to move around and store back home when complete. It has really clean power especially when im using my lap top, new electronics need clean juice. Love the ECO switch and I was going to put a fuel cut-off switch in to run the carbs out but these models come w/ it Factory. With 30 day gas here in Ca, you need to run Stabil in all fuels that sit and run the gas out of the carbs. I will be adding an Hour meter on both units for maintenance and curiosity reasons. You'd be surprised how fast the hours can accumulate and simple service will keep these running for decades...

Outstanding generator

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Thursday, November 29, 2018
Livermore, CA
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power, Construction/Industrial
Its a honda, what can one say? These hondas are rock solid and worth every penny (even better if you can find on sale). Don't skimp on something you will own a lifetime. These generators are dependable, quiet and the new 2200's come with even ore power. Highly highly recommended!

High Country use

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Sunday, November 25, 2018
Pickton, TX
Type of use:  Camping

I bought my generator for the express purpose of running heaters and lights on a Colorado elk hunt.  On the first night, the generator quit running at 11pm after about 5 hours of running. Tried it again the second night and it ran for 1 hour, then quit.  The next morning the generator would not start. We quit trying to use the generator for the remaining 4 nights.  I might add that we were tent camping in the snow with night time temps of 15 degrees to 7 degrees. In addition, we had a barrel of water which I took heat lamps to keep the water thawed.  The last night we had to melt snow inside the tent to get enough water for our horses. At 10pm we finally had enough.

Needless to say our nights were quite uncomfortable and had it not been for some "old backups" such as Colman lantern and stove, as well as a small cooking unit run off a 1lb bottle of propane, we would have been in serious trouble. We did have a titanium packers stove which required feeding the fire every 1 to 2 hours.

After getting home in Texas, I started and ran the generator with attached heater for 18 hours without interruption. I do not know what the problem was in Colorado where I needed it most. I am extremely hesitant to take it again under high altitude and cold conditions as it may leave me scrambling for fire wood and my Coleman backup units again. Quite disappointing for a brand new unit that I had extremely high hopes for. The altitude we were at was 8000 to 9000 feet.

Until I find out what went wrong, I can not recommend a Honda generator. I bought based on the supreme reputation of the generator, but how can I have any confidence in the unit on another mountain trip? Any help would be appreciated.

Great Generator

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Staunton, VA
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Construction/Industrial
We bought this generator quickly in September with a hurricane on the way. Ended up not needing it then, but have used it for several projects since. Generator is compact, light & easy to maintain & use. Thought about going with other cheaper generators. Wanted the assurance that we would have many years of worry free use, so we stuck with a product and company we trusted and spent the extra money to get the Honda. As far as I am concerned, you can never go wrong with Honda products. We are extremely pleased.

It’s a Honda

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Sunday, November 4, 2018
Turner, ME
Type of use:  Camping, Construction/Industrial, Hunting/Fishing
Out of the box, added oil, started 2nd pull.  Just like the eu2000 it is replacing. This is my fifth honda generator, what else can i say...

Awesome Generator!!

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Livingston, LA
Type of use:  Camping, RV Power, Tailgating, Hunting/Fishing

I purchased this generator for multiple uses, but mainly for camping. I was able to use for the first time this past week at Talledega Super speedway. Awesome generator easy to use and as advertised quiet and lightweight.

Great Features and as I expected it will run my 13,500 btu AC on my camper. However I do not recommend running for long periods in hot weather without paralleling to another Honda. It did do fine and did not overload at all. I ran it for short periods just to keep my camper cool and had no issues

I was able to speak to a Honda representative on site at Camping world tent at Talledega. His response to running the AC on just 1 generator over time without paralleling will wear out the stator. Overall Completely satisfied with my first use of this generator. No complaints.


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Monday, October 15, 2018
go bucks
Mansfield, OH
Type of use:  Tailgating
great for Tailgate party

Dependable Power When It Counts

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Scott F
Dubuque, IA
Type of use:  Home Back Up, RV Power

Simple, durable, and dependable... We had some big storms roll through on Monday night (10/1/2018) causing power outages throughout the neighborhood. Myself and a neighbor rely on sump pumps to keep groundwater at bay. My open frame brand X construction generator failed to start so I quickly went out looking for a new generator. I've had my eye on the Honda Eu2200i Companion for a few months for camping but the failure of my old brand X generator finally nudged me into pulling the trigger on this Honda.

Gas, oil, pull the rope and the new Honda was off to the races... thanks to this little guy we saved two homes from water damaged basements in one night. Sure there are cheaper options out there but when the water's rising and every minute counts I want a product that I can believe in not something that I have to tinker with.

Oh the joy of buying!      


companion to run parallel with EU2000i previously owned

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Lebanon, NJ
Type of use:  RV Power

Check compatibility prior to purchase. Some units may cause damage, dealer was not aware.

Units run well, provide for power needs for RV when run in parallel. Started first pull, quiet reliable. 

