Powerful, easy to start, fuel efficient Honda engine
Powerful, easy to start, fuel efficient Honda engine

The Honda GC190 OHC premium residential engine offers plenty of power to churn through the snow. Starting is easy - even in cold weather.

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4 stroke engine - No mixing gas and oil
4 stroke engine - No mixing gas and oil

No mixing, no two-stroke smoke and stink, lower emissions, and better fuel economy.

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Easier snow removal with auger-assist drive
Easier snow removal with auger-assist drive

Honda uses a rugged, durable metal auger with replaceable rubber paddles to make quick work of residential snow removal. The auger assist drive helps move the HS720 when the rubber-edged auger contacts the surface. A gentle upward pressure on the handle starts forward motion.

High capacity snow removal - up to 1800 lb./min, throws snow up to 33 feet
High capacity snow removal - up to 1800 lb./min, throws snow up to 33 feet

Don't let its small size fool you. The HS720 has the snow-clearing power of a snow blower twice its size. Just like you'd expect from a Honda.

Convenient and simple Snow Director<sup>&trade;</sup> chute control
Convenient and simple Snow Director chute control

A conveniently located remote chute control determines the direction of snow discharge. The deflector can be adjusted from left to right 204 degrees.

Easy to adjust distance of snow discharge
Easy to adjust distance of snow discharge

Just move the Snow Director control up and down to adjust the distance of snow discharge.

Heavy duty metal auger housing - stands up to harsh conditions
Heavy duty metal auger housing - stands up to harsh conditions

Reliable, rugged construction featuring a bearing supported auger. The heavy duty designs offers dependable performance through demanding conditions.

Large 20" wide clearing width, 12" high
Large 20" wide clearing width, 12" high

Handles large snow falls with power and ease

Large wheels for easy transport
Large wheels for easy transport

Easy transport to and from storage makes the job easier.

Operator friendly controls with large on off switch
Operator friendly controls with large on off switch

Managing your snow removal is simple with easy to access controls. The ignition switch, manual choke, starter grip and fuel cap are conveniently located for easy access. The starter grip is extra large to accommodate gloves or mittens. The access panel allows easy and safe operation, even with gloves on.

"Glove friendly," large fuel tank cap
"Glove friendly," large fuel tank cap

The large fuel cap and fuel opening make it easy to re-fuel, even with gloves on. The unit has a fuel shut off valve for safe storage.

Easy to maintain
Easy to maintain

The HS720 is designed for ease of maintenance. Draining the engine oil and fuel are easy, saving time, frustration, and mess. The spark plug is very easy to access for replacement.

Light and maneuverable
Light and maneuverable

Compact and convenient, the HS720 offers the performance of a larger snow blower with the benefits of a single stage unit.

Automatic decompression for easy starting
Automatic decompression for easy starting

This system relieves compression in the engine during starting and then closes automatically to ensure full power after the engine starts.

2 year residential warranty


Engine Honda GC190
Displacement 187cc
Starting System Recoil
Fuel capacity 0.29 gal
Drive Mechanism Manual, Auger-assisted
Clutch type Auger
Wheel / Track N/A
Stages Single
Chute Turning Radius 204°
Clearing Width 20"
Clearing Height 12"
Max. Discharge Distance 33'
Max. Discharge Capacity 1800 lb./min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 49.6" x 20.9" x 40.6"
Dry Weight 89 lb.
Residential Warranty 2 years
Commercial Warranty 3 months


Storage Cover


Serial Number

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HS720AA Set Up
HS720AA Operation
HS720 Maintenance and Storage


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Model Reviewed: HS720AA Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Type of use:  Residential

Received new unit from local Home Improvement Store after waiting for delivery to store which occurred faster then estimated.  Upon on-boxing unit and during assembly found fuel shutoff valve assembly loose.  Upon inspection found attach point bracket broken for fuel shutoff valve assembly.  I've yet to use new unit and don't desire to wait another week for a replacement unit.  The units shipping container was undamaged nor was there anything found that could have caused damage to the shutoff valve assembly during shipment to the store.

