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CO-MINDER : Advanced Carbon Monoxide Detection System

At Honda, we care about safety. Everybody’s safety. That is why, beginning in 2020, we are equipping all Honda portable generators with our new advanced CO-MINDER carbon monoxide (CO) detection system.


CO-MINDER aids in reducing the risk of injury or fatality due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. CO-MINDER is designed to help ensure that everyone who operates a Honda generator can do so with confidence, providing added peace-of-mind protection.

How Does CO-MINDER work?

The CO-MINDER system continuously measures CO levels. It will automatically shut down the generator before carbon monoxide levels near the generator reach a dangerous level.

CO-MINDER uses a very robust, fast reacting, long lasting sensor to determine CO levels. Warning lights on the faceplate indicate if an instance of high CO levels shut down the generator.

Safety for All

As a leader in the portable generator industry, Honda has been highly supportive in the safety standards adopted by ANSI/PGMA G300-2018. CO-MINDER technology exemplifies Honda’s corporate commitment to providing industry-leading products and safety features for all.

Honda Generators co-minder panel
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