Easy starting Honda commercial OHV engine
Easy starting Honda commercial OHV engine

Superb power for digging in tough conditions. Durable commercial grade Honda 4-stroke engine offers easy starting, quiet operation, lower emissions, and easy refueling.

20" tilling width, 12" tine diameter

Make quick work of large tilling areas.

Convenient "loop handle" design allows operation from either side
Convenient "loop handle" design allows operation from either side

Allows the operator to safely operate the machine from the center, left or right positions. Makes it easier to turn the tiller around at the end of the row.

Self propelled - 3 forward speeds, 1 reverse
Self propelled - 3 forward speeds, 1 reverse

Multiple speeds offer more options for tilling and transportation. The commercial grade transmission provides long tiller life and less maintenance.

Heavy duty rear debris shield
Heavy duty rear debris shield

A full tine enclosure and full width rear shield provides operator protection and helps create a smooth, well tilled appearance to your garden.

Low maintenance Honda Cyclone air filter
Low maintenance Honda Cyclone air filter

Low maintenance, yet extremely effective, the Cyclone air filter uses a special cup to separate debris and dust. The reduced maintenance is especially helpful for rental applications.

Protective front guard
Protective front guard

Provides protection and makes the tiller easy to tie down for transport.

Easy access controls
Easy access controls

A simple, straightforward design that controls both tine and drive wheel engagement. Easy to reach, ergonomically designed controls are intuitive for rental and first time users.

Adjustable depth bar

Adjust the tilling depth for optimal performance in a variety of conditions.

Pick your height - 4-position handlebar

Adjust the handle position up or down to offer a comfortable operating height.

Side tine shields allow tilling close to fences and plants

Helps protect plants and prevents tines from catching fences and other structures when tilling close by.

Reverse lock-out for safer operation

For operator safety, prevents tines from being engaged in reverse.

3 year residential/commercial warranty
3 year residential/commercial warranty

You can rest easy, knowing your tiller is covered from top to bottom for 3 full years.


Tiller Type Rear Tine
Tilling Width 20"
Tine Diameter 12"
Engine Honda GX240
Displacement 270cc
Air filter dual element w/cyclone filter
Fuel capacity 4.6 qt
Transmission Speeds 3 - forward 1 - reverse
Tine speed @max engine speed 225 rpm
Transmission Type chain and gear drive
Dimensions (LxWxH) 65.4" x 24.0" x 49.0"
Dry Weight 265 lb.
Residential warranty 3 years
Commercial/rental warranty 3 years


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A true BEAST

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Thursday, April 30, 2020
Indian Head, PA
Type of use:  Residential
I purchased the FRC800 because I was expanding my existing garden and my old front tine tiller has been beating me up long enough. I wish I would have bought it years ago. The heavy duty construction and quality is fantastic. It’s an extremely powerful machine and a dream to use. Easy to operate features for a commercial duty tiller. It’s hefty weight help keep from shaking and jerking you around. Don’t listen to people saying it’s unsafe because they say it will jump foreword because of the tine rotation. You need to adjust the drag bar properly and you’ll have no problems. I can’t recommend it enough. 

Best In Class

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Redmond, WA
Type of use:  Residential

Don't listen to the negative reviews here.   I generally don't write reviews but I actually own about 30 Honda products from cars, motorcycles, generators, tractors, mowers and other power equipment.    I know my way around a Honda product and most are at the front of the pack.  This tiller is no exception.

People leaving negative reviews keep saying the same thing about this tiller but that doesn't make what is being said true.  Every walk behind tiller has the tines turning such that it will pull away from you when it hits something hard.    If it didn't pull forward it could lurch back over your feet.  
One person posted this nonsense and people keep repeating it because they are not in control of their tiller.   And no child or adult for that matter should ever be in front of a tiller or other agricultural equipment, so the notion that it could "hurt someone" is nonsense, that would be operator error no different than running over someone in a car. 

This tiller works flawlessly, it isn't a backhoe.   If you have large rocks and stumps you shouldn't be tilling, you should be removing them with a shovel or digger.    This tiller will exceed your expectations if you are a serious gardener or light hobby farmer.   Mine is 20 years old and starts on the first pull.    That my friends is why you buy a Honda.  

Tears up the ground...at a price

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Monday, April 2, 2018
Birmingham, AL
Type of use:  Residential
The price you pay for purchasing or even renting this tiller, as I did, is as others have mentioned. The tines turn in the same direction as the self-propel does instead of the opposite direction. What this means is when you hit something under the dirt of any significant size like a large rock or roots the entire tiller lurches forward yanking the operator along with it. That is if you're holding on good. My wife and I just tilled a new garden spot this weekend and breaking fresh ground was quite the adventure being we had tons of roots to contend with. Roots from 1/2" up to 2" in diameter so needless to say we were uncontrollably yanked all over. Most of the time when it jumped forward it jumped 1' - 2' but every so often this thing would yank you at least 4' - 5'. If you are in a confined area like we were I would suggest looking at a different tiller since you stand the chance of running into a fence, a building or some other structure.