I will submit another review once the issue is taken care of and I use the new unit.

Overall I'm Disappointed - Chute rotation is horrible at best

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Monday, December 2, 2019
Hartford, CT
Type of use:  Residential

I've been waiting to write this review until I've had enough experience with this machine that it's honest. To preface the information that I'm going to share below, I own other Honda products and engines and I'm very happy with them.

Received my Honda HS720AA from an authorized online dealer (was delivered) and the box was undamaged so I accepted the shipment.

I purchased this machine for my wife to use when I travel on business (light and easy for her to handle), clean off Trex decking and small areas where my bigger snowblower won't fit. I have a 2006 Ariens 11528 (model 926002) which is my main snowblower. I've owned the little single stage Honda snowblower since January of 2018. When I carefully unpacked the machine, items that could not have been damaged in shipping were damaged/broken, which leads me to believe that the machine left the factory that way. The plastic "cover" for the chute rotation mechanism (Honda part number 76357-V10-S10) was broken, the "guide, chute" spring attachment point (Honda part number 76320-V10-S10) was bent (paint was cracked), and the pin for the chute guide was in rough shape (Honda part number 76326-738-E00). I put a claim in with the online retailer and they sent me the parts free of charge and I replaced/repaired the broken items myself. I'm a highly skilled mechanic and have been working on cars, boats, and equipment (gas and diesel powered) since I was 16 years old (25+ years now). Once all this was resolved, I fueled the machine and it fired right up as expected...

Likes: (1) Engine is powerful and for a single-stage machine, it can throw some snow! (2) Easy to fuel, (3) Easy to start.

Dislikes: (1) Vibration (my old Toro S-200 2-stroke was smoother than this machine... yes I tightened the handle bolts per the instruction manual) and (2) the wheels pretty much always allow snow to stick to them, making the unit annoying to move backwards. The wheels eventually stop spinning or it thuds like driving on a flat tire. (3) No front/mid-mounted handle to help pick it up... I'm guessing at nearly 100lbs, Honda doesn't intend on people picking this up, but I do to get it on my deck.

Complete Disappointment: (1) The chute design and function (rotation) is horrible and has made me hate this piece of equipment! Lubrication per the instruction manual helps a bit, but the function is still very frustrating and quite pathetic for a $750+ machine. My wife won't use it anymore because she has to muscle the chute and has grown frustrated with it; she just uses the big Ariens which she said is less work for her because it functions so well, even though it's physically larger and heavier. (2) I strictly run ethanol free fuel in the engine and the carb does not at all tolerate even high-quality, ethanol free (stabilized) fuel that is older than 3 months. I have over 12 gas powered pieces of equipment (I used to be a landscaper) and have never had an issue with ethanol free fuel, even if it's 4 or 5+ months old in my small equipment.

If I could get part or most of my money back on this machine I'd jump at the chance! I would accept a partial refund/buyback from Honda, however, I can't bring myself to sell it to someone as I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing (as others have mentioned) that the purchasers would hate the horrible chute functionality.


Model Reviewed: HS720AA Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Oconomowoc, WI
Type of use:  Residential
After giving my 22 year old Honda HS624 to my daughter to use in her new house, I decided to buy this unit and very glad I did. It is simple, strong and easy to operate. Keep up the good work Honda.

Not worth the money.

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Saturday, June 15, 2019
Type of use:  Residential

Bought one of these. Worked great the 1st year. Stored full of gas w/ StaBil Wouldn't run 2nd year. Had it repaird. Worked for a while, stored as before, would not start next year.

Traded for Cub Cadet. Starts every time. 

This was my last Honda.

