Honda Heroes FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of heroes should I nominate?

  • While there are many community leaders deserving of a hero title, only those actively utilizing power equipment, such as lawn mowers, generators, tillers, and water pumps will be considered for the Honda Hero Award. For more details and a list of requirements, please see our Honda Hero program rules for winner eligibility.

Q: Who can nominate a Honda Hero?

  • Anyone can nominate a Honda Hero!

Q: What groups are excluded from being nominated or winning?

Q: How are Honda Heroes determined?

  • Honda Heroes will be evaluated by an internal committee on the basis of impact to the community, originality, and alignment to Honda values.

Q: How often will Honda Heroes be awarded?

  • Honda Heroes will be announced bimonthly.

Q: Should I resubmit if I don’t win?

  • Entries will be evaluated for the period of one year. If your nomination is not selected, your nominee might still win in a future period, so, there is no need to resubmit for at least one year.

Q: Is there a prize for the person submitting?

  • Prizes will be presented to the Honda Hero Awardees only.

Q: Are organizations eligible to win?

  • Only individuals are eligible to be award as a Honda Hero.

Q: Once a winner is determined, how will we know?

  • The nominator and the nominee will be notified of the Hero being awarded.

Q: How many times can the same person win?

  • Individuals are only eligible to be awarded as a Honda Hero once during the life of the program.

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