Arthur T.

Our latest Honda Hero Award Winner is Arthur Thomas of Milledgeville, GA. The Humble Farm Refuge is a micro urban farm that promotes environmental sustainability. Authur devotes his time and facilities to re-educating the community on the importance of eating quality and affordable food, and empowering visitors to produce their own with spaces even those grounds that are unusual to the traditional farming landscape.

“Agriculture plays a significant role in the development and sustainability of any economy. As communities continue to grow, more innovative solutions are needed to provide quality food and sustain a healthy environment,” says Authur. Those who visit The Humble Farm Refuge can expect to learn a hands-on and holistic approach to a sustainable lifestyle with free lessons in alternative building, natural gardening, and material repurposing all within the confides of the half acre farm. Filled with unique plants, medicinal herbs, chickens, and bees, there are endless opportunities to showcase what we eat, where it comes from, and how it is produced.

With an open invitation, Arthur and his team have a particular fondness for educating community youth, seniors, and veterans. The Humble Farm Refuge also serves as a retreat and refuge for international travelers to train positive and productive people and the communal benefits of working in harmony with nature.

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