Ongoing problems

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Sunday, March 10, 2019
Lenox, MA
Type of use:  Residential

I purchased this snowblower in the fall of 2017 from Home Depot. My first use came in December 2017 and as many have experienced, the side to side chute control doesn't work. By the time I used it, it was too late to return it to Home Depot. I tried spraying the chute with silicone as recommended by Honda. This didn't help. I spent the winter going in ovals to clear my drive. In September 2018, I took this in to my closest dealer, an hour away. They were able to get it working. The control was marginally better in the 2018/2019 winter although still not good. It was frequently unmovable. In February 2019, the plastic gate that holds the chute lever in place simply snapped off. So now it needs to go back to the dealer.  The engine is great- it always starts. But what good is it if you can't control the chute direction? I would not recommend purchasing the remote chute control unit. If you must have a Honda, get the manual chute control model. 

I am very disappointed with this unit and expected Honda to be worth the premium I paid for it. It has been nothing but a headache. I would return it if I could. 

Honda quality, solid build, easy start, very quiet

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Thursday, January 31, 2019
Larry Z
Canton, MI
Type of use:  Residential
I acquired this blower to replace a 25 year old 2-stroke snow blower as I was no longer able to find parts for this unit.  I looked at various brands including Toro, Cub Cadet, Ariens, and Briggs and Strattion.  After researching these brands,  I ruled out the Toro and Cub Cadet because they Chinese engines and I refuse to add any more of them to the ones I already have.  I have one lawn mower and one power washer and neither one of them like to start when cold or hot.  They are junk.  The 25 year old briggs and Stratton two stroke on my snow blower starts better.  Some of them also had plastic chutes which I ruled out as well.  I have always heard that their power equipment was top notch so I decided to buy this snowblower.  For starters,  the unit came in a box as solid as the snowblower itself and it was pretty much assembled.  All I had to do was to tighten the handle bars with a 12mm wrench where they folded (that was about the only thing that I would say could be changed - to be able to fold down without getting a wrench out and use hand knobs instead),  add the included oil to the engine, and fill the gas tank.  I took it out my garage, pulled the choke out, and it started the very first pull.  THE VERY FIRST PULL!  The Chinese crap never starts on the first pull. I ran it and cleared the driveway in no time.  I would wear ear protection for the 2 stroke,  but you really almost don't need it for this one.  The remote controls was another big selling point for this snow blower;  not having to lean over and change the chute direction or the height of the throw just makes the process faster.  This was my first Honda power equipment,  but it will not be my last.  I am sold.  

Got This Just In Time

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Saturday, December 15, 2018
VATech Hokie
Clemmons, NC
Type of use:  Residential

With weather forecasting ca. 10" - 16" of snow on 12/08 - 09/18 in Clemmons NC, where we seldom get more than 6" or so 2 or 3 times  per year, I knew I didn't want to shovel my 30+ ft wide drive. On 12/07 AM I visited Forsyth Mower Works in Winston-Salem, one of the best dealers in the Triad area. Fortunately, Corey Ingle, co-owner, had just one of the HS720 series blowers, having sold over 20 blowers in just 2 days.

We got 13" of snow with drifts somewhat higher, all of which this 'mean machine' easily handled. While I would have preferred the HS720AA (plug-in electric start), I know Honda engines are always easy to start, with just one pull and was happy to get this one. This machine's capacity is said to be up to 12" of snow with a throw of ca. 32'.

With a 3-car garage and patio drive, I needed to blow all the snow away from the house toward the street and made two passes, first nearest the street and then a second pass starting from the house.

PROS: [1] Engine starts on first pull; [2] Surface cleaning is outstanding; [3] Remote chute director is easily changed; [4] Gas consumption is very low (187 cc engine); & [5] Maneuverability is very good. 

CONS: Even if you live in an area with little snowfall, buy the Honda HS720 single-stage blower early in the season and it will last for years if well-maintained and be there when needed. While living in Delaware I had a Honda snowblower but left it with the house when moving south. Never thought I would need one again, but that turned out to not be the case.

Honda Snowblower

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Friday, November 30, 2018
Harbor Springs, MI
Type of use:  Residential

 The snow blower does exactly what I wanted it to do. It started in the very first pull which has always been my experience with Honda equipment. 