Model Reviewed: FRC800 Thursday, March 15, 2018
Otto, NC
Type of use:  

 I like Hondas - always have but this is something else.

 The positives - engine starts even if haven't been started in 6 months with one or two pulls. Engine is very powerful and the build is Honda quality - good.

 The negative is that when you hit a tree root or rock it launches forward - uncontrollably. The tines become the driving force and it "wheelies". 

 In soft soil with no tree roots or rocks - it works great.



Tiller Redesign Needed

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Friday, March 9, 2018
Baton Rouge, LA
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical
Come on Honda - stop being stubborn - from many reviews this would be a much more effective tiller if the tines had a reverse rotation. This is a Cadillac tiller in this price range in terms of fit & finish & workmanship. Somebody in design misread the market - please consider changing to to reverse rotation tine direction!

1st time tiller owner. But have operated many others

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Saturday, March 3, 2018
Lineville, AL
Type of use:  Residential

I recently retired form Honda Mfg. of Alabama. In doing so I received a retiree loyalty card to apply towards the purchase of a Honda product. I purchased the FRC800 rotary tiller. My experience with rotary tillers to date has been with front tine tillers only so the FRC800 self propelled tiller was a dream to use the first time out. Great machine that does a beautiful job preparing your soil for planting. I could run this beauty all day. The two speed forward/till gives you an excellent choice for those tuff jobs. Fitted with a Honda motor means only one thing. It will last a life time with regular oil changes and service. I could tell my first time out this machine will be something I will be proud to own for many years to come.

My 1979 FR700

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Friday, November 10, 2017
Santa Rosa, CA
Type of use:  Residential
I just finished tilling my garden under for the winter.  My 1979 FR700 started on the first pull "it alway starts on the first or second pull" I have used my Honda tiller since 1979 and it still amazes me on how dependable it is. The only expence has been replacing the tines twice in 38 years. I might have changed the engine oil twice and I clean the air filter each year and check the oil level in the engine. As I am now 72 years old I have hopes that the tiller and I have a few good years left. Just think if you buy a Honda tiller and take care of it, you will need to leave it to one of your grand kids when you go from on the top of your garden to under it. Henry Kemper Santa Rosa Ca.

Dangerous Design

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Mansfield, MO
Type of use:  Other [gardening]
This is a powerful machine but the tines rotate the same direction as the wheels creating a hazard to the user and especially to bystanders....the tiller makes sudden jumps and by the time the operator responds it could be too late.  I've read other review responses that many tillers are designed that way and that adjusting the depth bar corrects the bucking and jumping problem - well, whomever wrote that is full of beans! There is no reason whatsoever to have the tines rotating the same direction as the wheels. Someone is going to get hurt badly with that tiller.  Is there a feature that will allow an owner to switch the direction the tines rotate?

best tiller

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Thursday, February 2, 2017
owatonna, MN
Type of use:  
had for 9 years.have huge garden.no trouble.one best things i ever bought.maybe THE best.

Nice but needs refinement

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Thursday, March 31, 2016
Swamp gypsy
New Orleans, LA
Type of use:  Residential
March , 2016 . I rented this unit for non commercial gardening and spent a 12 hr day with it . First the positive. Easy first pull start ( honda engines are the best ). Power to spare and it tilled my soil to coffee grind consistency , ( I made 3 gentle passes to reach full depth ) . Transmission selection is very easy and positive engagement of each gear was as well . The heavy duty rear flap sheild was great for light dozing in reverse . The safety considerations and ergonomics were outstanding . Now for the negative , I find that the tine direction contributed to a dangerous " runaway " machine when a root or was encountered . A reverseable tine rotation selection feature would be great for initial hard sod busting . I think a removable front mounted fully adjustable 24-36" dozer blade would be great . It could be for used side farrowing or dozing . A 24-36" rake attachment could also be front mounted for seasons end cleanup . A second reverse gear speed would be great as well . Dual tire or wider tires option would improve traction . As is its a good machine but the fore mentioned would make it 20 stars ! Thank you . T.H. New Orleans ,La

Awesome tiller

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Sunday, February 21, 2016
Wethersfield, CT
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical
I am a serious Gardner.  This tiller replaces and old Troy Bilt from the 70s.  This tiller is better and is flawless.  Fully recommend it

Design needs refinement

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Falmouth, ME
Type of use:  Residential

The tiller looks amazing at first glace.  It has a industrial feel about the controls with an over-sized (on/off) switch and lever.  An impressive engine with a carb fuel drain, choke, fuel cut-off and secondary fuel filter 'cup' to collect fuel deposits make for a robust machine.