My first Impression

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Sunday, September 16, 2018
Hingham, MA
Type of use:  Home Back Up

I have owned many small engine tools and this one is most complicated to start. The choke label on it is misleading. If you move the handle to under the word "choke", it opens it. Just label "Open" on one end and "close" on the other will be better. Next you need to switch the Eco switch to "Off" to enable cold start, then turn Engine switch "on". If you did not correctly perform the first 2 steps it wont start.  Once it starts, it runs well and quiet in the Eco mode. I like it's portability so I can store it inside and take it to my shack outside for actual usage. My old generator rusted badly and died in the shack is why I bought this replacement. I have a lawn mover and snow thrower with Honda Engines which are reliable. Wife complained I paid $1,000 for this when she saw similar output power generators cost $ 250 at BJ. My answer is peace of mind when there is power outage during winter storms I need a super reliable generator to keep my house warm and can cook hot meals.

great generator

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Thursday, September 13, 2018
Roanoke Rapids, NC
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Tailgating
great generator

Honda EU2200I-Companion

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Powhatan, VA
Type of use:  Home Back Up
Exceeded all my expectations. Quite, lite weight, easy to operate, easy to start, serves my needs in advance of Hurricane Florence. Thank you Honda. Also own a Honda CRV and Ridgeline, and Honda motor leaf blower. I'm a Honda fan! Quality and dependability.

Eu2200I Companion

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Friday, August 24, 2018
Bartow, FL
Type of use:  RV Power

Purchased 2 honda EU2200 companion generators running parallel. One of the generators has not ran properly since I have had it. Took it to Camping World 0n 8/23/2018. Was charged $203 (approx.) to tell the carburetor was gummed up. I have take extremely good care of these generator. I was told I needed a new carburetor. I could have told them that. The tech did NOT clean the carburetor. Simply noted need a new carburetor and that Honda did not warranty the carburetor. I have given Camping World a lot of business. After all I purchased a Travel Trailer. If Honda doesn't warranty I would have thought Camping World would have made some type of compensate. I will not do business with them in the future. P.S. the generators will NOT run all appliances in my trailer. Can only run one at time. Turn the A/C off if you want to run the microwave or the refrigerator, or the TV .

Not a happy camper.

EU2200 companion

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Friday, August 24, 2018
Type of use:  RV Power
The generator work great.  Just disappointed that running the two generators parallel does not support my entire trailer.

Love this Generator

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Sunday, August 5, 2018
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power, Tailgating, Boating, Hunting/Fishing
I'm just getting started, and have never owned a generator before, but this Honda was super easy to set up, easy to fuel, easy to start, quiet, very fuel efficient, and I know it's going to last forever. I couldn't be more satisfied.  I should add that the user manual is very comprehensive and well-written.

RV Generator

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Friday, July 20, 2018
Chesapake, VA
Type of use:  RV Power
Very quiet generator.  Wished the 3000W was a little smaller but the 2200 does the trick.

Doesn't get any better

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Plantation, FL
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, Tailgating, Boating
I bought an EU2000i for my inlaws years ago in case of a hurricane black out. Used it several times camping and tailgating at football games, always great. Then we needed it for a hurricane, and by itself it was struggling to keep freezer, fridge, lamps, fans, and TV going. So I added a Companion today. Now I can run all that plus a 10,000BTU AC and its running about 60% power together. I have room to add load now. These little generator are the best you can buy. Take good care of them and they start first pull every time.

the best

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Ruskin, FL
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Tailgating, Construction/Industrial
I rented multiple generators before my purchase... Hands down the Honda was the best product of the bunch. I use it in areas which sound(noise) is really important to my clients. Also the first pull it always starts no hesitation or delays.

Parallel Generators

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Tuesday, June 12, 2018
San Antonio, TX
Type of use:  Home Back Up, RV Power
Purchased a pair of EU2200I generators to power my travel trailer. Generators are light easy to use and run my travel trailer with a 15000 btu air conditioner in ECO mode with no problem. Only negative is fuel tank size, there are some after market fuel extenders (auxiliary tanks) available, but wish Honda would come out with a reliable system of their own. Getting up in the middle of the night to refuel is no fun!!!!


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Saturday, May 26, 2018
Type of use:  Home Back Up

quietest genrator at the camp site

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Saturday, May 19, 2018
Columbus, OH
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping
This was the quietest generator at camp site. Hooked two together easily ran everything we need.

EU2000 Companion

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Friday, May 18, 2018
Cave Creek, AZ
Type of use:  Camping
This is the second one I have owned. Very happy with Honda Generators. Starts very easy, usually on the first pull.


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Friday, May 11, 2018
Type of use:  Home Back Up
Out of the box, added oil, gas, and pulled cord three time, power was on and ready to GO!!!


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Mexico, MO
Type of use:  RV Power
Great product works great with my eu 2000i generator


Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Sunday, May 6, 2018
Box Elder, SD
Type of use:  Camping, RV Power

I purchased a Companion generator and the connecting cables, but didn't realize it requires a circular 30amp plug.  I have the flat 3 prong plug which is usless.  Consequently unable to utilize the generator for two days until Camping World opens .  

We are in Henderson, NV with 100° heat and no air conditioning.  It would have been nice if the sa all es clerk had brought it to my attention.  The plugs are not available it any "Big box" stores in this area.

On a positive note, the new generator is quiet and runs smoothly.  Looking forward to being zble to use it .

great for a back up

Model Reviewed: EU2200I-COMPANION Friday, May 4, 2018
Type of use:  Camping
Purchased for a backup on my 5th wheel.  Fired up with no problem and operates anything except my ac on my trailer.  great choice
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