Chute turn control

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Saint John, IN
Type of use:  Residential
It is hard for me to realize that honda would still be delivering these snow throwers with a chute turn control that is impossible to operate. How hard could it be to spray the chute with silicone before it leaves the factory. I guess it is easier and cheaper to have the consumer do that job for them.    

Chute Issue

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Friday, January 26, 2018
Draper, UT
Type of use:  Residential
The handles two of them, to adjust the chute are very stiff, they should be smoother, looser to operate.  

Snow bower

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Monday, January 1, 2018
Wallingford, PA
Type of use:  Residential
Excellent product.

Great performance, and design

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Des Moines, IA
Type of use:  Residential
After doing extensive research I purchased two of these in late 2016, one for me and one for my daughter.  Since we were prepared, it was no surprise that we had one of the lightest snow years ever, but there was enough to get a good feel for these units.  One of the concerns seen in other reviews was some difficulty using the directional controls for the chute.  We found these controls simple to use and well designed.  They lock in place, and need to be disengaged before moving, which is easy to get used to.  I came from a smaller single stage, and considered a two stage blower.  We are SO GLAD we went with this model, as the engine had PLENTY of power and the auger design threw snow VERY well, both wet and light, without clogging.  No complaints at all.  The electric start is nice, but the engine starts so easily it is not really needed.  Easy maintenance as well.  Highly recommended!! I am shopping for HONDA lawn mowers now, for both of us. 

This machine is perfect

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Wednesday, March 15, 2017
enfield, CT
Type of use:  Residential

This is my second winter with this machine. Just cleared 18 inches of dense, heavy snow. Snow at that height takes a little extra work. Plowing into a head-on is work, especially at the end of the driveway, but if you come at an angle it's easy enough.  

What I really like about this machine is (1) starts swiftly, usually on one pull. (2) Never clogs. Not once. (3) Great gas capacity/runtime. I've been out there for two plus hours and never had to refill. 

Honda makes a great snowblower. This is the second one I've owned and this machine just won't quit. Although I've been tempted to buy the larger two stage -- which would have come in handy for this 18 inch storm -- this smaller machine still gets the job done and it's easier to store. 


Model Reviewed: HS720AA Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Kalispell, MT
Type of use:  Residential
Haven't had any new snow yet to try product out!


Model Reviewed: HS720AA Friday, January 27, 2017
Keystone, CO
Type of use:  Residential

very happy with purchase!! Just one problem--when I pull the auger clutch lever it has a habit of coming out of the right hole!! So shut down and reposition handle back in hole.

Any suggestion to a simple fix??




Model Reviewed: HS720AA Monday, January 16, 2017
Meridian, ID
Type of use:  Residential
This is one awesome snowblower for my residential home. Easy starting and handling.

Gas leaking

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Emanuel Kypriotis
Roseland, NJ
Type of use:  Residential

The snowblower works wonderful, but when i had to step up a small step to clean my walkway,

gasoline was pouring out from the back, big safety issue.

When I called the number supplied, the gentleman on the phone said it's normal. This is a major safety issue. 

Response from Honda

Hi Emanuel, after reviewing your call with our Customer Relations team, it looks like you turned the snow blower on its side while going over a curb.  If the HS720 is turned too far and the carb is pointing down, gas can come out of the carb vent or the carb itself.  If you need to turn the snow blower on its side, turn it on the opposite side, and you'll avoid this issue.  Thanks for your review!

honda snow blower

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Robert Sonnenberg
Westfield, WI
Type of use:  Residential
this  unit replaced a mtd unit. the cost was higher but over all quaity is much better.unit out performs mtd hands down. well worth the extra money. also is much quieter. this blower should be the last one i should have to buy. 

Snowblower Review

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Monday, December 19, 2016
Silver Creek, NY
Type of use:  Residential
Works well.  Took it out of box put oil and gas in started on first pull.