The tines are where the whole machine is weak.  For a tiller of this size the tines are tiny, cannot break new soil and too close together.  For broken soil the machine glides over it chopping it into a cottage cheese consistently.  Multiple passes are needed to get adequate depth for deep rooted crops.

The engine is constantly holding itself back.  If you have New England soil with heavy clay clumps with stones the machine gallops and jumps with the drag bar properly in place, it becomes a battle of who is really in control.

I highly recommend this tiller if you need to till flat farmland free of loose stones and clay for shallow-rooted crops.  Up North larger, wider spaced tines are needed to prevent the tiller from bucking and running around the yard. 

Worst Tiller I have ever used

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Tuesday, July 21, 2015
San Marcos, TX
Type of use:  Residential
Since the tines are not counter rotating, the tiller is dangerous to use.  If the tines hit something hard like dries clay and the wheels lose contact with the ground the tiller takes off almost out of control.  I am glad I only rented the tiller and did not purchase it.  I have used other rear tine tillers and they all have counter rotating tines, a much safer configuration.

Honda FRC800 RotoTiller.

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Wednesday, January 14, 2015
DeLand, FL
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical
this machine is extremely powerful.  I have set the depth level adjustment a variety of ways with the same outcome, it burys down to the frame and pulls its way through anything.  We have a soil type known as sugar sand.  I have had it hit a Large barried piece of cement (12" x 24") tear a 6" x 6" piece off and keep on going after the violent impact like nothing happened.  When I finish a row it is turned 9 ways to Sunday, or really blended.   Weeds will clog the tines and need to be removed, which requies shutting down, cleaning and a restart.  Only a fool would chance their extremites near this machine.  What this machine really needs is a set of ski's mounted to the depth setting and secured in place on each body side, outside the cutting area.  This would be far more exacting and controlable than the current setup, atleast in sugar sand. I have previously registered this unit on line with the same Name and Email address.

Nothing Better!

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Friday, July 4, 2014
Sulphur, LA
Type of use:  Residential, Landscaping/Commerical
I bought mine almost new from a rental place that closed in 2009. (its an 07 Model, but i have no idea when they bought it). Since 2009 I have tilled probably 300 gardens with it. The "ONLY" things I have had to replace is the tines and the throttle control. The throttle I broke from loading it and bumped it. This tiller will go through ANYTHING! I just bought the FG110 to use as a partner to it (lets face it it's to big to trim or do small stuff. Do not compare this to Home Depot Troy Bilt Tiller thats like comparing a Hyundai truck to an H1 Hummer. This will be past down to my son, he's 2 now. But words to the wise make sure you realize shes a beast, DO NOT for the first time start here in full throttle in gear two in heavy sod, thats just dumb. Put it in gear one, low throttle and learn to do half passes and spin it slowly to get some good cut to start from. Need help send me an email at [...]

The last tiller I'll probably ever buy

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Duke Strong
Raleigh, NC
Type of use:  Residential
I bought a tiller about 25 years ago and it went south on me in the middle of the growing season. I paid about $500.00 it was a 5hp with Forward, Reverse, Netural, and Till Positions. The drive belt gave out and the problem was more than that, I needed a new frame and the tiller is no longer in production the motor was a solid winner though. After 25 I figured I got my moneys worth. I went to my John Deere Dealer who is the Honda Distributor in my area and looked at FRC 800. The tires on this thing looks like tractor tires, It had a throttle and 5 forward gears 3 for travel and 2 for tilling and of course a Reverse. I got it home and just looked at it for about an hour, I filled the tank and went to the garden I have a problem section I have never been able to get like I wanted. It was like a hot knife going though butter. I played with the depth bar a little if its not set right this tiller will take off unlike my other tiller as I alway ran it with the depth bar in the raised position. The traction on the Honda is amazing and is very controlable afer reading the manual. I love this tiller a lot pricey @ $2699.00 but well worth the money. This tiller will tear up ground like a mule pulling a plow on the 1st pass. I reccomend this tiller to all.     

So Far, So Good

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Monday, June 16, 2014
Elizabethtown, KY
Type of use:  Residential

I bought a $600 tiller from a big box store about 5 years ago.  Worked well for 2 years.  Then motor wouldn't start.  Bought a new motor....$300.  Didn't have a garden for next two years but started it on a regular basis so nothing would freeze up.  This spring took it out...started right up.  2 rows into tilling and it makes this god-awful sound and wouldn't pretend to re-start. 

