HP2S: Benefits

Benefits of HP2S vs. a fixed standby generator

  • More flexible

    Because the generator is completely portable, you have the option to use it for recreational or work-related activities. Take it camping, tailgating, or even to a second home! And if you decide to move, the generator comes with you.

    The Universal Transfer Switch gives you additional versatility as well, with a vacation mode to cycle lights.

  • Easier to install

    Installing the HP2S is less hassle and less cost than a fixed standby generator. There's no need to pour a concrete slab or do additional site work, and usually no permits required.

  • More affordable

    Permanently installed generators can be expensive to install. And they can also impact your property value, potentially increasing your property taxes. With HP2S, there are no hidden costs. Installation is generally less expensive and there's no need for a concrete slab or additional site work.

    In addition, Honda Portable Power Systems are designed to have a low cost of ownership. The HP2S relies on fuel efficient Honda generators. This means a lower overall cost to operate your generator as well as low maintenance.

  • Quieter operation

    Honda generators are renowned for quiet operation. Fixed standby generators are considerably louder. For example, Honda's EU6500iS is only 60db, which is no louder than normal speech. The Guardian 5240 runs at 68dB - nearly eight times the sound power of the Honda.

Benefits of HP2S vs. a manual transfer switch

  • Constant power

    With Honda Portable Power Systems, you always have power. When the lights go out, the system automatically switches to battery back up until your generator is running. And when the power comes back on, the Universal Transfer Switch will automatically switch you back to utility power.

  • Easier to use

    The Universal Transfer Switch automatically manages your power. There are no switches or breakers to flip back and forth, no need to keep tabs on how many circuits you are powering. The Universal Transfer Switch does it all for you. It makes standby power simple.

    Manual transfer switches require some training and understanding of how to manage electrical power. But with HP2S, no technical or mechanical knowledge is necessary. The Universal Transfer Switch offers a user-friendly design that's simple to operate. You can be confident that any family member will be able to start and run your Honda Portable Power System, even the least technical.

  • Programmable

    You can easily customize your HP2S to match your power needs. You tell it what the priorities are, and it takes it from there. Not an electrician? Not a problem. The Set Up Wizard makes it simple and easy to program the system to match your needs.

  • Protects the generator automatically

    The HP2S protects your generator from being overloaded. Once you've completed the programming, you never need to be concerned with which circuits should be running - it does all the work for you.

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