A nice machine

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Indianapolis, IN
Type of use:  Residential
I did extensive research when it came time to replace my old Toro, small 2-cycle single stage blower.  It came down to the Toro 721's and the Honda HS720.  The Honda exuded more quality, and my previous experience with Honda products has been very good.  The Toro's started cheaper, but once I decided I wanted the remote chute control (mainly due to lots of direction changes, and wind considerations), the feature for feature comparison made the Honda the better value.   Also, the Toro does not offer remote control of the chute deflector.  I gave no value to electric start (never used it on my previous snow blower), and the Honda was available with pull start and the chute control (AA).  This blower has more power than I'll need 80% of the time (Central Indiana).  I just had the opportunity to use it for the first time, so these are mostly first impressions.  Only had about 3" of wet snow.  The machine is much quieter than my old 2-cycle.  I encountered no issues with excessive vibration that other reviews (mostly from 2014) had complained about.  The chute control worked easily.  In fact it was less stiff in operation than on the showroom floor.  Seems to be a far more robust system than the Toro, though Toro's was infinitely adjustable (left to right).  One issue I did have was the wheels were immediately coated with packed slush, which made the machine very bumpy, and difficult to maneuver.  I'm hoping that is isolated to very specific conditions.  If it persists, I'll be disappointed. 

Worth The money

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Michigan Man
Bloomfield Twp., MI
Type of use:  Landscaping/Commerical
This is the third Honda snowblower I have owned. By far, best one out there in this price range. Throws snow 30 feet easily, Lightweight, starts on the first pull every time. The HS720AA has 2 handles to move the chute left to right, and up and down. I like the feature, but more moving parts more issues.. Worked great the first time I used it.

# 1

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Tuesday, November 15, 2016
staten island, NY
Type of use:  Residential
Owned the same snowblower for 10 years the only difference it was the 5 HP model. Zero issues, worked like a charm- cleaned up many blizzards over the years. I since moved and left the snowblower with the new owners- they were good people. I treated myself to the new model with increased HP. I bet it will serve me just as well.

Love it!

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Angola, IN
Type of use:  Residential

More power than any other single stage blower I have owned! Starts every time no need for electric start!

Spec says it will throw snow 33 feet, my experience is, it throws snow 40 plus feet!

Great Product - Dealer needs to properly instruct consumer how to use the snow blower

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Honda User
Newton, MA
Type of use:  Residential

I have the new HS720A and it is a great product.  I had the older model with the manual directional chute using a metal u-shaped bar.  That was a wonderful product as well.  But I wanted to upgrade to the new system of chute control because I could not get close to a fence or automobile with the manual metal bar chute system.

I wanted to write this review because the review of the person from Constantine, MI is not accurate in some regards.  It is clear that he/she was not instructed how to operate the snow blower by the dealer or forgot the instructions.  When in operation the snow blower is not intended to be pushed on its wheels or even remain on its wheels.  The auger on the snow blower pulls the snow blower forward when engaged.  So in order to operate the snow blower the snow blower is easily pushed up a bit off its wheels and the auger engages and moves the snow blower forward, removing the snow right to the pavement.  The wheels are intended merely to roll the snow blower around when the snow blower is not being operated to remove snow.

Also, the chute will stick if not properly lubricated.  My dealer properly lubricated the chute and I have made sure that it remains lubricated (a little bit of white grease or WD40).   So I have no issue with the chute moving up and down even in the cold weather we are experiencing now (February, 2015). 

I have not experienced the issue that the person from Constantine states that the chute is not moving to the side sufficiently so that snow is blown in front of the snow blower.  I find the chute can be moved to blow the snow to the side of the blower even when turning the snow blower.  Again, I wonder if the proper chute adjustment has been made by the dealer.

The only issue I have had is that the starter rope broke off only after a couple of weeks of operating the product.  It occurred without me pulling the rope.  I think the rope is set a bit too loose and starts dangling. Thus, the snow on the side of the blower that is not removed grabs the rope and snaps the rope off.  I did not have this issue with the prior Honda blower.  That is my only concern with this product.