After doing some research I wanted a Husqvarna with Honda engine.  But for whatever reason, everyone was sold out (maybe it's a really good tiller?)  A local guy told me he had a Honda tiller.  But with the cost and the luke warm reviews on here, I wasn't very eager.  But I really needed a tiller quick so I bought the Honda.

Wow.  This thing is big.  I took it to a garden filled with weeds and with quite a few rocks (still slowly working on this issue).  It had rained a couple days before so the soil was also a tad muddy.  This thing tore through the rows without blinking.  One pass and it looked like a well manicured garden.  I noticed that compared to my old tiller the soil was more finely worked.  I noticed no tendency of the tiller to lurch forward.  But be forewarned, this is a big machine.  Probably not good for a lot of women and men with declining health etc.  I think it's a winner.  And I'm looking forward to many years of Honda quality.

Buyer beware!

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Tuesday, June 3, 2014
highland, MD
Type of use:  Residential
Yep, the tines rotate in the wrong direction.  When you hit hard soil, be prepared to run after the tiller.  I got very good at pulling wheelies with it.  Additionally, the tines are not very aggressive more like 90 degree bent knives.  I till the garden every year, so the soil is NOT that hard.  My cheap rear tine tiller was at my second home so I decided to rent this thing instead of driving 250 miles to retreive it.  Well after an hour, with little accomplished I return it and have now opted to take the drive.  It's funny that when I was waiting for the rental clerk, two guys walked up and one told the other that that was the machine that beat him to death last week.  My cheap old tiller would have been done in less than an hour.  Back to the drawing board guys, you really blew this one.

Response from Honda

Hi Bob, we're sorry you had a poor experience. 

What you're describing is all the classic symptoms of a tiller without a properly adjusted depth bar.  If the tiller didn't have a depth bar, it won't "dig in" properly. We suggest double checking to be sure the depth bar was installed properly. Sometimes rental stores lose the depth bar, and it is very difficult to use the tiller without it. (This goes for any rear tine tiller.) 

The owner's manual shows you how to properly adjust use the depth bar - it is very easy to do.  You can download a manual from http://powerequipment.honda.com/support/owners-manuals/tillers/rear-tine

We're sorry you had a bad experience, and we hope you'll give us another chance. 

junck backwords running

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Tuesday, May 27, 2014
dave cords
lincoln, NE
Type of use:  Residential
this tiller was the very worst tiller ive ever run ,the tines run the wrong way very unsafe.who ever desighned  this should be fired.having  the tines going the same way the wheels are going just yanks yu across the yard it screwed my back up thanckjs Honda try looking at all the other rear tine tillers on the market yours the olny one that's backwayds.

Response from Honda

Hi Dave, we're sorry you had a poor experience with this tiller.  But it is actually common in the industry for tines to rotate the same direction as the wheels. We suggest double checking to be sure you were using the depth bar, which must be properly adjusted for smooth and safe operation.  If it is too high, the tiller can "jump" forward when the tines contact hard ground.  The depth bar is easy to adjust, however. Your owner's manual explains everything you need to know in order to operate the tiller safely. If you don't have a copy, you can download one from http://powerequipment.honda.com/support/owners-manuals/tillers/rear-tine

Honda FRC 800 Tiller

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Anaconda, MT
Type of use:  Residential

This Tiller is a monster.  It makes quick work of any job you need to tackle.  The Engine is powerful, yet quiet compared to other big tillers, and starting is easy, even after stored for the winter.  The only problem that has surfaced is with the Tines.  I owned my Honda for about two weeks and a tine broke right off.  Honda covered it since it was definitely a defective tine.  For the next three years, it worked great again, but the last time I used it, for a small job, another tine broke off.  When I looked into getting it replaced, I noticed Honda, unlike other manufacturers, does not have a lifetime warranty on the tines, too bad, since the rest of machine is built like a tank.  Besides the tines, this tiller is great.

Wow this thing rocks

Model Reviewed: FRC800 Monday, April 28, 2014
Rapid City, SD
Type of use:  Residential

I rented this from my local Hardware Hank.  I had a yard to till it was on the very large slope.  We have clay dirt and it is almost impossible to plant grass.  Needless to say this thing went through the dirt like a hot knife through butter.  We received a little rain in the morning and so it was a little wet.  Overall I was totally impressed.  

The pros

1.  This thing is so easy to start, I pulled it with very little effort.  

2.  Fuel Efficient I ran it from 11-4 without a break.  Almost out of gas.

3.  It turned easy on the hillside.  

4.  It never bogged down in the heavy wet clay at the base of the yard.  

5.  I loved the gear options.  2 for tilling and 3 forward for transport.  1 reverse.

6.  Great Traction 

The Cons

1.  It is heavy so make sure you have trailer with a ramp.  

Overall if you purchase this for heavy use, I recommend it.  I loved it and if I needed one all the time this would be the unit.  I was amazed.  

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