Rated #1 by construction and industrial users, year after year.
Rated #1 by construction and industrial users, year after year.

An independent survey of construction and industrial users has consistently rated Honda the #1 generator. Why? Our legendary reputation for performance, durability, and reliability.

More power, less weight

At only 71 lbs., the EB3000c is Honda's lightest industrial generator. Honda's exclusive CycloConverter technology allows you to get more power with less weight.

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Exclusive CycloConverter Technology: Consistent power output
Exclusive CycloConverter Technology: Consistent power output

CycloConverter technology uses a special CPU to create stable, high quality power with less weight, compared to a traditional generator.

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Easy starting Honda commercial OHV engine
Easy starting Honda commercial OHV engine

Legendary Honda commercial-grade OHV engines are reliable, easy-to-start and incredibly rugged.

Long run time
Long run time

Operates 9.4 hours at 50% load, using only 2.6 gal. Keeps you working, all day long.

All circuits GFCI protected
All circuits GFCI protected

The EB3000c offers neutral bond and full generator GFCI (Ground fault circuit protection) on all outlets.

OSHA Worksite Compliant
OSHA Worksite Compliant

The EB3000c was designed to meet OSHA requirements, making it ideal for worksite applications.

3 year residential and commercial warranty
3 year residential and commercial warranty

You can rest easy, knowing your generator is covered from top to bottom for 3 full years.

Full frame protection

Protected by Honda Oil Alert®

Protects the generator by shutting the engine off when low oil is detected.

Electronic circuit breakers

Protects the generator from being overloaded.

Quiet operation - 65 dB(A)

Fuel gauge standard

USDA-qualifed spark arrestor/muffler

Meets OSHA, LA-ETL, and ANSI regulations


Engine Honda GX200
Displacement 196cc
AC Output 120V 3000W max. (25.0A) / 2600W rated (21.7A)
Receptacles 20A GFCI 125V Duplex, 30A 125V Locking Plug
DC Output N/A
Starting System Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.6 gal.
Run Time per Tankful 6.1 hrs. @ rated load, 9.39 hrs. @ 1/2 load
Dimensions (L x W x H) 17.5" x 15.8" x 18.9"
Noise Level 65 dB @ rated load
Dry Weight 71 lbs.
Residential Warranty 3 Years
Commercial Warranty 3 Years


Storage Cover
GFCI Convenience Cord Set


This generator can power the following common applications. Please note: not all applications can be powered simultaneously. For more help, see our power needs page.

  • Air Compressor (up to 1/2 hp)
  • Bench Grinder (8 in.)
  • Circular Saw (Heavy Duty, 7 1/4 in.)
  • Concrete Vibrator
  • Drills


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Great Product

Model Reviewed: EB3000C Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Chickasha, OK
Type of use:  Other [Communications back up]
Received the generator installed oil and fuel. Started on the first pull!

Awesome once it starts

Model Reviewed: EB3000C Saturday, September 16, 2017
Ramón Nevárez
Wilton Manors, FL
Type of use:  Home Back Up

I got an EB3000c during Hurricane Wilma in 2005.  It ran refrigerator, lights, TVs and devices and a 10,000 BTU portable a/c in the bedroom.  It will also run at least 9 to 10 hours with a full tank.  I would fill up before going to bed, sleep with the a/c and refrigerator on, and still be going for a while when I wake up in the morning.  Of course if I want to use the microwave, I have to turn off the a/c or other devises, the same when using the washer or a small burner.  I live in a small home so it doesn't take much space to store in a closet and that's a plus.

The only thing is when I had to use it this time with Irma, for which I had to use it more than in previous occasions, make sure you drain the gas after using it, before storing it, otherwise you'll have to take it to a shop to get it serviced and started.  Letting it run until the gas runs out won't do.

Also if you are using it non stop 24/7 after a hurricane like I just did with Irma, stopping just to fill up gas, make sure you change the oil every 40 to 45 hours.  Otherwise it will shut down if you use anything that consumes more than 1,200 or 1,500 watts.  And if you let it cool down, won't start again until you change the oil.  But once you change the oil, it starts right away, back to it's powerhouse self.  I just wish I didn't need oil change so often and that it had wheels.

Good choice, no...Great choice !!!!

Model Reviewed: EB3000C Sunday, October 2, 2016
Lake Worth, FL
Type of use:  Home Back Up
Nothing bad to say about it except it doesn't have a 240 outlet. This was the only Honda generator I could find at the last minute just days before a storm back in 2004. (I didn't realize I've had this so long).... If I had it to do all over again, I'd bite the bullet and purchase the EU 7000is.   

EB3000c little power house!

Model Reviewed: EB3000C Friday, March 11, 2016
Orland PArk, IL
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Camping, RV Power, Tailgating, Construction/Industrial, Boating, Hunting/Fishing, Other [Stand by]
Quiet, smooth, steady. Great power, quality, and safety! This is a versatile easily transportable unit!

Be Careful Buying a Cycloconverter

Model Reviewed: EB3000C Saturday, July 11, 2015
Tallahassee, FL
Type of use:  Home Back Up, Hunting/Fishing, Other [Power tools]
Let me say first I'm a very loyal Honda customer and believe in the quality and performance of their products. However, exercise extreme caution buying this model. I also have an old, maybe 1996 or 7 2500 'generator' for work that is absolutely bullet proof. I've kept it serviced and it literally has thousands of hours on it with never a hiccup. In 2005 when I wanted a backup for personal use my dealer talked me into the 'electronic' cycloconverter-deliver smoother power, blah, blah, blah. My EB3000C has in the neighborhood of 100 hours on it. I've kept it serviced, run ethanol free fuel treated with Seafoam or Stabil and changed for fresh fuel twice a year, run it for 15-20 mins, with a load, monthly and used it sparingly for power away from the house and occasional power outage. Many, many months ago it started shutting down as if the switch was turned off. I trouble shot fuel and electrical to no avail. I've taken it to four 'Honda' dealers. They can't solve it either. The last one tried several times to get assistance from tech support to no avail. The last tech to work on it suggested the 'circuit board' has to be the problem because all other interlocks (ignition, low oil, etc.) were ruled out. Here's the good part: That board has to come from Japan, costs over $700, plus shipping. And I still don't know if it will fix the problem. If you buy one of these, pray you never have to repair the electrical part. I now own a low hours, $1400 Honda motor. The rest is junk.

Tough and dependable

Model Reviewed: EB3000C Sunday, June 7, 2015
Homer, IL
Type of use:  Construction/Industrial

I've had one of these for 3 years. Since my jobsites are out in the middle of no where, I use it daily in the winter for running battery chargers and block heaters on my equipment.  The rest of the year I run saws, grinders, cordless tool chargers, etc. It spends 9 or 10 months a year bouncing around in the back of my truck. After 3 years if it doesn't start on the first pull, it certainly starts on the second. The main reason I bought is because it is light. I can't say enough good about it. Worth every penny I paid. 

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