Nevertheless,  I find that this is a great product, very powerful, yet light and starts up right away with the first pull.  With proper instruction on the use of this product any consumer will find that this product is a great machine and more than adequate for most jobs and snow storms.

Great real world option

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Thursday, February 5, 2015
East Greenwich, RI
Type of use:  Residential

I live in RI and this baby is great for my needs.  We are getting slammed this year with deep snow, and this single stage unit is 100% capable of cleaning up my large driveway (you could park about 20 cars on it).  Most often, we get less than 12 inch snow falls.  If you get more than that regularly you may want one capable of removing higher amounts.  I just use it a couple times over the course of a storm so the snow is under 10 inches if we are getting crazy amounts.

I wanted a two stage unit, but after using a neighbors single stage and seeing how powerful it was and how it cleans down to the pavement, I arrived at the conclusion that this model was the right one.  I'm fastidious about snow removal.  It's light so my wife or son could operate it.  Having too much fun with it to let them!  Nothing like a snow thrower to make a snowstorm fun!  One thing I want to make sure I mention is that it handles the heavy stuff (like at the end of the driveway) with ease.  It's power surprised me I'm glad to report.   

The features are great.  Right where you need them.  Starts up on first or second pull.  Light, powerful, and it cleans all the way to the ground!

Great Quality Poor Design

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Constantine, MI
Type of use:  Residential

I have a new Honda HS720A snow blower. The reason I choose the unit is because it had remote control over the chute rotation and remote control over the up and down of the discharge chute. I felt these were important because units that don't have these two features cannot be used tight up against a building without the manual rotation handle hitting the building thereby directing the chute in a direction not wanted. That said, here is my opinion of a great quality snow blower that was very poorly designed. Clearly, the people who designed the HS720A have never used one so the design is based solely on theory and not functionality. The list is:


a) The chute does not rotate far enough either to the left or right to prevent snow from being thrown into the path you just cleared when turning around. The chute needs to rotate an additional 15 degrees to both sides. The snow is always hitting one side of the discharge chute rather than being centered in the chute which results in the snow being thrown ahead of the unit instead of at right angles to the unit. This condition does not exist with a two stage snow blower because the second stage impeller direct the snow centered into the discharge chute.


b) When the chute gets cold it becomes very difficult to rotate it in either direction or to change the direction...it becomes sticky when cold.


c) The up and down of the chute discharge becomes virtually impossible to move when it gets cold. It requires stopping the auger and manually ( by hand ) moving the up and down aspects of the chute.


d) The wheels are so small it is difficult to push the unit in snow that is not on a concrete surface.


e) Other than putting larger diameter wheels on the unit and putting a manual handle on the unit so when the rotation sticks and the discharge won't move up and down they can be forced to move by hand. I will make it hinged so I can rotate it up out of the way when I need to get tight against a building to prevent the handle from hitting the building and forcing the chute to rotate in a direction not wanted.


Overall, I wish I had brought the unit that has a manual hand rotation and manual up and down discharge chute. If I was Honda I would be embarrassed to have such a poorly designed snow blower.

None Clogging Snow Chute

Model Reviewed: HS720AA Monday, December 15, 2014
Don't have a nick
Constantine, MI
Type of use:  Residential

I painted the inside of my HS720AA snow-blower chute with John Deere graphite "lubriplate" paint which being graphite based is very slippery. I tried WD-40 which works but given the application it isn't durable...had to retreat between each use. After using the graphite paint I have yet to have my first chute clog even though I have used it on heavy wet snow. I am going to try PlowSlick next because it comes in "clear" rather than black in color and is extremely durable.

I find it interesting that even though almost all snow-blower manufactures put a light on their two stage snow-blowers none of them put a light on their single stage units. I guess they think no one would ever use a single stage snow-blower in the dark....who am I to challenge their wisdom.....

Other than the above my HS720AA is an outstanding product and lives up to the Honda reputation for excellence and quality. Simply stated....it gets the job done.

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